Top 8 Best Office Chair Mats (2023 Review)

I review office chairs for a living, so you can trust me when I say that these office chair mat options will give you the protection your floor needs, the comfort you want, and the price that fits perfectly into your budget.

Best Office Chair Mats

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of the time of writing this.

1. Amazon Basics – Polycarbonate ‎Rectangular Mat

Top-rated: 3,407 Ratings

Best Office Chair Mats
Credit: Mikel Berry

Highlight: High gauge polycarbonate floor protectors provide a high impact resistant, easy glide rolling surface and will not curl, cup or flex on carpeted floors or rugs over 1/2″ Thick.

Helpful review: “I’m writing this review, not only because this product was everything I hoped for – it is crystal clear and very sturdy even on heavy carpet – but I have a much safer method for opening this thing with much less risk of injury. These heavy duty floor mats are now also shipped rolled, and the thicker the material, the more potentially violent cutting the bands is when opening. I can tell you I didn’t want to be anywhere near the thing if it sprung open at once.

So, in hopes that many others will read this (especially the manufacturer) who may otherwise be injured or damage things – I came up with something when opening mine that is safe, cheap and easy.

What I did is used a pair of those cheap cam straps, the ones that cinch tight in one direction and have a spring loaded button to release. Use straps at least twice the length of your mat. Before cutting the center band, put one strap on each end snugly, about 12-15 inches in from the ends. It should be 1/3 in on each side. Make sure they are tight, and cut the middle band – which is really multiple layers of shrink wrap. Stand on either end of the cylinder, it case something fails and it springs open. (When I was cutting mine, I could see that applying too much force with a razor blade would just scratch the mat. So either cut lightly multiple times or you could hold the blade sideways and get underneath it.) Once the center band is off, simply loosen the straps, alternating from one to the other. The tension on one end will release only to a point until the other strap holds a conical shape. Back and forth, the cylinder will open smoothly in about 1 minute.

After thinking about it for awhile, I think that they should actually add this simple system to the packaging and instructions for maximum safety. It would be very easy for them to ship these with the center band AND straps already on the rolled up mat. The instructions would be super simple and I am willing to bet the cost of including two cam straps is much lower than the liability. Opening mine this way was effortless and safe. I have seen pairs of them for around $5.”


2. Anji Mountain – Rug’d Collection Chair Mat for Hard Surfaces

Top-rated: 1,377 Ratings

Best Office Chair Mats
Credit: Papaya

Highlight: Available in two thicknesses: 1/4-Inch is recommended for hard surfaces and commercial carpet, 1/2-Inch is recommended for all surfaces including plush carpet

Helpful review: “I love it so far. Needed something to protect my wood floors from my office chair. It matches my decor perfectly and lays flat right out of the box. Chair rolls easily on it. Kind of expensive but if it stands up to the rest of time it will be worth it.”


Trending review: “The best I have tried by far!! Highly recommended. It lays flat right out of the box, my chair rolls over it easily, vacuums very easily. It still looks like NEW after 5 months. I was hesitant to purchase because of the price but considering the several $40-70. I had spent over several years, only to discard a cracked, useless mat within a few months, I decided to purchase. I am very happy I did! It is great and I expect that it will last a long time.”

C.A. Price

Most-discussed review: “Let’s start with this… I’m a very large man (450 lbs)… and I have a very heavy duty chair that I use on this mat. In my bedroom/wfh office. I am on carpeting, medium pile. I’m using the half inch thick version. This thing just plain works! Great desk mat, much better than those stupid plastic things.

I personally don’t care much how things look but it seems to look pretty nice.

Do not hesitate to buy even though it’s a little expensive it’s worth it.

Pro tip: they apparently charge less for different patterns… so just look for the cheapest pattern if that’s all that matters to you…”


Reassuring review: “So fa so good. I had the Vitrazza glass desk mat but it was a bit of a pain to clean, way too heavy and the rubber feet underneath were coming off due to movement, etc. A waste of money on my part unfortunately. I also needed a desk mat that was bigger. So far Anji fits the bill in design and size perfectly. Blends in well and I love the fact I can vacuum now instead of using some special glass cleaner that really didn’t do anything special. Not sure about durability or sturdiness yet as time will tell. I can say though my desk chair rolls so much better on this than the Vitrazza. I am a heavy person and I have a solid wood chair so time will definitely be a factor in that rating. Stay tuned as I update this at a later date and see if the five star rating turns to four. For now the price was excellent and I am very pleased.”


