Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs Under $100 (2023 Review)

A good gaming chair is as essential as the console controller that you grasp in your hand. Doesn’t matter if you are a fumbling casual gamer or a PUBG maestro who loves to teabag victims after running them over a good gaming chair is an add-on you must have. Wincing with back pain and calling it quits in the middle of an online match is not the definition of a seasoned gamer; otherwise, consider renaming your gamer tag to “_Ihaveabadback420_” so that your enemies will have at least a trickle of compassion to show you.

A good gaming chair is nothing short of a loot crate that raises not only your game but your health too! Cushioned headrest, padded seating that supports your back, and a recline function. all of which help you tune-out from the copious profanity that your teammates will be sweet enough to convey to you on the voice chat. 

The great news is that you needn’t lose an arm in buying the best gaming chair for yourself. The options we have here cost just a fraction of the price you paid for your gaming console! Yup, that’s right. We have cherry-picked the best gaming chairs under $100 for you that would make sure that you sit ergonomically correct all the time when you are gaming.

Best Cheap Gaming Chairs: Affordable Chairs For Around $100 - GameSpot

The budget ergonomic gaming chairs we’ve picked prove that you don’t have to buy the chairs costing thousands of dollars to sit ergonomically correct. Just make sure to buy a well-built and adjustable chair for yourself – the one that lets you try out different lumbar support, neck rest, and armrest positions so that you can find the best settings for your body type.

The gaming chairs that we’ve picked have a host of adjustability options and some of them even take the game up a notch by offering inbuilt massager, yes all for the asking price of around $100!

Check out our top picks of budget gaming chairs below and buy the one that suits your body type and requirements.

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Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs Under $100 - Top Picks

1. Furmax Leather Gaming Chair Value For Money

furmax affordable gaming chair under $100

What sets the Furmax Office Desk Chair apart is its eye for quality and design aesthetics. Add to it prompt customer service and it isn’t difficult to see where the 4.2/5 from 19,000 ratings comes from. Our recommendation for the best gaming chair under $100.

The Furmax Office Desk Chair is a high-back PU leather chair with a racing bucket-seat design. The armrest comes padded and is rigid. The built-in headrest is apt if you are under 5″ anything more and you will find it resting on the back of your neck.

The upholstery is breathable, and the specially cut back ensures that. However, it lacks good lumbar support, so if you have back issues then we suggest that you check others on the list. The seat padding, however, is decent with up to 3 inches thick giving a very good under thigh support.

The height can be raised by 3.1 inches and comes with tilt control. The tilt angle at 15° is limited but you can rock like it’s the last day on earth with this bad boy!

The maximum weight capacity by the manufacturers says 280lbs, but there have been instances where the chair began squeaking at the 250lbs mark, which is still decent for an average-sized guy. The assembly of the Furmax Office Desk Chair is another highlight you will be done and dusted in less than 15 minutes!

With a price tag of just $64.27, if you are planning on sitting for hours gaming, then you will find the Furmax Office Desk Chair very well suited for you and your budget.

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2. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair Under $100 

BestOffice PC desk gaming chair under $100

BestOffice is one of the frontrunners of the online office/gaming chair niche, and you will find that this product stands as a testament to that claim. At $63 and 4.3/5 from 5100 ratings, it is one of the best inexpensive gaming chairs right now.

The ergonomically designed construction of the chair is suited for full mobility irrespective of whether you are working on a presentation or blowing someone’s leg off in Call of Duty. The 360° swivel wheels will make you reminisce about the merry-go-round while sitting in the confines of your 4-walls.

The wider-than-average chair has locking mechanisms to take the weight off of your tired shoulders. The aesthetic design of the BossOffice is more aggressive than the Furmax, with wider haunches; the red color variant of the chair best captures this.

The cushioning is at par with the Furmax with a slightly better lumbar support don’t get me wrong, it isn’t great and only decent at best.

If you fancy rocking on your chair, then you would be disappointed as the tilt function doesn’t allow you to do that.

Like the previous entry, it is easy to assemble within 10-15 minutes with detailed instructions. All of the necessary tools for assembly are packaged with the chair. The BossOffice gaming chair also comes with 90 days warranty with a 100% customer guarantee, for replacement of broken/missing parts, or refund as the case may be.

