Top 7 Best Big and Tall Office Chairs (2023 Review)

I review office chairs for a living, so you can trust me when I say that these big and tall options will give you the ergonomics you need, the comfort you want, and the price that fits perfectly into your budget.

Best Big and Tall Office Chairs

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of the time of writing this.

1. HON – Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

Top-rated: 623 Ratings

Best Big and Tall Office Chairs
Credit: Bob Lasco

Highlight: Give your neck and back a break; these adjustable-height and width arms move up and down, and toward and away from the body to adapt to your body

Helpful review: “I was in desperate need for a new office chair. I am a big guy and so many chair out there are not a great fit and even if they are, they provide little support. Working from home because of the pandemic made it worse because now I was sitting at home in a old chair that I might spend an hour in on a normal basis, but now I am spending 8-10 hour in daily. Lower back pain and leg aches were too much. I was popping Tylenol like tic tacs. I started looking for new chairs. Decided to make more of an investment. THIS CHAIR is the best office chair I have had period. Work or home. Honestly, it provides great support for you back, but more importantly the seat of the chair is damn near perfect. The foam in the seat has the right amount of cushion and firmness to provide support and comfort for long periods of time. It extends far enough under your thighs to give you the right amount of support. While this may sound simple, it something few chair in this price range gets right. Don’t even think about cheaper chairs.

Some have complained that the arm rest have crumbled after several years of use. I can see how that can happen with this chair. However, the material the arm rest are made out of makes them insanely comfortable. They foam is connected to the arm rest with two screws. Honestly, if 2-3 years from now I need to replace the padding on the arm rest (35 bucks from HON) and this chair is still providing this level of support and comfort; I will do it and not think twice about it.

The rest of the chair is super sturdy. Nice casters. Heavy metal base. The materials are all have a quality feel to them.

I brought this chair for my home office. When we are allowed to return to work, I am going to make the personal investment and buy another one for my business office as well.”

Gregory A. McDonald

2. HON – Sadie Big and Tall Leather Executive

Top-rated: 94 Ratings

Best Big and Tall Office Chairs
Credit: MW

Highlight: Segmented padded back and seat with ultra plush cushioning give this home office chair unparalleled support and comfort.

Trending review: “This chair came well packaged and the instructions (picture only) were very easy to follow. The assembly took me about 30 minutes. The only part I struggled with was getting the holes to line up with one of the side arms. Tip: They tell you in the instructions to mount the chair on the base and then attach the arms. I suggest you lay it on its side to do this and then place it on the base afterwards, it makes it much easier.

It is definitely comfortable and has a very thick cushion on the seat. Size-wise I would actually consider it more for people who are “big” as opposed to people who are “tall.” I am 6’1″ and it weigh around 205. It was more than wide enough for me, and my only complaint is that I wish the back was about 6″ higher. The very top section comes into the top of my shoulder blades, and I wish that area would be more above that, more just beneath the nape of my neck.

At its highest setting, my heels don’t even touch the ground. I can bend my foot down and touch the ground with my toes, but my heels are a few inches from the floor.

Lastly, be aware that the chair is made of “bonded” leather, not genuine leather, which I guess should be obvious from the price.

Overall, I do really like it. It is very comfortable and has a nice look to it. I plan to use this at work, so I will be using it for around 8 hours per day, five days per week. If things change as I use it more I will update my review. I hope my comments helped…thanks for reading!”


Reassuring review: “So far so good. I will note that the packaging came looking like it had been through a tornado, but thankfully nothing seems damaged. Took about 20 minutes to put together. Instructions are easy to follow even without words. I am 430 lbs, 6’4. I have a wide bum. I can easily and comfortably fit in this chair. Feels sturdy and the rollers are pretty smooth. Other than the packaging this was a great buy. I will say that there is a slight feeling of tilting forward but it’s great because of the way my body sits in this chair. I also enjoy the tilt back I can do in this chair. I work from home two days a week and this was a very much needed upgrade.”


3. Steelcase – Gesture Office Chair

Top-rated: 1,185 Ratings

Best Big and Tall Office Chairs
Credit: K.

Highlight: Comfortable Desk Chair for Extended Use: The Gesture chair is designed for a variety of users and postures, ideal for those who prioritize a precise fit and sit for long periods of time.

