Top 8 Best Gaming Chairs Under $100 (2023 Review)

I review office chairs for a living, so you can trust me when I say that these gaming chair options under $100 will give you the ergonomics you need, the comfort you want, and the price that fits perfectly into your budget.

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of the time of writing this.

1. Furmax – Leather Gaming Chair Racing Style

Top-rated: 35,257 Ratings

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100
Credit: Rad Astronaut

Highlight: High back office and gaming chair, leather and bucket seat with padded armrests

Helpful review: “Let me start off by explaining that I don’t come from luxury office chairs. Before this, I had been using a wooden bar chair, a yoga ball, and finally, a masseuse stool. My standards for comfort may be pretty low compared to anyone coming from more comfortable chairs. That being said, this is a very comfortable chair.

I had initially bought a stool, fearing for the lack of space in my room, but after sitting in the stool for even 4 hours, my hips, butt, and lower back would start hurting. So I bought this.

I have had this since early February 2022 (going on 5 months at time of writing) and it’s still holding up fine. No significant wear in the material, no issues with the base. Nothing. Even the arm rests are fine. It does its job.

I use my computer for 8-15 hours a day (both work and hobbies) so this chair gets a lot of use. So far it has held up, but I will update with the date, if or when it does start to fail.

I do have some minor issues though. Sitting in it, it feels like the chair is tilted forward, like I’m about to slide off, even though I’m securely in it. In the end it may be better for my legs, because there’s no pressure point to cut off circulation behind my knees, but it’s something that takes time to adjust to, especially if you’re used to more of a bucket-type seat.

The second issue I have is that the cylinder/lift of the chair is WAY too short. I have a standard computer desk, and with the chair at maximum height, the desk was at my sternum, and I was forced to type with my arms far too high. It caused significant joint pain in my shoulders, elbows, wrists, and knuckles. I didn’t hate the chair, and I didn’t feel like sending it back, so I decided to just replace the part that was bothering me.

The third issue is that after a few months, the cylinder wouldn’t hold its height. I had to raise it every time I wanted to sit, and with my incessant rocking and twisting (ADHD, gotta fidget,) it would drop while sitting in it, and I’d have to lift it back up every few hours. So this was another deciding factor for my choice to replace the riser.

In the photo, the cylinder on the right is the one that comes with the chair. That is fully-extended. The one on the left is one that I bought (also off of Amazon) which arrived today, and is in its fully-compressed state. The extra height has made a WORLD of difference.

In conclusion: If you want a sub-$100 chair, this is a great choice. You may need to put a chair cushion on it if you prefer a soft seat, and if you need more height, buy a cylinder with it, so you don’t have to go through the replacement process which is a pain. (The one I bought is 11.4”-16.9”. I’m 5’6” and have a 30.3” tall desk, if that helps.)

In the end, I have spent $100 on this chair (if we include the cylinder) which isn’t too bad. There are definitely cheaper cylinders out there than the one I got, which can cut down the cost, but since I’d already installed the stock one, I needed tools to remove it. Sure, I could have just taken a hammer to it, but this way was much easier. Chair was $70, cylinder kit was $30. Not awful. But for that price, you may be better off going into your nearest office supply store and trying out those chairs in person. For me, this was the easier option, and considering you’re looking at chairs on Amazon, I’m going to assume this is the easier option for you, too.

You get what you pay for, and in this case, it seems to be a good product.”


2. BestOffice – PC Gaming Chair PU Leather

Top-rated: 8,716 Ratings

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100
Credit: Uniek Stylz

Highlight: Comfortable long use! The gaming office chair is wider than the average computer chair. Adjustable height, the layout of the office chair is great for the back. The locking back helps keep upright. Office chair gaming chair computer chair desk chairs.

Trending review: “This was a great buy and really nice for the money for sure! IDK why some of these reviews say the directions are hard to follow, they were very clear and easy, even has pictures that make it so you do not even have to read it. I was worried for the price it would seem cheap looking in person but its not at all, even the hardware came with locktite already on the bolts and the tool provided was a T-handle style tool (not a cheap Allan wrench like I was expecting). Assembly only took me 5 minutes. Armrests are perfect placement for my desk and the chair does lean back a touch but not on its own, you must put pressure on the chair back which it nice. I’m 250 lbs 5′ 11″ and am very comfy with room to spare. The chair is also double stitched too. When I lay my head back the bottom of my head or the top of my neck it at the top of the chair beck I can rest there no problem. I have a small thin rug behind me and this rollers on this thing even roll over it like glass, I even have better chairs that don’t roll near as nice at this one, lol. Chair is nice and padded but not the thickest in the world but just how I like it. I will update as I use it over the year.”