By far one of the budget-friendly options, that will keep you company on long nights of murderous rampages on GTA!

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3. Best Office High Back Gaming Chair

cheap ergonomic gaming chair with adjustable lumbar support

We have another entry by BestOffice, with their high back gaming chair. If you need added back support whilst staying under the $100 mark, then this gaming chair has you covered! With a popular 4.4/5 from 4700+ rating, this is one of the best gaming chairs under $100 that ticks many of the boxes!

The soft PU leather and thick cushioning for the neck and adequate lumbar and back support is just the friend you’ll need in an online deathmatch. The headrest pillow and the lumbar support are both adjustable.

The tilt and tension controls are comparable to the previous two entries which allow for recline up to 35°. However, if you are in the vicinity of 6″, then I suggest you skip this chair.

The quality and feel of the material are mediocre, but then again such is the case for most of the chairs under $100 you can’t have it all in a shoestring budget. The durability is commendable, with a heavy-duty metal base that can bear a weight of 250lbs.

The assembly of the chair is effortless, and shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes tops. Their 100% customer satisfaction policy means they have you covered.

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4. OFM ESS Collection Gaming Chair Lots of Color Options

most comfortable gaming chair under $100

4.5/5 average rating from 16,500 reviews. Need we say more?

If you are on the lookout for an awesome gaming chair around $100 and have an extra $10 to spare, then this is definitely our recommendation! By far, the best way to spend an extra $10.

OFM is a furniture maker that has been making well-designed chairs for years on end, and the Racing style gaming chair is another feather in its cap. The bucket seat-inspired design provides luxury and comfort this makes all the difference in the heat of the battle.

You can play 3-4 hours on the OFM gaming chair without any difficulty, with the contoured segmented padding and ergonomic back support ensuring that. We wished for the lumbar support to be a tad more. You can’t squeeze into narrow spots by flipping up the padded armrests.

If you are into long marathon 8-hour sessions, then this may not be the perfect chair for you there is only so much that the cushion can handle in one straight sitting. You can recline the chair up to 35° for greater comfort using the center-tilt control. The tilt tension controls allow you to control the ease with which you can rock the chair.

The chair is durable (can withstand 275lbs), can be assembled within 20 minutes, and doesn’t require any additional tools. At $109, the OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair is a great option with its aggressive styling and well-designed back ergonomics. A bang for your buck, that is worth not missing out on!

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5. BOSSIN Racing Style Gaming Chair  For the Big and Tall

Bossin Racing Style gaming chair - the best value gaming chair under $100

BOSSIN Racing Style Gaming chair is a class act that certainly punches above its weight. A glance at this chair, and you wouldn’t be surprised if it costs way more than its $104.99 sticker price.

With 4.3/5 from 2500 ratings, you know you got a winner in BOSSIN! The up-and-coming brand is in the pursuit of carving itself a niche with its quality and well-designed gaming chairs; and what a swell job it has done!

The larger cushioning and high-back allow for seating in multiple situations be it work or play. To make you feel at home, it even comes with an extendable footrest that takes the comfort up a notch! You can count on the BOSSIN to come to the rescue and save you from fatigue in the midst of a fast-paced session of Apex Legends.

The multi-functional recline is an absolute joy the back can go all the down to 155°! Add the footrest and you have your own lounge. The mechanism warrants a mention, as many users loved the buttery-smooth movement.

You can expect the BOSSIN Racing Style Gaming to be your throne, even if you are well in the vicinity of 200lbs and 6′ tall the durable frame with a 300lbs limit is proof. The fast delivery and the excellent after-sales service for returns and replacements for up to a year makes the BOSSIN gaming chair an excellent value for the price.

This is by far one of our top picks for the best pc gaming chair around $100 with a 300lbs weight limit worth every penny you part with it!

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6. Gtplayer Ergonomic Gaming Chair With Footrest & Massager

GTPlayer gaming chair under $100 with massage function

The Gaming Chair by Gtplayer focuses on making your gaming experience enjoyable. With an average 4.4/5 rating from 3700 reviews, it seems to have hit its mark!

