Top 8 Best Gaming Chairs Under $200 (2023 Review)

I review office chairs for a living, so you can trust me when I say that these options under [] will give you the ergonomics you need, the comfort you want, and the price that fits perfectly into your budget.

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of the time of writing this.

1. GTRACING – GT002 Gaming Chair with Footrest

Top-rated: 5,038 Ratings

Best Gaming Chairs Under 200
Credit: beams

Highlight: Armrest and seat height adjustable;large reclining and rocking; 360 degree swivel

Helpful review: “These chairs are nice. They’re comfy and have every adjustment: rock, tilt, armrest height, and of course, seat height. This was why I caved to the SO even though I was a little nervous about them. Usually, we get those big super-padded executive chairs but, he had his heart set on these and I thought: “Well, how bad can they be?”

I am soooo glad that I took the chance!

Well, as I’ve been discovering- they don’t have as much overt padding as those big chairs because, they do NOT need it! They are just comfy all on their own. I think it’s because even though it’s hard to see it in the picture but, it’s contoured ever so slightly. The seat is human seat shaped and even the arm rest is slightly dipped for your arms. Plus, again, if the adjustment exist, it’s on this chair. In fact, my only quibble is that we both discovered that the pillows just get in the way but, others might find them comfy so, I hardly think that our opinion counts on that one.

The other reason why I’m glad that we got these chairs is that they have great customer service.

As it happens once in a while when shopping online, one of the chairs did indeed turn up with a broken part. Heart break and anger of course because I was convinced that the tilting mechanism on the chair in question was destroyed as well. Thankfully, however, the person I got a hold of over at GTracing was actually SMART as they noticed that it was just a couple of the plastic covers that had been damaged when I sent them pictures of the damage.

Well, sure enough, while I was happy that it was only a couple of easily replaceable parts, I was still groaning when the words: “some time” and “factory” were mentioned when we were talking about replacement parts.

I shouldn’t have worried because about a week later, the delivery guy was at my door with a box that contained not only the replacement parts but a little baggy with one of those wrenches, a bunch of screws for that part of the chair and some of those plastic plugs as well- in short absolutely EVERYTHING that MIGHT be needed in replacing the parts that were damaged. So, obviously more than one smart person is paying attention over there.

The kicker on this one? This was all during the Christmas rush. One week, during Christmas rush no less and, the damaged parts were replaced.

And it was obvious too from the way everything was packaged. Someone had to have gone down to the production line and pulled out everything they thought I needed individually part by part and, all I can say on that one is: wow. I seriously would have forgotten something were our roles reversed.

So, yeah, we would DEFINITELY get these again and, with customer service like this? I will NOT be surprised to discover that the company is still around when these finally kick the bucket after many years of use and abuse (we ARE gamers after all).

Great chairs. Kick ass company. I am hugely impressed. Thank you.”


2. AutoFull – C3 Gaming Chair with Ergonomics Lumbar Support

Top-rated: 4,290 Ratings

Best Gaming Chairs Under 200
Credit: Marcel

Highlight: The lumbar pillow is designed according to the natural curve of the human spine, which can better fit the back and disperse back pressure. And it uses high-density native memory foam to address the drawback of lumbar pillows being too hard and easy to collapse, thereby improving the lumbar pillow’s comfort.

Helpful review: “I think a lot of people put a lot of hours sitting in their chairs, eating watching movies researching podcasts, all that kind of stuff at their office chair.

That being a case, you’re at least sitting on this thing a third of your life or close to it.

It’s funny how we don’t even consider how expensive an iPhone is (generally being over $1000) but we won’t spend $200-$300 to invest into our health for a chair.

I mean, I’ve always said just bought bargain chairs but I’ve never really found that wears well comfort wise, I think I found my match. I

think you know the next step up from this would be $500 to $600 and after that, $1000+

I put this thing in sleep mode if (horizontal) if you really wanted to, it does work.
I am lighter weight and thinner, In horizontal mode I would say it cuts off the circulation to my calves and her feet if you do that for too long. However, but you can also take the seat back further so the blood rushes up to your head.

I’m not giving medical advice, you may have a situation where that’s dangerous. For everyone else That is an option which is can be good for your health as they have people using those crazy machines to safely turn people upside down and charge big bucks for sessions at a Dr’s office. I think this goes back to 60°.

All in all Sleep mode works well for me. if people are really big it might not work out so well for you, But the chair itself will hold up for larger people as well. Anyone well under 300 pounds will find this a very comfortable chair.”

Honest Abe

Trending review: “So update… I use this chair probably four hours max a day. And the arm of the chair has ripped into two pieces (the rubber portion). It felt quality, but I suppose durability says otherwise.