3. DoubleCheck – Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors

Top-rated: 7,731 Ratings

Best Office Chair Mats
Credit: Marc Torrence

Highlight: Thickest chair mat available in the market measures at 1/8 of an inch in approx. sturdy and firm surface office chair mat to insure wheels don’t sink or leave indentations and that the corners stay flat.

Helpful review: “Update 12 months after purchase:
Sadly, the map finally cracked. It’s a small crack, although I hear the mat make a noise each time my chair goes over it, so I suspect it’ll increase in size.

Update 11 months after purchase:
The mat is still holding up extremely well. I’ve not noticed any significant indentation and no cracking, so I’m very happy with the durability. The only problem I constantly have with the mat is that it moves around a lot. I don’t scoot around a lot on the mat – just the normal up and down from the chair and every couple days I have to reposition the mat. Over about a 3 day period, it’ll move at least 3 or 4 inches until my chair is off one side of it. Not a big problem taking the chair off and sliding it back into place – just a pain to keep doing it. It looks like if they’d made the feet just a little longer, it would likely hold its position better.

Finding a good chair mat is rough. After reading so many reviews, I was about to give up and just replace the carpet if it ever came down to it. Fortunately, this mat has turned out to be better than average.

I’ve got medium carpet, so finding something that is durable enough to work is not easy. I’ve got an office chair with 5 wheels and unfortunately, I’m a fairly healthy sized individual, so there’s some weight on this mat. I work from my home office and often am sitting on this mat 8 to 14 hours a day, most every day. So it definitely is getting a workout. I get up every few hours, so it gets a break every now and then.

The one thing that surprised me is how much this mat moves. At least once a week I have to reposition it – its always moving back. Maybe trying to run away – not sure. It’s not a big deal, however, just the hassle of moving the chair out and sliding it around is a pain. Not the end of the world though.

Durability has been pretty good so far. I’ve been using this mat for almost 6 months and there are no signs of cracking and very little noticeable indenting. There is just a slight indentation here and there, although I try to turn my chair wheels into a different position every so often so they don’t get used to the same spot. I’d suspect if the mat stayed put and I didn’t rotate the wheels, I would get indents. I’d gladly accept some preventative maintenance compared to cracking and not working.

One big negative, unfortunately as my shin will attest, is that the edges on this mat are like razor blades. Somehow I’ve managed to not kick my toes on it. On my last mat, I tore open a toe, so I’m a little more aware of watching for it. I was on the floor one day repositioning the mat and I happened to run my shin across the edge. It was about like skinning a fish. Related to this, when I’m sitting on the mat, the edges come up just a bit as it curls. It’s just a very small amount, although I’ve had other people coming over to look at my screen and kick their toe on it.

So while it’s not perfect, it is the best carpet mat I’ve owned so far. It arrived unfolded. I’m not sure this thing could or should ever be folded, considering it’s thickness. I’m not sure it would have taken that much effect to have rounded the edges and sometimes when I feel adventurous, I may try to do that myself. Otherwise, after 6 months, it’s still functioning the same as when I bought it. Considering I’ve got 1,800+ hours on it, I’d say it is well worth the purchase price. If it only holds up a year or two, I’d still consider it a good product and repurchase.”

Scott W

Reassuring review: “Exactly what we are looking for. We both work from home and have rolling office chairs on standard home carpet.
So far, the mats are great. they don’t move too much and support the chair.
We’ll see over time how they hold up.
I put 4 stars on sturdiness because we’ve only had them 1 week. Will update later.”

Marc Torrence

4. Lorell – Tempered Glass Multi-Surface Chair Mat

Top-rated: 6,719 Ratings

Best Office Chair Mats
Credit: Streetcustom

Highlight: Scratch-resistant material ensures long-lasting smoothness and protection

Trending review: “So first of all… if you’re definitely wanting a glass chair mat, this product itself is excellent… it came pretty well packages (and for me undamaged). But there are some things you should know…

Quality: As far as the glass itself goes, quality seems to be extremely high… it’s sufficiently thick that I’m not worried about breaking it (~200lb male with a 30lb chair). If placed on a solid floor (wood/tile/linoleum) I do think this can probably handle 500+ lbs if spread out like a normal chair would. I would not risk that much weight on a carpeted floor though… The edges are finished and polished… no roughness / high quality manufacturing.

Size: It’s definitely on the bigger size (which is good and exactly what I wanted) but I know there were some reviews that said this was a negative. I have what I guess would be considered a standard size / full width computer desk (I believe it’s 48″ wide). The mat fits between the legs for my desk with about 3-4″ to spare… so if you’re using a “home size” / compact desk, this likely will not fit between the legs.