The ergonomic designs of the back coupled with adjustable lumbar support help make this chair a friend of your spine. The footrest function raises the ante and makes it all the more enjoyable to lay back and stretch after a long session.

And did we mention that the adjustable lumbar support has an inbuilt USB-powered electric massager? Nothing like getting a lower back rub during a ranked match!

The back can be reclined from 90°-155° with the ability to lock at any angle the chair helps you find the sweet spot and stick to it! The armrests have linkages making it adjustable, meaning that it moves with you as you recline

The well-padded seats rest on a solid metal integrated, heavy-duty. It can withstand a load of 300lbs while making you twirl like a featherweight ballerina with its 360° swivel function.

Customer support is one of the highlights of Gtplayer, with a prompt, responsive team ready to iron out any issues that the customer might have. Don’t take our word for it, the numerous customer reviews stand witness!

The assembly is quick and hassle-free too, with all of the necessary manuals exactly dictating to you what to do.

With a price of $124.99, this massage gaming chair by GTPlayer definitely makes it all worth the price. Even if you are short on change, we suggest you wait till you get the extra $25!

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7. Homall High-Back Office/Gaming Chair

Homall gaming chair in $100 price range

Homall gaming chairs have been known for their premium take on chairs, with great emphasis given to their appearance.

If you want to sit in a racing bucket seat that feels like it’s pulled straight from Tokyo Drift, then look no further!

You can expect all-day relaxation and look suave while doing so on the Homall Racing Gaming Chair. With a 4.6/5 average rating from 1000 reviews, you know you are in for a wild ride.

The patchwork, stitching, and color contrasts set the Homall apart from the rest of the pack. Care is taken to not only make the chair look trendy but also a joy to sit in. The soft armrests, ergonomic design, and thickly padded seats make it the ideal wingman in the dark cryptic caves of Diablo. The armrests, however, don’t move when you recline, and neither does it have much padding.

The back can recline up to 150° and it has a rocker knob that increases/decreases the rocking tension to make it difficult/easier to rock. The lumbar cushion and the headrest pillow are both adjustable for you to find your sweet spot.

The chair can take up to 300lbs making it an excellent affordable gaming chair costing around $100 for the big and tall. The packaging is top-notch with carefully laid out instruction to assemble the chair won’t take you long to have the chair rolling.

The Homall comes in at $119.99, and with that price it is an addition to your gaming set-up that is seriously worth considering!

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8. Vitesse Ergonomic PC Gaming Chair

Vitesse gaming chair with reclining and adjustable features

Vitesse’s Gaming chair is painstakingly crafted with two things in mind: Comfort and reliability. We are happy to report that they do a fine job on both fronts. Be it for work or play, this gaming chair doesn’t fail to cover your back.

A perfect daily use gaming chair that makes use of premium materials and is ergonomically well made. The big, wide thick bucket seats, soft headrest pillow, lumbar support, and armrests all play their role to ensure a smooth sitting session that is comfortable and pain-free. The armrests are fixed and both the head and lumbar cushioning are movable.

The carbon black variant is one that caught our eye the charcoal black PU leather gives off a sleek stealth fighter vibe! There are 8 other color variants for you to choose from.

The cushioning rests on a durable metal frame that takes up to 300lbs and allows for 180° recline. The tilt and rocker functions make for a butter-smooth rocking motion that will leave you smiling from ear-to-ear

The customer support from Vitesse is commendable; a call or an email away and they’ll respond quickly. The gaming chair also comes with a free replacement of parts for any quality problems within 90 days, satisfaction guaranteed. Costing at just a little above $100, the gaming chair by Vitesse is a great pick!

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9. JUMMICO Executive Gaming Chair

Budget ergonomic gaming chair from Jummico

Coming next on our list is the JUMMICO Gaming chair which costs less than $80 and still offers a decent amount of comfort. With 4.2/5 from 3200 reviews, this is a swell addition to your gaming setup if you are on a tight leash. The price tag although low does not compromise on the bare essentials. The contour hugging, soft leather upholstery is of decent quality and the rocking function is a joy.

It has limited lumbar support and this chair isn’t recommended if you suffer from back issues. If you snuggly fit in the 5″ height bracket, then this chair is for you. The back of the chair has decently good padding and the armrests do a great job is easing the load on your shoulders.