I am someone who really needs to find the best deal that they can. A couple of years ago I bought your “generic” gaming chair and it’s already lopsided, worn out, and destroying my poor spine. I work from home, as well as game so I need a chair that will support me and also my “pretzel style sitting”.

Assembly: Honestly, probably one of the easiest chairs I’ve had to put together. I was trying to put it together on my short breaks while working, and even not until later figuring out that there are in fact English instructions, I had it going easy peasy just from the pictures alone. I like that they really have all the screws where you need them to be, and loose so you just remove them, add the part, and put them back in. As a 125lbs out-of-shape lady, I had absolutely zero issue putting it together. I ended up propping it upside down on a backless kitchen table chair and it worked wonders.
P.S. All of the parts seem of really good quality!
It’s hard to give an accurate time because I worked on it 20 minutes which mostly was me taking it out of the wrapping/protection which was actually packed VERY nicely. 7 or so minutes one other time — and when I got off work it probably took me about 25 minutes or so to get everything together, flip it over and sit down.

Day 1 Review:
It is definitely low to the ground, but it’s probably the first chair that I’ve ever sat in that makes me want to NOT sit pretzel style. Not because it isn’t comfortable, but because it seems to want to encourage you to sit proper. The back pillow as of right now, is a 10/10 and feels amazing. I can only hope after living in the chair for a while it remains that way.

To put into perspective, I am 5’3″ as well, and I would love for this chair to be about an inch taller than what it is but I’ll figure out a way to make it work, maybe a mat. I would be curious as well to see someone of a larger stature sit in the chair – though I wouldn’t necessarily question it’s sturdiness because it seems to be well made. I feel it caters perfectly to us short folks, aside from the little height issue.

So far, I have zero regrets in purchasing this chair. I truly hope it holds up.
I can genuinely tell you however that it is already much higher quality than those gaming chairs that all mimic one another in the $100-$200 range. I’d say take the leap with me and lets see how it goes!”

Tiffany Driver

3. KARNOX – Gaming Chair with Pocket Spring Cushion and Linkage Armrests

Top-rated: 763 Ratings

Best Gaming Chairs Under 200
Credit: Candice Lethcoe

Highlight: The executive chair is wrapped in premium fabrics mesh with high density sponge. Carbon fiber in a race-inspired shape, providing immersive gaming experience. Well-padded seat, lumbar & headrest pillow shaped with spinal & neck, make extended gaming sessions more enjoyable.

Helpful review: “Let me start off with a few things more so towards this company.
It was suppose to arrive by tomorrow but it ended up one day early which I absolutely loved!
Downside a bit, I didn’t expect the box to be that heavy.. Or that large, But It’s fine it made sense why in the long run.
The chair is very different.. compared to “Leather” chairs, Leather chairs tend to rip quite a lot over time.
I had my Leather chair for years (I estimate at least 4 years) and it tore within the first year like hell.
I have stayed away from getting a new one (Since at the time they were expensive and I couldn’t entirely put that type of money just towards a chair until I really really needed one) But I like my stuff to look very nice and clean, I am a very well organized person and I will not live in disgust, I loved and hated my leather chair. But when I decided enough was enough I finally decided to get a new chair. IN WHICH.. I decided to try out this one, A fabric chair.. Now, In the long run this chair should provide no tearing as long as it is kept clean, and good smell it and maybe clean wash it every once and a while.
NOW! Let’s begin my true opinion on this chair.

  • It is very comfortable, It can go almost a full 90+ degrees down (Don’t do it I literally almost fell back 5 times and my girlfriend was laughing her butt off at me..).
    *This chair is mostly fabric and the arm rests are a very very hard but can be squished type of fabric/foam material..? Not entirely sure, Very hard.. But comfortable enough.
    *The pillows are very comfortable
  • It took a bit but was very easy to assemble following the instructions on the poster
    *They sent some extra accessories.. (More on that later)
  • It comes with a 10 year warranty. and a 2 year warranty for accessories.
    *The instructions also have a poster on the back which is very nice I liked that.
    Now let me get to the accessories.
    They provided me a Mousepad which I am using right now, It isn’t as wide as I would’ve liked HOWEVER
    THIS THING IS LONG AS HECK?!? Almost my entire table excluding 11 inches.
    It said it was a keyboard and mousepad, However I did NOT receive a keyboard..(Not sure on that)(don’t really care cause I bought the chair not the keyboard..but I would’ve taken a extra keyboard too.. ;-;)

Alright, let me get to the CONs of this chair that I had. (not all are bad just small things)
Firstly, The box came pretty banged up.. Which was expected out of UPS. (I worked for UPS for a while.)