Most-discussed review: “The chair is exactly what I expected for 60 bucks. I needed an inexpensive chair for a small desk in a room I rent, and this chair’s dimensions were perfect for the limited space I have. Sometimes I need a place to get household paper work and grading done, and this chair suits my purposes. I won’t spend more than 3-4 hours in the chair at a time, so this works for me. However, don’t expect comfort or durability. The foam seat and back rest is pretty thin, and obviously not built for comfort. The chair is supporting you with 4 screws holding the seat to the frame, and 4 screws holding the back rest to the arm rests. When you sit in the chair, you can tell it’s not very stable because you’re only being supported with 8 screws. If you’re the type of person who like to throw their weight into sitting down, this chair isn’t going to last long. Also, the balance isn’t good. If you lean back too far, this chair will fall over. Assembly was really easy, too less than 30 minutes to assemble. It gets 5 stars from me because it suits my purposes better than I expected, and it’s what I expected for the price. A good chair for light use and not having an eyesore in your home office. **NOT A CHAIR FOR 8+ HOURS OF OFFICE WORK OR GAMING**”


3. BestOffice – High-Back Gaming Chair

Top-rated: 20,579 Ratings

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100
Credit: Tatiana

Highlight: Our high-back gaming chair is thickly cushioned for maximum comfort, whether you’re spending long hours at the office, in front of the computer, or gaming. Covered with breathable premium PU leather, the chair is equipped with freely adjustable lumbar support and a headrest pillow to protect your spine and neck, while the adjustable reclining feature allows users to lock in any reclining position, from 90-135°.

Most-discussed review: “I’m a big believer in “you get what you pay for” and I usually advise to save up, make one purchase, make one investment and don’t worry about it for a few years. But something about this chair’s value really scales, especially if you can grab it on sale. I got mine in white for $75 including tax and shipping. Many quality gaming chairs cost hundreds of dollars. There a handful of cheap office chairs you can snag for $60. This chair compared to one of those generic office chair is worth the extra $15. If you’re looking at this chair for $90 or higher, then the former statement is true (save up). Anyway. I’ve had this chair for a day now and it isn’t perfect. I’ll go over what I like and what I don’t like.

Appearance: It looks nice. Doesn’t look or feel too cheap. The base is metal with plastic feet. Many chairs have plastic base with plastic feet.+1pt

Functionality: This chair has a handful of features–
You can adjust the height. +1pt
But it only has about a 3in range -1pt
It has a lock to let you remain upright and can be unlocked so you can recline back. +1pt
It does NOT have a way to lock in the reclined position. -1pt

Comfort: This chair is pretty comfy. It has a removable/adjustable head pillow and a removable/adjustable lumbar pillow as well. +1pt
It is a little stiff. Some people may like that. It also may break it after a while. I’ve only had it one day so I will update if something new develops. The chair has a *mostly* comfortable width to me. It measures 19″ for arm to arm. But it has this little “cushion” that tries to contour your legs that makes it a little uncomfortable to sit with my legs spread even a little. I have to keep my knees closer together than I normally would to keep the “cushion” from digging into the side of my legs. Because of this, there is really only about 16″ of room for your butt or the sides of your thighs. I’m about 5’10” Male 215lbs size 38 pants XL shirt. I think I am at the cusp of being able to comfortably sit in this. It was not made with larger people in mind. It does state a 250lb weight limit while we’re on the topic. -1pt

Assembly: I’ve assembled several office chairs before and this process was similar and just as easy. +1pt
If you aren’t experienced or if you struggle with Ikea stuff, you may find it difficult. The hardware that they include is kinda junk. If you have the luxury of using your own hardware (or hand tools at least), I would highly recommend it. I had one bolt that had really junky threads from the factory and I couldn’t do much about it, just had to cross thread it and tighten it the best I could. I had another bolt that stripped and the thread never would grab. Luckily there was one extra included in the packaging and I ended up being able to tighten it without cross threading. I think I got lucky. 90% of the assembly was smooth sailing and the few snags that arose, I knew exactly what to do. Again, if you aren’t experienced with this, it could easily turn into a headache and a return to amazon over poor quality hardware”


4. BOSSIN – Gaming Chair with Footrest and Headrest

Top-rated: 428 Ratings

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100
Credit: Bannw

Highlight: Thick padded cushion, improve the comfortable of the chair. Used for intense gaming sessions or long work days. Protect your body from fatigue.