Helpful review: “It’s not easy to get excited about a desk chair. After all, the last place most of us want to be for hours on end is tied to our desks, building spreadsheets and presentations. After over twenty years of that, I, for one, would certainly rather do something else with my time. If you do have to spend a significant amount of time at your desk, however, it’s awfully nice, even imperative, to be comfortable. The Steelcase Gesture chair has made me more comfortable at my desk than I have ever been, and I only wish that I had bought it sooner.

A little background – about a year and a half ago, I was at a movie/TV set surplus sale and picked up two gently used Steelcase Amia chairs for $50 each, which was a tremendous bargain. I figured I could use a good quality desk chair at home for the rare day that I didn’t go to the office, and my wife took the second one to the school where she teaches, and it served as a huge upgrade over the ridiculously unsupportive chair that her district provides to all teachers.

Fast-forward 9 months, and we both start working from home, due to the pandemic. She brought her chair home from school, and we both worked pretty comfortably in these Amia chairs for 9 months. In-person learning eventually resumed, and so she took her chair back to school, leaving us with one at home. Recently, however, she’s been doing more and more work from home, and it didn’t seem right to have her use a dining chair, so I figured it was time for a new chair for myself, as I am still working from home all the time, with my Amia chair going to her for the few hours per week that she might need it. While I have always found the Amia pretty comfortable, she’s liked it even more than I have; though it’s better than the chair I have at my office, I’ve always felt that it could catch me a bit better, particularly in the lumbar area. It does have an adjustable lumbar support, but that honestly doesn’t do a whole lot, and it tends to slide down from whatever position I set it in pretty quickly. So, I decided that if I was going to get a new chair, I’d truly try a different model, and given my prior good experience with Steelcase and excellent online reviews both here and elsewhere, I’d give the Gesture a try.

The Gesture is, for me, so much more comfortable than the Amia, and I am exceptionally glad to have bought it. I have always preferred seating with pretty aggressive, or firm, lumbar support, so I was initially a bit concerned about the Gesture’s lack of an adjustable lumbar support (available as an option from Steelcase, but not on the chair that Amazon stocks), but now that I have the chair, I’m convinced that it is not necessary. The chair catches my entire back just right, with ample firm lumbar support which moves with me throughout the day. I love that I can recline just a few degrees from vertical and the chair holds me there, without my needing to exert continuous pressure or tense my core muscles. Basically, the chair virtually senses where you want to be, and it stays in that position. Deeper reclines are also quite comfortable and stable.

The analog seat-depth adjustment (rather than just four or five fixed settings) is a really nice touch, particularly since it can be changed while you’re sitting. And the adjustability of the armrests is second-to-none; the Amia already does this pretty well, but the Gesture does it quite a bit better. For years, I have had issues with pain in my left shoulder and lower neck that I know come from putting too much weight on my elbows, forearms and wrists while sitting at my desk. Those issues have disappeared almost entirely since I got the Gesture, which tells me that I have managed to dial in just the right armrest position, which, for me, means that they’re pulled in pretty close to my body and as far away from the edge of the desk as possible, allowing me to tuck my legs deep under the desk and not reach very far for the keyboard, keeping my arms level with the desk, lightly supported by the armrests. The whole setup is just extremely comfortable. Some people have noted that the armrests slope to the outside to such a degree that their arms sometimes slide off, but I have not experienced that at all, nor have I found the armrest material is at all rough, which is another complaint I have seen. Perhaps Steelcase has changed the armrests slightly since those reviews were written.

I’ve noticed that some people have complained that the cushioning is insufficient, but I have not found that to be the case. It’s firm, but for me, at least, is in no way inadequate; quite the opposite, really, as it’s very supportive, which is essential for good ergonomics. I wouldn’t want living-room couch-style cushioning in a desk chair.

Build quality is exceptional, and the chair weighs a ton. I have little doubt that it will last me for many years.

The Graphite color is a bit lighter than it appears in Amazon’s pictures, at least on my screen. When the chair arrived, I discovered that it’s exactly the same fabric and color that we already have on our Amia chairs. Prior to ordering, I thought that Nickel might be the better match, but Graphite was a bit less expensive and could be delivered more quickly, so it was a pleasant surprise to discover that Graphite is indeed what we already had.