The description didn’t mention it but little “feet” are actually included. I honestly didn’t see them at first and almost threw them out so just make sure you find them in the package (see my third picture to know what to look for). The pen is there for scale so you can see the feet are actually really large (clear feet). There are 4 in each baggie for a total of 8 of them and the feet are pretty thin (1/16″ I believe). I think these feet will be perfect for a hard flooring surface (tile/wood/linoleum/etc), but don’t think they are the ideal feet for carpet (but admittedly have not tried them). The instructions also do not suggest placement of the most efficient places to locate and the product images show them in the 4 corners. Not sure if the 8 were included as a fluke or as backups, but my non-engineer opinion would put them somewhere towards the middle of the mat to help take some pressure off of the center if you are heavier.

Use on carpet: As mentioned I didn’t even see these feet came with it at first and the mat on carpet did decently well but did shift around and hit the edges of my desk once a week or so (not sliding all over the place like dangerously but shifted enough that you’d notice. I also noticed some pretty severe crushing of the carpet so I found some feet I had laying around that were much “taller” that seem to be doing very well. One thing I’ve noticed is even with these “taller” feet, moisture does seem to collect under the glass (not visibly but when I moved the mat could feel the carpet under was somewhat damp. And this is in TEXAS during the summer, not in a wet basement in the north. So my advice is if using on carpet, probably want to pick the mat up once a week or so (maybe while vacuum’ing) and let the area air out a little).

For those who have “skateboard wheels” on their office chairs (like mine in the picture). Please note that the silicone type material of these wheels “grips” the glass really strongly. Like, it makes it a little hard to roll around and pivot direction because they grip the glass so firmly. I actually tried going back to the plastic wheels that came with the chair and did go back to skateboard (they are still an improvement but it’s really annoying). (I’ve even experimented with putting some types of lubricants on the wheels and glass (and the best I’ve found so far has been pledge but it doesn’t last long). This isn’t the fault of this mat at all… just something to be aware of in this scenario because you’ll probably find it annoying too! Knowing this I may have opted for a high quality rubber mat rather than glass.

To the Manufacturer: If you happen to read this, my advice would be to do some R&D on some carpet-specific feet to include. I’m almost picturing something that the surface looks like a bunch of “pyramids” to create a really grippy/biting texture without using a sandpaper type texture that may “sand” the carpet and that will also be “taller” than the current thin feet included to aid in the air circulation and carpet crushing…

That’s about all I can think of… overall very happy for the price and think it’s an excellent buy.”


5. Mushyn – Office Chair Mat with Anti Fatigue Cushioned Foam

Top-rated: 1,182 Ratings

Best Office Chair Mats
Credit: BF

Highlight: HOME OFFICE ESSENTIALS – We are proud to be ambassadors to a new way of doing things promoting posture consistency while sitting or standing. You can experience an easy and smooth transition with Mushyn 2 in1 standing desk mat while protecting your floor from scratches

Helpful review: “I’m on a laminate wood floor and my chair has upgraded skateboard wheels. That means my chair moves around very easily. This mat stops unintended movements, while still being easy to move on purpose. But the unexpected benefit of this mat is the foot rest built into the pad. This 1″ or so of extra height at the foot rest part of the pad makes me sit up a bit straighter and improved my ergonomic positioning. Most of all, it keeps the back of my thighs from pressing into the edge of my chair. Great idea, great pad!”


Trending review: “A nice mat for a bigger office space! It came rolled like it stated, and the material feels high-quality. I’ve had it for around 6 months now and haven’t got an imprint stuck in from the chair wheel yet, fingers crossed.
Chair rolls smoothly on and off and doesn’t catch.
If I had one gripe I would say it collects dust and random bits from the ground that makes it pretty obvious that it’s dirty but what can you expect, it’s a floor mat :^).

I would buy it again. (But maybe a smaller sized mat next time, this one just barely fits into my little desk hub.)”


6. SOMOLUX – Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

Top-rated: 703 Ratings

Best Office Chair Mats

Highlight: APPLICABLE FLOOR TYPE. Suitable for hardwood, ceramic tile, laminate, concrete, vinyl and any other type of hard flooring. Don’t fit carpet floor.