Secondly, when assembling the screw-in area for the left top side of the back-rest wasn’t completely good.. and it took me 30 minutes to get that screw in just right so the screw would pop the first washer in place and clip in basically. Which can happen just saying not a bad thing.. was just annoying.

Thirdly, The chair hangs low to the ground at max height. my other chair was very high standing and I did enjoy that A LOT, But things like this I didn’t take into account so it is half my fault, But the chair is more than good for me so yeah.

Fourth and foremost, It’s not that.. Wide.. It’s more so meant for small women (Shoutout to the little queens of the world) Would be better for Women than Men but overall I will get use to it eventually.

Fifth and final.. And I hate to say it even though it literally shows and says it doesn’t.. NO LEG REST :SOB:
Sadly no leg rest, But that’s what you get for comfortability over utility.

5 Stars is my review.
4 Stars on utility.
5 Stars on Comfortability.
5 Stars for Gaming, (Just beware butt sweat)
5 Stars on packaging
5 Stars on Shipping.
5 Stars on Friendly Customer Service.
4 Stars on Size. (Could be a BIT bigger.. But still)
5 Stars to the Company
1 Star on that stupid screw that made me angry.
Overall. Great chair, I’d recommend for at least small-decently large people.
Anyone over 5’10 like myself and probably around 180+ pounds will have a hard time with this chairs size.
This is my Review. I am Lunacy, You can check out my new Chair over on youtube and other content. (LunacySerene), I appreciate Karnox for allowing me to review their Chair. Thank you, Have a blessed day everyone.”


4. SONGMICS – Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair with Footrest

Top-rated: 431 Ratings

Best Gaming Chairs Under 200

Highlight: This ergonomic chair with a tilt mechanism has S-shaped backrest and well-padded seat, letting your body rest so you can concentrate on work while sitting in ergonomic luxury

Trending review: “I’m a phone support nurse and spend a lot of time at my desk. I have chronic migraines, along with neck shoulder back hip and knee pain. I’ve gone through two inferior chairs in the last 2 years, and then a co-worker mentioned they recently bought a gaming chair.

This is a solid chair, very comfortable, sturdy, supportive. The seat is a little hard so I do use a pillow to prevent hip pain. the chair. It got here before my long weekend of work (two 14 hr shifts back to back) and I had very little pain when I finished.

My husband wants one now!”


Most-discussed review: “I’ve put on weight during lockdown, and the last “gamer chair” I bought was a cheap POS that fell apart quickly, so I’ve been very happy with both the sturdiness and comfort of this chair. The cushions are very thick, the parts are sturdy, and with the reclining ability and footrest it’s easy for me to catch a nap after work at my home office in this. The product page says this is from China but I have to wonder if that’s incorrect; the company that sells it is in Germany and all the packaging and documentation is in English and German. It ended up costing me about $20 more than the crappy chair I replaced it with and is head and shoulders better than it. Assembly was much easier as well with the reclining spring built into the backrest mount instead of having to put together a side-mounted piece with cheap plastic covering pieces. I’m super happy with this chair, it’s very comfortable and seems to be built from quality materials.”


5. HOMEFLA – Ergonomic GamingLeather Swivel Chair

Top-rated: 399 Ratings

Best Gaming Chairs Under 200
Credit: Krystle Rizzo

Highlight: Padded with thick and high-density cushion, this office game chair is really soft and has good resilience. It’s really comfortable for seating and makes you feel much better on your back and hips than regular office chairs. Cushions added on the armrests are a plus for someone who likes to rest their elbows on the armrests a lot when using the computer or playing games. You can sit on this computer desk chair for long hours without any soreness.

Helpful review: “Purchased light blue gaming chair.
Swivel, level for height adjustment.
With a house of 5 this has stood up and is sturdy.
The blue part can and will pill if someone picks at it.
The only issue we had with this was while assemble with put a piece on wrong but, we were able to fix it.
True to description.”


Most-discussed review: “I bought this chair for my husband gaming. It is the perfect size for a small room. He is 6’3″ and I am 5’8″ and perfect size for both of us! I am purchasing another one for my desk for when I start working from home. It’s very sturdy as well!”

Krystle Rizzo

6. S*MAX – Pink Gaming Chair

Top-rated: 19 Ratings

Best Gaming Chairs Under 200
Credit: Quest1

Highlight: This pink gaming chair is based on an ergonomic metal frame and comfortable materials. The cushion is made of tooling foam that sits for a long time without collapsing. Wider than the average office chair. The locking mechanism keeps the back upright and relieves stress and pain that other gamer chairs bring with you.