At this point, the only outstanding question is what I will do if I eventually have to return to the office. I hope to continue working from home indefinitely, but if they call me back full-time, I will likely take this chair in with me, as it’s much better than what have there. If I end up working a hybrid schedule, with a few days at home and a few at the office, I might even have to invest in another Gesture so I have one in both locations. It really is that good!”


4. Efomao – Big High Back Chair

Top-rated: 1,324 Ratings

Best Big and Tall Office Chairs
Credit: Megan


Helpful review: “This chair is everything! First of all, it looks so pretty! Just white with no accent color, no logos or labels, simply a beautiful chair. Secondly, it is big! I am 5’4” and not heavy, bit I like room in my chair to change position several times during my shift. The foot stool thing is a game changer. I thought it looked dumb and pretty vestigial at first, but no, sir! It is sturdy and allows me to get maximum comfort and support during my 8 hr shift.

It is well made, very sturdy, had all the pieces, everything fit, it rolls smoothly and silently. You should know that I work from home, and our place is not big enough to have a separate office, so I work in our bedroom at a tiny desk. This is why I am not currently using the chair arms. Eventually, when we have a bigger place and I can upgrade my desk, I will be using those too.

I love this chair, and will only use this particular brand henceforth. I read all the reviews, and knew to ask for the shorter cylinder when I ordered, and their customer service is top notch.”


Trending review: “I recently purchased the Efomao Desk Office Chair in Beige, and it has truly exceeded my expectations. This chair offers a level of comfort and functionality that makes long hours at my desk more bearable.

The high back design provides excellent support for my upper body and shoulders, which has helped alleviate any discomfort during extended work sessions. It reclines or can lock in place. The PU leather material not only looks sleek but also feels durable and is easy to clean, a definite plus for maintaining its pristine appearance. Even comes with two cleaning pads.

One standout feature is the integrated leg rest. This feature is a game-changer for moments when a short break is needed to relax and stretch out. It’s a thoughtful addition that adds a layer of versatility to the chair, making it suitable for both work and quick relaxation.

The lumbar support is another highlight. It’s adjustable and provides excellent lower back support, which is crucial for maintaining good posture during long working hours. Plus, the swivel function makes it easy to turn and reach different areas of my workspace without straining.

The Beige color of the chair complements my office decor beautifully, adding a touch of sophistication to the room. Assembly was straightforward, and the chair feels sturdy and well-built.
This is a fantastic investment for anyone seeking a comfortable, stylish, and functional office chair. Whether you’re managing office tasks or simply taking a moment to relax, this chair has got you covered. It’s a top-notch managerial executive chair that I highly recommend.”


5. Blue Whale – Massage Gaming Chair for Adults

Top-rated: 331 Ratings

Best Big and Tall Office Chairs
Credit: PiuLeon

Highlight: Innovative Upgrade, Extremely Comfortable – the newly launched handbrake type action armrest can adjust the angle you need to put through the handbrake, and the soft arm gauge can always follow your body and give you a unique and comfortable experience. Flexible padded headrests and lumbar massage cushions support your body at all times and create a 4D-wrapped sitting feeling.

Reassuring review: “So little background. In 2018 I bought a Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing off Amazon for $99 and from day 1 i was like eh. It felt cheap. And it was a great chair and it lasted me 5 years and the only reason i threw it out was because i felt like I wasnt losing anything putting it in the dumpster.

Now I shopped on Amazon for hours. HOURS. I felt like no one really told me what I wanted to know so maybe I can share.

Assembly: straight forward. Has pictures and a little description. Took me about 20 minutes to put it together but I would say if my girlfriend put it together it would take about 45 minutes. Very dependent on your ability to follow instructions. Comes with extra screws and such which I like, and luckily didn’t need.

Build: this thing is solid. Picking it up off the porch was a shock, and thats exactly what i wanted. I didnt want it squeaking or crackling and this thing delivers. The base is some kind of heavy plastic alloy material and the actual chair has some meat to it. The leather is nice, feels great. The arm rests are sturdy and have a nice padding. The head rest pillow and lumbar pillow are okay, nothing to write home about but nice enough. Adjusting the recline and height is smooth and sturdy. The wheels are not as nice as the roller blade wheels but are pretty decent. I have my chair on carpet so the wheels are definitely not an issue at all. Nice and quiet.

Style: this thing is sexy. It looks really nice. All the screw holes have plugs so they are flush when final assembly is complete.

