About Us

No one has ever become poor, by giving—Anne Frank

Hey Everyone! My name’s Jared and I come from a family who used to earn their bread and butter through carpentry. Most of my young days were riddled with time at the shop, helping my father, and learning the craft. As time passed though, my interests shifted and I took up my passion for marketing.

Meetings and long hours on the chair make up a big chunk of many modern professions. Sadly these also make for a distasteful concoction! Before you know it, I had severe back pain that left me wincing after a couple of minutes on my desk.

I knew a visit to the chiropractor was a must, and much to my luck or lack thereof, the doctor said that I was at high risk of permanently damaging the SI joint of my lower back; all thanks to not sitting properly. Even after months of continued physiotherapy exercises and necessary medication, I still have remnants of the event appearing as flashes of pain.

It was evident right then and there that getting a good chair was an important step ahead to ensuring that such episodes don’t repeat. However, my search for finding the right chair had often left me in the dark…

Does the chair offer good lumbar support? Is it the right chair for me? Can I get better chairs without leaving my wallet bled dry?

Thanks to my background and knowledge of furniture, I could find answers! And I knew that I could also help others who are now, where I was; asking the same questions. This led to the creation of what Chair Adviser is today.

The creation that I would like to gift to anyone, looking to find the right chair for themselves…