The load capacity for the chair is a highlight at 300lbs the sturdy, five-star wheelbase ensures this. The packaging is thorough and the assembly can be done in mere minutes. If you have drained your account from splurging on new AAA titles, and are on the lookout for a great gaming chair under $100, then the JUMMICO Gaming chair does not disappoint.

But with that said, if you have the option to spend more for a chair with better lumbar support and back ergonomics, then we would certainly recommend you do that.

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10. KaiMeng Office High Back Leather Computer Chair

Kaimeng's Affordable Basic Gaming Chair

Here’s another excellent gaming chair under $100, the KaiMeng office cum gaming chair. We love it because it does a thorough job in delivering decent back support without the added zeros to the bill.

You can sit for decently long hours on this gaming chair; with the padded PU leather high back and comfortable armrests ensuring you have a tension-free gaming session. The lumbar support is decent but not the best. At this price, you really can’t be demanding much. Most would find it comforting for sitting long hours.

If you have back trouble, then save and spend a bit more on other chairs that we have on this list your back will thank you for it!

There are four color variants to choose from, with the red color having an audacious price tag of $200+; why KaiMeng made that pricing decision is a question only they can answer.

The reclining function allows for a decent recline, and the sturdy base provides 280lbs of maximum weight capacity. As with many of the good gaming chairs under $100, there are limitations to the quality and what it can offer, Unfortunately, KaiMeng doesn’t stray far from this beaten track. 

The assembly is quick, and the packaging comes with all the necessary tools to get it done within 15 minutes. To sum up this KaiMeng gaming chair in a sentence “a great computer chair for gaming/work under $100 that does the job decently. Nothing less and certainly nothing more.

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What A Little Extra Cash Can Get You

If you can stretch your budget by a couple more dollars, then these gems are what’s waiting for you. Worth considering!

Homall Gaming Chair Best Around $100

best homall gaming chair around $100

The Homall Gaming chair sports the #1 Best Seller Badge with an astounding track record of 36,500 reviews rating it at 4.4/5!  What is awesome about this chair is not only the comfort and quality but also the price tag of only $139.59. The gaming chair is well-built and sturdy, with high-density shaping foam draped by skin-friendly, leather PU.

It has a 90-180° recline and rocking function. It can also easily seat a 6, 250lbs man making it one of the best pc gaming chairs around $100 with a 300lbs weight limit. If you have got a little more to spare, then the Homall Gaming Chair is a choice you can’t go wrong with. There isn’t a chair anywhere near this price range that offers what the Homall Gaming Chair offers.

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Von Racer Gaming Chair with Footrest

best von racer gaming chair around $100

The racing-styled multifunctional gaming chair from VON RACER has everything from a massaging USB-lumbar cushion to seating ergonomics that boasts of a relaxed and superior posture for your spine. This Gaming chair is well built and doesn’t fall in the $300 price bracket of big hotshots in the gaming chair niche, but instead, you can get hold of one of these for just a little more price than $100. It’s among those gaming chairs that punches well above its weight. For $145 and a 4.4/5 rating from 4000 reviews, you know that thousands have made the right decision with this gaming chair.

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Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Splurge Worthy

devoko gaming chair around $100

A reputed furniture company that stands behinds its products! If you are looking for great quality bundled with loads of features, then the Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair will live up to the standard. Everything from the bucket seats, curved ergonomic back with a headrest to the 180° recline function, all point to attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship. With a 4.5/5 rating from 5200 reviews, it isn’t hard to see why people have found awesome value in this Devoko gaming chair. And the price of $129.99 is a steal, to be honest. Go for it, if you can.

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OHAHO Gaming Chair For The Gamer Girls

best ohaho gaming chair under and around $100

A multi-function gaming chair that spoils you with features makes for the ideal partner to seat your behind for long hours of entertainment or work. With a USB massage function along with an 180° recline-able cushioned back that can be locked at any angle, this is a gaming chair that deserves your attention. Add to it excellent after-sales support and money-back guarantee and you know that OHAHO will stick with you in the thick and thin of your virtual firefights. Plus, there is the pink variant that may have more takers among gamer girls. All of this and more for $149.99.