Helpful review: “I have not previously purchased any chairs labeled as ‘gaming’. I have had a few office chairs that I use while gaming or working at my computers during the day. I recently suffered a shoulder injury and found that working at my desk for any length of time was very uncomfortable. Enter the Bossin Gaming chair.

Assembly took a little longer than an standard office chair but it was not overly difficult or complicated. About 30 minutes to get it out of the box and assembled. Tolerances on the screw hole alignments are not very precise but most of the holes are enlarged/adjustable to accommodate this.

Immediately after replacing my old chair, I felt more relaxed and comfortable in the Bossin and I was able to work again and a week later, the injury is pretty much gone. The adjustable height range is very good and the cushioning is firm but comfortable. I’m about 5’10 and a lean build and the armrests fall at a perfect height for me.

It seems well made although it hasn’t stood the test of time yet.”

Brian M

Trending review: “We’ve had this chair about a month now ant it’s great all around. My back has hurt way less since getting it and I love the adjustable pillows. It’s nice to recline in and feels sturdy. The seat is wide enough that I can cross my legs.

The “leather” feels like a good quality, the color is really vibrant and the stitching is done well. My Corgi likes to put his paws up on the arm rest when he wants my attention and his claws haven’t done any damage thus far.

The foot rest feels a little bit flimsy but it’s held up fine even when I push down on it real hard.

Overall it’s a really nice chair, looks good and feels good to sit in for extended periods. Very worth the money.
Will update this if anything changes or if it significantly wears down over the next few months.”

A. Panthera

5. GTPLAYER – Gaming Chair

Top-rated: 10,958 Ratings

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100
Credit: Ed M

Highlight: Comfortable, good looking, foot rest and ability to recline a long way, easy to assemble

Helpful review: “After about a week and a half of contacting the company, I was sent a replacement back, free of charge. It was easy working with them and they were very helpful.

Like other reviews the chair does squeak every now and then, but definitely not with each and every movement.

Thank you to the company for noticing the error and fixing it ASAP. Very professional of a company to operate this way instead of haggling with their paying customers.

Original Review:
Like the headline states, this product is super easy to assemble, especially if you have 2 people.

Also, like the headline states, the top part of the chair came with two incisions in it.
This is concerning to me due to the cuts spreading over time and eventually being a huge, ugly, rip on the left side of the chair. I was advised by some friends to glue it together, which I will have to do if the company does not help me. But, it is also not ideal when you are purchasing a ‘New’ product. I would’ve purchased it ‘Used’ if I wanted to deal with things like this.
In addition, this is a bit nit picky and I was not going to include it here but it is an honest product review. The seat had a slight scuff and the legs on the bottom had multiple scratches on it. I do not mind those two other factors mentioned, but it just makes me question if I purchased something that was previously returned or used.

This product is very comfy.
Very easy to assemble.
Can recline and move up and down as advertised.
A cushioned arm rest is a very nice and comfortable addition.

(Personal Con) The top part came damaged.
The mechanisms at times are confusing regarding how much force you need to operate them. Do not be too rough, even though at times it seems like it is required. However, it still works well.
The footrest in my opinion feels like if I put any excess weight on it, it will break. (I weigh 145lbs) It is stopped from over extending by 1 single screw on one of the ends of the metal part that holds the foot rest.
The massage, is not really a massage but more of a vibration.

The bottom two cons mentioned above are really the luxury options. What you pay for this chair, I am totally fine with those luxuries being on the ‘lacking quality’ side. (The foot rest and ‘massage’ both work and are usable)
That being said, grading this chair as a chair itself, it is very nice! I would even go as far to say a solid 9/10. I am excited to sit comfortably while in Zoom sessions, gaming, and all other computer related activities.

I do recommend this product. I was just a bit unlucky in receiving a component of the product damaged.”

Sanjiv S.

6. Homall – Gaming Chair Racing Style

Top-rated: 1,752 Ratings

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100
Credit: nict.vict

Highlight: With it’s fashionable feature and ergonomic design,homall gaming chair will make an impression.With it’s soft armrest,lumbar support and thicker seat padded cushions make it an ideal for gaming.