Trending review: “I just moved into a new apartment that has all wood floors, and I didn’t want to ruin them with my computer chair, so I made sure to get something sturdy to protect it. It came rolled up, so I put some heavy things on it for one evening and then put it under my desk the next day, has been completely flat since. I made sure to measure the area under my desk before selecting a mat, and this fits perfectly. I like that my chair rolls easily over it, and it’s nice and clear so it’s barely noticeable. Also, it stays in place and hasn’t shifted much at all since putting it down.”


Most-discussed review: “I’m pretty impressed with this floor mat for the price! I wish it was a little thicker now that I have it, I did read the description and knew what I was getting, I just didn’t have a frame of reference for what sort of thickness is best for computer chairs. I was really impressed with how easy this was to flatten out! It was pretty easy to unroll without help and I put a 1/2″ piece of OSB on top of it that almost covered the whole mat and two days later I put it in my office. I could have put it in there after 24hrs, but my chair hadn’t arrived yet. It isn’t the easiest to scoot around on, but I think that’s because of my chair wheel quality and not the mat itself. I like how clear it is and it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb on my light colored wood vinyl plank floors.”


Reassuring review: “My office has a wood plank floor so in order to keep it from getting scratched up from my chair rolling back and forth, I needed a chair mat and this fit the bill. It’s lightweight but is sturdy and more importantly, stays in place and doesn’t curl up. The mat is large enough and has great coverage so I don’t have to worry about rolling off onto the wooden floor. The price is excellent and the quality is outstanding.”

Patty Mcclure

7. Kuyal – Clear Chair Mat for Hard Floors

Top-rated: 5,300 Ratings

Best Office Chair Mats
Credit: Christy

Highlight: Designed for HARD FLOOR surfaces only. No gripper. Transparent surface, anti-slide coating on the underside which is designed to keep them firmly in place while in use.

Helpful review: “This works perfectly for my front door. It is clear enough that I can see the beautiful wood floor and it still protects the floors from anything tracked in. It doesn’t ‘stick’ to the floor, but the mat stays in place and doesn’t get slippery, even when snowy boots tromp in, altho I have a boot tray for those. For the holidays I simply put my Santa rug on top of the plastic mat.

It was very cold when we ordered the mats, so I gave them time to warm up before unrolling them, then set heavy books on the edges. They were flat within a day. IF the sunlight is just right, you can still see little ridges, but otherwise it is not noticeable. I didn’t notice any smell.

I ordered two mats, the 36″ X 48″ is at the foot of the stairs and the 44″ X 58″ is in front of the door.”


Trending review: “Just moved to a new home with 65 year old wood floors. Started to notice the wax did not hold up under the chair. Ordered this, no regrets. Laid it out on the floor with weights for 24 hours, then placed under the desk. Cannot even tell it is there, does not hinder the wheels at all. Perfe t size so does not take up alot of room, but covers an area large enough to protect the flooring.”


Most-discussed review: “My dogs has bad separation anxiety. So when she is left alone she bites through and damages blinds. I have previously bought products specifically made as a shield to protect walls or doors from dogs. However, these were not tall enough to block my dog from getting to the blinds and she chewed through the plastic shield. The floor mat easily screwed into the wall, is a thicker material and taller so it covers more. An unconventional review for the product, but it’s perfect for what i needed it for!”


8. Azadx – Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

Top-rated: 2,539 Ratings

Best Office Chair Mats
Credit: Dale A. Kasuba

Highlight: Thick enough for hardwood floors. Our hardwood floor chair mat is designed to use on all hard floor surfaces such as hardwood floor, laminate, stone, tile and concrete, etc.

Helpful review: “Correct size, thickness & protection for floor under stool husband uses for work every day. Comes rolled up, so it’s taken a bit of time to flatten out. Sturdy enough to protect floor from scratching under stool with sharp metal ends. Great solution.”

Dale A. Kasuba

Trending review: “We had LVP flooring installed in our dining room and it is beautiful! We have our mother-in-law living with us and she uses a chair with hard rollers in the dining room. We knew those would ruin the floor, cause a groove, so we purchased new wheels/coasters for the chair and we purchased this clear matte hoping that it would be less damaging to the floor. Both the matte and the coasters were excellent purchases and allows the mother-in-law to glide easily into and out of the dining room table. The matte is non slip and you almost cant tell it’s even there. Easy to clean. Highly recommend for anyone who has new hardwood or LVP floors.”

Ellen Crownover

Reassuring review: “This mat is nice and clear, I can barely tell it’s down – all I see are my nice new laminate floors! Product as expected. I put a couple of weights down on the one curly end and within 24 hours it stayed in place. No smell. Very happy.”

Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!

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