Helpful review: “I got this for my daughter’s desk and she loves it. This was super easy to put together, and the instructions were really easy to follow along with. This chair has an adjustable armrest so you can raise them to the appropriate height, the chair itself raises up and down to the desired height. You can also recline the chair back slightly or all the way nearly flat, so you are lying down. The wheels roll with ease and nothing feels wonky or wobbly. My only complaint is that it’s not very cushioned, the seat as a whole is a bit stiff feeling and after sitting it for hours, it can get a bit uncomfortable.”


Trending review: “My daughter is using this chair as her normal office chair. She spends 6 to 8 hours a day on the computer and has found this to be the most comfortable chair that she has ever used. She used to get back aches from her old chairs, but they have gone away with this chair.

She does find the seat to be a little narrow but has added a small chair cushion to raise herself up a little.

The chair comes with cushions for lumbar support and a pillow. Is overall very well padded and comfortable for long sessions seated. Is highly adjustable and versatile. She loves it and I am happy!”

Wayne D.

Reassuring review: “Plush desk chair that is thick with comfortable backing.The base is super wide so it feels extra secure. There are just a few steps and everything is explained well and is clear. Includes all the necessary hardware.”


7. KERDOM – Breathable Mesh Gaming Chair

Top-rated: 403 Ratings

Best Gaming Chairs Under 200
Credit: aftern8n

Highlight: S-shaped high-back seat fits the natural curves of your body and provides good support for your spine, while the adjustable lumbar support helps you find the perfect position for your lower back.

Helpful review: “This chair was fairly easy to assemble, and comes with a T-handle hex wrench to help with that. The instructions were easy to follow, and it came with a few spare fasteners, which is something I always appreciate.

The back of the Chair is breathable and helps keep my back from overheating. The seat is fairly comfortable, though not the most comfortable I’ve ever sat in. I like that the arm rests can be moved out of the way. The adjustments work well for hight and seat tip. the back support is nice, it definitely gives me some support without feeling like it’s pushing too hard when I lean back.

Overall it feels fairly solid. The base is coated metal instead of plastic. the wheels are plastic but feel sturdy. the armrests are also plastic, but a good and dense plastic that is strong enough for normal armrest use and to hold the back of the chair up (the back attaches to the armrest supports and not the seat).

I like this chair and would recommend it to anybody looking for a good low-cost chair option.”


Trending review: “This is an excellent ergonomic chair for the quality and the price. I used to get uncomfortable on my back and legs when I sat for a long period, or I would be sweating from sitting for so long. But this chair is impressive. It is a very sturdy, and high-quality chair. The chair offers head support in many configurations and easy glide so I can effortlessly focus on the computer I need to. The setup process was simple. I did it myself. It also comes with some extra tools to assemble and maintain over time. I have had the chair for only about 2 weeks now but I am very happy with it so far and would highly recommend this chair!”


8. GTPLAYER – Esports Gaming Chair

Top-rated: 151 Ratings

Best Gaming Chairs Under 200
Credit: Heavy Duty

Highlight: Alloy frame covered with premium hand-sewn PU leather and 5 “high density foam. Upgraded LANT cylinders and mechanisms have greatly extended the life of the chair.

Helpful review: “This gaming chair does have a ton of little bits to put together but it’s well worth it in the end. The main appeal for buying this was the built-in Bluetooth system and the ability to recline the chair nearly 180°. It’s not going to replace a pull out couch or recliner, but it’s great for relaxing in after a long work session. The chair is comfortable, and the colors are accurate to the product page. There is a beautiful sort of embroidery design on the edges of the chair that is subtle but effective and breaking up the color blocks of the rest of the chair. There is a neck pillow involved as well as a pillow to support your back both of which are embroidered with the company name and logo. The only thing that I noticed that was out of place was a small scratch on the top of the chair which may have happened during Packaging but is not enough to remove a whole star for. Set up took a bit of time as a diagrams could have been a little more clear in my opinion and regarding the orientation of some pieces when attaching the next set of pieces together to it. The booklet does have diagrams for each section but, like I said, some areas could use a little better description as to how to orient the pieces before moving forward. The height is adjustable as with any style office chair and my only real complaint is the setup of the lower foot rest area. It arrived and okay condition but one of the rubber ends that covers the bracket was damaged so it has a tendency to slip in and out of its socket with little agitation. There’s also no way to stop the foot rest from being pulled out too far so you will need to make either a mental note to yourself each time as to how far to pull or attach gaskets on the back ends of the bracket so they do not pull out too far. Other than that, the chair performs well, it is 30, comfortable, and the Bluetooth function connects with no issues. The audio is much more clear once your head is against the actual chair and provides an impressively calming experience.”

Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!

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