Helpful review: “Not sure what people are complaining about. I’ve seen some negative reviews. I just bought two of these but the other one was black. My son and I are building a game room. I put this one, the red one together tonight. It took me probably 45 mins only because like a typical guy I decided to spill out all the big bolts together and kept the small Phillips screws in the package. With out paying attention I used some long ones where I shouldn’t have and had to redo them lol so realistically 25 mins easily on the next chair. The tool they give you is garbage and you should just use your own Allen keys and screw driver. The quality of the leather is decent I mean it’s a 100$ chair I wasn’t expecting Bentley leather. It looks like it would hold up to some serious use. It feels sturdy it’s build exactly like a computer chair at an office it just has a sporty design with 2 pillows that are decently soft I couldn’t sleep on them but they work the chair itself is more firm than soft but not like sitting on a a picnic table. I’ve kind of gone on a rant now and lost my train of thought. So in closing, the chair overall is 5 stars didn’t really see any flaws in the design. Every bolt matched with every hole. Each bolt had thread lock on them. If anyone complains about it falling apart its probably operator error. They prob did what I did and put the small bolts where the long bolts go and after a couple uses it’s going to unscrew lmao. Smh. 5 out of 5”

Paul Hunt

Trending review: “I can’t truly speak for the science and ergonomics behind comfort and posture, but I spend A LOT of my time at my desk and have never really been “picky” about the chair I sit on. It wasn’t until I decided to sort of “revamp” my room that I saw my current chair literally tearing at the seams and looked for replacement options.

“Gaming” chairs have a mixed reputation for being mostly form and not really function. However, suggested office chairs weren’t really within my budget, and these have always LOOKED fairly comfortable, so I took the dive and put this together within an hour after it arrived.

Assembly was easy enough. The box arrived with the necessary tool and hardware. All the holes lined up, and although the box in which the cylinder was separately enclosed in had a minor oil stain, I overlooked it and have had no issues with the lift. After putting together the chair, it was quite heavy (a good thing, to be honest) so I had some trouble lining it up with the cylinder, but I also attribute this to being a fairly small woman. Anyways, everything worked out in the end – the chair is put together and nothing stands out as faulty or even being of inferior quality. This REALLY looks nice; it’s technically the nicest chair I’ve ever owned.

Sitting on it, it feels really firm. This may be a negative for people who like softer cushions. I’ve attached the head and lumbar cushion but they don’t feel particularly necessary to me. They’re easy to take on or off, so I only see them as pros for being included. The adjustment mechanisms also feel kind of taut (?), but I just set my desired angle and hardly deviate. The chair doesn’t creak or wobble or make any funky noises, so I feel pretty safe and secure sitting in this thing.

Overall? I really can’t give this chair anything lower than 5 stars, both in general and for the price I’ve paid. Although I’m the only person using this room, it does make me happy to see how cool it looks, and it does match the white/black/red color scheme of my gaming PC. So! If you’re not a particularly picky individual like me, this may just be a choice to consider.”

Jen L

7. JUMMICO – Gaming Chair Ergonomic High Back

Top-rated: 4,061 Ratings

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100
Credit: Lisa

Highlight: You can rock back and forth by adjusting the knob to get better relaxation at work; Ergonomically curved back can perfectly support your spine.

Helpful review: “had a gaming chair before, it was a $100 cheap gaming chair which was good at first. But after two weeks, the seat collapsed completely, leaving me feeling like I was sitting on a plank without a cushion. So I was thinking about finding a new gaming chair and get through this pandemic ”Stay at Home” period. Searching for a while to find something looks nice and affordable, this one jumps out in front of me – a nice ”Racing Style Chair”. After exploring the functions and the review of the chair, I placed the order right away.
I’ve been using it for a month. let’s talk about the chair now.
It was easy to assemble, I did it by myself by following the manual and take about 20 mins only. After assembling, I checked the chair and found no damage or flaw, looked nice and solid. The chair is tall enough and wide enough for a 5’10” 160 pounds man like my husband, and it’s very stable.”

robert w

Trending review: “AMENDMENT: I was contacted by the company’s customer service department and offered significant compensation for being disappointed. The chair wasn’t what I had hoped, but I was treated more than fairly here. Buy without fear, folks. This is the best customer service ever. If you don’t like it they will make it right.

There are definitely pros and cons to this chair.
— I think the build on it is pretty nice. Screws didn’t strip, and fit nicely into parts when assembling. The material is tight and durable.
— It looks really nice. Looks like a $250 gaming chair. Very sharp.
— Supposedly, the chair holds up to 300 lbs. instead of the average office chair, which is usually rated at 250-275 lbs. I am a 6’4″ 300 lb. man, and it doesn’t seem to have any problem supporting the weight, at least for this first week.
— IT IS WAY TOO SHORT!!! The chair only lifts to 15.5″ from the floor to the bottom of the seat. The diagram in the picture says 18.7″, but I’m not getting that on my chair. WAY TOO LOW, especially for someone of my height.
— Not the most comfortable chair. Not horrible, but I can see this getting even worse over time. I have had the chair about four days and I can already feel the board under my behind. I am a heavyweight, though. For the 150-200 pounders, it may not be so bad.