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What Are The Different Types Of Gaming Chairs?

These come in the form of a Video Rocker, Racing Seat, Bean Bag Chair, Racing Simulator, and Pedestal Chair.

Racing Chairs These are specialized for gaming with an emphasis on great neck and back support. Brands like Homall, DXRacer, Devoko are well-known names.

racing chair type

Bean Bag chairs These don’ t really have anything to offer in terms of back and neck support. You need a table that can be lowered to your level, to make use of this chair. It is close to the floor, much like the Video rocker chair and apt for console gaming.Bean bag chair type

Video Rocker Chair These are close to the floor and by far are the most economical to buy. They are decently comfortable and fun to sit on. You will find either these or a bean bag in most console gamer’s pad.

Video Rocker Chair Type

Racing Simulator These are part of racing game setups, which best simulates the feeling of being in an actual driver seat. A stand for placing the racing wheel comes with this chair.

Racing SimulatorPedestal Chair These are very much similar to recliner chairs and come with loads of back support, and super-comfy to sit in. For this obvious reason, these are the most costly of the lot!

Pedestal Chair Type

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Gaming Chair

Don’t worry I won’t be whipping out a 400-page catalog that goes into how to pick your perfect gaming chair. Instead, you need to be asking yourself these questions:

Do You Have Back Issues? Are You Prone To Back Pain After Sitting For Just An Hour?

Better up your budget and get yourself a gaming chair with a special focus on lumbar and neck support. A massager function is a cherry on top of the cake.

What Features Do You Want Your Gaming Chair To Have?

There are a host of functionalities to choose from, be it a massaging unit, console connectivity, audio, and video controls, or even a cup holder. Some outlandishly costly chairs pack all of these and more.

Is The Quality Of The Gaming Chair Up To Mark? Is The Chair Ergonomically Built?

Getting your money’s worth is the prime goal when you purchase anything with your hard-earned $. Do thorough research on the chairs and what past customers are saying about them. Make sure to read about it from different websites and forums you may not know a paid promotion when you see one.

What Is Your Budget? How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

Invest as much as possible. True, that there are some amazing chairs at low prices. But considering that you will be spending an excess of $400 on your gaming rig/console, we can safely tell you your chiropractor fees will cost way more. Wiser to protect your back rather than writhe in pain a couple of years down the line, wouldn’t you say?

That about wraps up our take on gaming chairs under and around the $100 mark. With gaming chairs becoming popular and choices becoming plentiful, it isn’t hard to see why many people end up making a bad purchase. With our choices of gaming chairs, you can be sure to dominate the virtual terrain without killing your back!

Looking for a chair to fix your bad back? Check out our guides on office chairs for lower back pain and recliners for back pain.

We hope our extensive take on gaming chairs has shed light on your search for your perfect gaming throne. Be sure to ask away your questions and let us know your thoughts. We always love hearing from you all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need A “Gaming Chair? Why Not Any Ordinary Desk Chair?

Would you drive an F1 car around an off-road, gravel track? Or would you use a rally car?

Chairs are designed with the aim of what you are going to do sitting on them; much like how different cars are used for different terrains.

If you have sat in a gaming chair, then you would be quick to realize that other chairs weren’t designed with gaming in mind. Desk chairs were created to eat or write on the desk; your posture usually has both your forearms on the table, with the body hunched over and your eyes looking down.

When you are gaming your screen is usually away and your gaze is set at the horizon or slightly below it i.e. not directly looking down into the table.

This is why you need a chair that properly strengthens and provides support for your posture.

Will A Gaming Chair Elevate You From Noob Status?

If you end up veering off track and placing 5th in Gran Turismo or shoot your foot rather than popping enemies in Uncharted, then it is only practice that can save you from a game over screen. If you could magically turn yourself to Shroud by buying a Gaming chair, then buy me one too!

What Benefits Does Gaming Chairs Have Over Others?

To start, these are designed to allow you to sit on them for long hours. Some of the gaming chairs come with unique features such as audio speakers and even remotely control your display e.g. Switch tracks, Pause/Play, and reduce volume wirelessly. The features wholly depend on the brand and the price you pay.

Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years in the financial space, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years in the financial space, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!

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