Comfort: i mean I really cant complain. I have long femurs and I feel like the seat has plenty of depth. The seat is well padded. A little on the stiffer side which is what I prefer. The foot stand extends to about mid calf (i’m 6’3”) and i wouldnt use it sitting up but reclined I think it suits its purpose.

The cons? I didn’t want a massage thing because I knew it would be stupid and a waste of time. Too bad I couldn’t find a chair i was happy with that skipped that feature. Long story short, complete waste of time. BUT i expected that and didnt want it so I really don’t care. I tested it out. After I felt like I was laying on a vibrator for 3 minutes, i disconnected it and pulled it out of the lumbar pillow. Its a little vibrating mechanism, and the hole and zipper in the pillow makes it so you dont have to destroy the pillow to get it out. Also its small so you don’t lose any lumbar volume by removing it. Complete waste of time and money but I didn’t want it anyway so the fact that it can be removed easily is a major positive for me.

Overall: absolutely great chair, super sturdy. I weight 240 lbs so I know there are a lot heavier people out there. I personally dont have any concerns about the width of the chair, but that seems to be a big complaint. I think if you are not a huge human, you will be fine. I am a very large human and I feel like im sitting in a throne.

I would 100% recommend this chair. Absolutely worth the money. I wouldn’t buy it if your looking for a massage chair or a recliner. The massage thing is dumb. The recliner is okay. I would say the foot rest part will probably not get used but again, similar to the massage thing, not an aspect I wanted. Also the foot rest can easily be removed as well without sacrificing cosmetics. Another positive in my book.”


6. Anda Seat – Kaiser 3 Gaming Chairs for Adults

Top-rated: 231 Ratings

Best Big and Tall Office Chairs
Credit: L Serrano

Highlight: Computer Chair with Lumbar Support: Adapt your plus size gaming chair with MagSwap AD+ Technology; sophisticated 4-way adjustable adaptive lumbar support system; In & out, up & down, preciously controlled to provide the right amount of firmness to your back. Our gaming office chair recliner allows sitting at any angle 90° to 160° to lock in your perfect position. Full-metal magnetic 4D Armrests for extended accessories and offering optimum comfort and support to relieve wrist pressure

Most-discussed review: “This is the most amazing chair I have own so far! I bought brand new for $485 on a special…Everything on it is top notch quality. From the packaging (wish I threw pictures of how everything came but I was in a rush to put it together). I have never seen a piece of furniture so well packaged, protected and organize as this chair. The manual was super easy to follow, it has a lot of pictures and the explanations made it easy to properly put the chair together. The chair itself has an easy build process as it comes with the armrest already pre-installed and the backrest attaches to the bottom effortless compared to other chairs I have seen. That been said, chair is a bit heavy, but to me that just speaks top quality materials, and also the top and bottom pieces are built with an actual piece of metal frame instead of just being cheap wood. I bought the XL size even though I am well below their requirements (I’m just 5’5’’ and 180lbs) but I went with this one because sometimes I cross my legs or sit in weird positions and wanted the most space available to be as comfortable as possible and have to say, IT’S VERY SPACIOUS AND COMFORTABLE!.

Armrest cushioning attaches magnetically to the chair as well as the headrest pillow and the covers for the screws on the side of the chair, that’s so awesome!

I bought the pvc leather material and it looks so beautiful, from their webpage they say it is a long lasting material so I am hoping it will last me a long time.

Backrest have lumbar support adjustment integrated within the chair. The backrest itself has one scrolling wheel on each side. One to adjust the height and the other one to adjust the protrusion of the lumbar support mechanism. (See last picture)

I have seen videos were some reviewers say the chair is a bit stiff, specially the bottom rest. Have to say that is not the softer but it is not the stiffest. It is built to last and I know that it will break a bit with more use.

One thing I want to point out is Anda Seat PERFECT customer service. As you will see in one of the pictures, the left armrest came damaged. Since they are magnetically attached that means you can easily replace them if needed. I was putting the chair together and as soon as I got to the arm rest portion of the process, I noticed the damaged one. I wrote them at 4pm on a Thursday. I took the initiative of sending them an email with the explanation, pictures of the damage as well as the purchase receipt without them even reaching me. I didn’t expect a fast response so I forgot about it until next morning. When I checked my email Friday morning, they replied to my email the same Thursday within hours of me reaching them. And to my surprise, they reach with a tracking number saying that they already sent the replacement. To me that’s just perfect, I love how they stood behind the chair and sent me the replacement that easy!