All in all, pretty nice chair for the price, but for the taller, heavier crowd it might not be the best option.”

Scott “Dr. Music” Itter

Most-discussed review: “All I gotta say is.. this chair is just “okay.”

If you’re in a pinch and need an office chair that’s slightly more comfortable than a dining room chair (which is why I bought it), then it will probably suit your needs. It’s comfortable, but small, and isn’t that tall at it’s fullest height (I’ll have to go back and measure).

The entire backrest is held on with 4 screws attached to the arms, which are in turn attached with 4 screws to the base. The screws fit into prefitted, threaded holes, but I’m not sure what those threads are anchored in since I was able to rotate them when the screw was fully tightened.

My worry is that I will somehow break even one of the arms and then the whole chair will be kind of useless. If you’re careful, this probably won’t be an issue, but apparently I’m used to manhandling my chairs lol.

Otherwise it’s a decent, somewhat comfortable chair and will serve the purpose of sitting more comfortably in my new “work from home” office.”

Lauren F.

8. KaiMeng – High Back Leather Racing Game Chair

Top-rated: 5,502 Ratings

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100
Credit: Alex@Lilia P

Highlight: Unique ergonomic design with high quality PU leather high back and padded armrests, comfortable touch, perfect for your life.

Helpful review: “(+) Good value quality for the price (one of the cheapest possible gaming chairs on Amazon at the time). Basic padding and frame that helps your body comfortably focus (not to sleep in though).
Update 12/6/2020: Has a good reclining feature as advertised, just make sure to set your reclining lock to “free” by pulling it out.
Added perk: good rocking ability so far when set to reclining. As long as you’re not rocking it too violently/hard, it’ll probably last a good while.
(-) Could be a little taller for the price. Just barely tall enough for a 5’3-4″ person to rest their head against the back. Anyone taller would either have to attach a add-on pillow to be able to lean their head back if you wanted to be able to work on a desktop computer while pushing your head back against the chair (to avoid that dreaded neck strain).
Found it not as easy to assemble as advertised, probably varies with each package:
-screw-holes don’t exactly align with each other so it took almost forever screwing the back in place to the armrest.
-Pieces take a lot of firm yanking and shoving to put together (wheels and stem) so don’t expect any elderly or too young people to be able to assemble this without help.
-there’s no step by step instructions so it takes some basic understanding of the picture in guestimate how to put this thing together. Would be nice if there was a direct link to an assembling video or more detailed instructions.”

C Finch

Trending review: “I bought a $150 gaming chair about two years ago. Despite the price, and the features, the build quality and durability were not what I expected for the price. However, this chair is the exact opposite. For $60, you are getting a chair with no over the top features, but is seriously durable, comfortable, easy to assemble, and cheap.

As for my experience, the chair got to me in just under a week. Assembly was a breeze, though unfortunately one of the screws was missing. No biggy though, cuz it still came together just fine! I left a message with the seller and will see if I can get one shipped out, but even without the screw, I can’t even notice that one is missing. As for comfort, I am 5’8, 250 Lbs (I am a power lifter, not obese lol) and there are few chairs that hold me as perfectly as this one. There is no head rest for anybody wondering, though this isn’t particularly negative as in my case, where it may be for someone else. The arms are the perfect height for fitting directly under my desk which is 30 inches off the ground, so gaming is very comfortable. Everything feels extremely sturdy so far. I’m hoping this one holds out in the future. I will update as time goes on.”


Most-discussed review: “I like this chair a lot! It is comfortable and a lot better than my previous chair. There are a few things that I do not like in this chair. I have bigger than average thighs and they rub on the sides of the armrests it is bearable but not ideal. I would remove the armrests but they are the only thing that is holding the back onto the seat of the chair. The other thing is it lacks head support if you are shorter than the average person this may not be an issue but I’m average height and my head can not rest on the chair. Other than those two things I think this chair is a great deal for the price. There is one thing that is important to pay attention to when assembling this chair. DO NOT tighten down all the bolts as you go make sure each of them is seated properly before tightening. As you see in other reviews a lot of people are breaking the arms of these chairs and that’s because they are trying to pull the arm to meet the final hole so they can screw the last bolt in.”

Dylan Graham
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!

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