Overall I am ULTRA satisfied with this chair. I have never had something this luxurious. It looks and feels so premium that I am even afraid of sitting on it!

Bonus story: There are 3 pictures comparing this chair to another one I bought here on amazon as well…

I was first looking for an office/gaming chair because my old one broke. So without knowing about office chairs and doing my proper research I went on the lookout. I didn’t knew that must resellers buy a very generic chair and they rebranded and sell it as theirs (or at least is something within those lines) so I found this OSP BOA 2 gaming chair and just saw that it used to cost $700 and it was $200 at the time of my research and without proper research I bought it just because it used to cost $700 and to me that meant it was premium.

I returned the first one because it came with a perforation on the bottom rest. They sent me a replacement and it also came with a small perforation on the back, since I was tired of the return process I told them I will keep it and they gave me a $30 dollar additional discount on the chair for being damaged.

Long story short, that chair is a piece of s… built with the most poor standards. I feel sorry for whoever bought it at $700 but it doesn’t even worth $200.

Sadly I saw recommendations for Anda Seat gaming chairs and did my all my actual research well past the return window for that crappy chair.

Either way, I am more than satisfied with my Kaiser 3.

And as you will see in the comparison pictures this Anda Seat Kaiser 3 at $485 (my purchase price) will beat the sh…out of that $700 dollar chair all day, every day.

Update 28/oct/2022:
I just received the replacement armrest that came damaged when shipping.”

L Serrano

7. YORRICK – Big and Tall 400lbs Office Chair

Top-rated: 473 Ratings

Best Big and Tall Office Chairs
Credit: Lamar Childers

Highlight: Tired of standard desk chairs that make you hunch and cause you muscle tension, discomfort, and back pains? This ergonomic office chair features adjustable built-in lumbar support that helps align your spine and allows you to easily adjust the sitting positions so that you can be productive and feel comfortable all day

Helpful review: “As a strapping individual weighing in at 275 pounds and towering at 6’1”, I’ve had my fair share of gaming chairs bite the dust under my frame. However, the Big and Tall 400lbs Office Chair has proven to be an absolute game-changer. This isn’t just a chair, it’s a throne, and one that matches the best on-site office furniture I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting in.

As a programmer analyst, my work requires me to remain seated for a good 10-12 hours daily. One might expect discomfort or back pains after such long hours, but this chair has provided me with unparalleled comfort throughout the day. It’s as if I am riding in a luxury Lincoln limo – the materials used are top-tier and exude quality.

Aesthetically, it doesn’t quite mimic the gaming chair it replaced. But function over form, I say, especially as it stands ready for my co-pilot when she’s on board. The comfort and durability this chair offers far outweigh the aesthetics of a conventional gaming chair.

As a resident of a home with tile floors, I’ve experienced the bane of typical chair castors that would constantly snag on the interfaces between the tiles. Disengaging from a lengthy gaming or work session was a struggle – the wheels would essentially lock, leading to a frustrating tug-of-war with my desk. However, these wheels have completely transformed my mobility experience.

These smooth-gliding inline skate wheels allow me to effortlessly roam around my workspace, providing a level of satisfaction and ease that I hadn’t experienced before. While the idea of taking this chair for a ride down a trail is tempting (and would certainly make for a great YouTube short), the chair is simply too precious for such adventures.

Another worthy mention is the chair’s assembly process, which was notably straightforward and hassle-free. I’m not one to scrutinize for any minor nicks or scratches, but I was thoroughly impressed by the meticulous packaging. It was both perfect for protecting the chair and easy to unpack. This attention to detail extends to the design and construction of the chair itself, indicating that this model is the result of a highly refined and thoughtful design process. The assembly was a breeze, and the overall construction reflects a carefully engineered product. This chair truly epitomizes the fusion of robust design and superior comfort.

Everything about this chair screams “worth it.” If you’re a larger individual who spends long hours seated at a desk, I can’t recommend the Big and Tall 400lbs Office Chair enough. It’s a heavy-duty, high-comfort solution to the woes of underwhelming and underperforming office chairs. A five-star purchase, indeed.”

Kenneth Clearwater
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!

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