Top 10 Best Office Chair Wheel Replacements (2022 Review)

A broken wheel on your office chair is the worst.

If you’re looking for the best replacements, you’re in the right place!

In this guide, you’ll learn: 

  • When it’s time to replace them
  • What to look for when buying new casters
  • Our top 10 picks
  • And much more!
best office chair wheel replacements

Your office chair is an important piece of furniture in your home or office, but let’s face it, sometimes wear-and-tear gets the best of them.

Nowhere does wear-and-tear become more of an issue than on the office chair caster wheels.

When you start noticing some creaking and odd wheel motion, it’s high time to replace the wheels. For this reason, we have prepared this guide to help you choose from some of the best in the market today.

In this product guide, we give you our top 10 recommendations for the best office chair wheel replacements.

We will also give you some valuable information on all things office chair caster-related.

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What Are Office Chair Caster Wheels?

An office chair caster wheel is no more than the wheels you see at the base or stem of your office chairs.

Often, office chair caster wheels are replaceable, which is great news if you’ve even broken one.

Some models are even so versatile that you can install them on other pieces of office furniture.

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When To Replace Caster Wheels

Office chair wheel casters sustain a lot of damage from years of usage. Without the right amount of maintenance, you can expect your office chair caster wheels to rust quickly. This can affect how easily you are able to move your office chair.

There are clear signs that indicate the need for a change. Reading this buyer’s guide, you will have already noticed the following:

  • Your chair is unleveled
  • Some of the wheels do not turn
  • The wheels turn but noisily
  • The wheels become dislodged (may be a serious safety issue)

Once you notice any of the above-mentioned, you need to get a new set of chair casters. In the next section, you will find some of the best in the market today.

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Our Reviews Of The Top 10 Best Office Chair Wheel Replacements

There are hundreds of office chair wheel replacements online. The sheer number can paralyze you into indecision.

However, we have narrowed our choices down to the 10 in this section based on our rigorous review process. 

#1. Office Chair Caster Wheels by Stealtho

Office chair caster replacements can be a godsend — until they start scratching up your floors. For the most part, everyone hates it whenever their marble or linoleum floors become lined up with scratches. It’s even more annoying when we can attribute this to new office chair casters.

If you’re looking for a set of office chair casters that will put a stop to the above scenario, look no further! Stealtho has in its selection office chair caster wheels that will keep your floors happy. Stealtho’s office chair caster wheels boast an easy-glide design. The easy-glide design is made possible with the wheel casters’ state-of-the-art construction and material.

Stealtho’s office chair caster wheels are made of high-tech elastic urethane. The material that coats the wheels allows your office chair to move across surfaces regardless of your floor’s material.  The elastic urethane coat will ensure that your floors stay scratch-free. Stealtho’s office chair caster wheels have proven themselves on the following surfaces:

  • Hardwood
  • Marble
  • Epoxy
  • Linoleum
  • Tile
  • Wood

On top of its easy-glide scratch-free design, the stem design of the office wheel caster provides ergonomic elevation. Also, heavy-duty construction allows for infrequent maintenance. With the wheel design, axial bearing run-out will be a thing of the past with these office chair caster wheels!

Check out the latest price of these office chair caster replacements on Amazon!

#2. 7 Zitriom Premium Office Chair Caster Wheel Universal Standard Size

Whenever we think of rollerblade office chair wheels, it’s easy to fall into the one-size-fits-all mentality. In other words, many of us fall prey to the assumption that office chair wheel replacements fit on all chair models.

This is a misconception and one that can cost you money going to the store and time replacing the casters.

Recognizing this, you may end up paralyzed by the number of options out there. You want something that fits on all chairs. A set of office chair wheel caster replacements that are universal can take the guesswork out of buying replacements.

As the name suggests, the 7 Zitriom Premium Office Chair Caster Wheel is universal. These office chair casters fit into the bases of virtually any office chair. Its universality extends to other pieces of office furniture like tables, computer desks, and racks, to name a few.

The 7 Zitriom Premium Office Chair Caster Wheel is made with polyurethane. The material makes it easy on nearly all surfaces. So, you don’t need to worry about scratches on surfaces. Nor should you worry about the wheels of the casters jamming or needing grease.

Part of the reason the 7 Zitriom Premium Office Chair Caster Wheels are easy on the floor is the softness. Each wheel’s polyurethane coating creates a soft layer between the wheel and the floor. This allows the caster wheels to roll without creating any dents or damage. The polyurethane wheels also ensure maximum traction on:

  • Tile
  • Hardwood
  • Linoleum

The  7 Zitriom Premium Office Chair Caster Wheels are available on Amazon. Check out the latest price and availability of these office wheel caster replacements here.

#3. Professional Office Chair Caster Wheels by Seddox

Made like roller skates, the Professional Office Chair Caster Wheels by Seddox will take care of your office surfaces whatever they may be. These office chair caster wheels by Seddox have a soft polyurethane coating. The coating allows them to move with traction on nearly all office surfaces.

The Professional Office Chair Caster Wheels by Seddox particularly favors the following surfaces:

  • Vinyl floors
  • Hardwood floors
  • Epoxy
  • Tile
  • Marble floors

Ball bearings contribute to the smooth rolling of the wheels. Ball bearings with the soft polyurethane coating create a quiet and smooth gliding experience in your office. In addition, the ball bearings also contribute to the easy directional change. In other words, changing directions is a breeze with these office chair caster wheels.

Equally impressive is the wheel caster’s capacity. The heavy-duty design and construction of Seddox ensure that your office chair will withstand up to 600 Ibs.

With a stem size of 7/16 inches, these jack-of-all-trade office wheel casters will go onto nearly every office chair in your office. Check them out on Amazon.   

#4. Black Replacement Rubber Chair Casters by Lifelong

Lifelong has been in the office chair caster business for quite some time now. With its newest line of casters, the company continues to satisfy customers with quality and durability.

Lifelong’s Black Replacement Rubber Chair Casters are an interesting mixture of hard and soft. What makes up the “hard” part is the industrial-grade alloy used in the wheels. This is probably why each wheel caster weighs about 2.64 Lbs which is a bit heavy, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Lifelong’s Black Replacement Rubber Chair Caster is just that — reliable, giving you years of use.

In addition to its alloy steel make up, the rubberized coating is also thick. The rubberized coating on the wheel caster is consolidated onto the wheel. This means that in addition to providing scratchless rolling on floors, your floors will have no smudges. This is why we recommend Lifelong’s casters on glossy surfaces like epoxy and marble.  

High precision ball bearings ensure that the wheels turn seamlessly. With Lifelong’s office chair casters, constant greasing will be a thing of the past. Take a look at these replacement rubber chair casters on Amazon!

#5. Office Owl Chair Caster Wheels

There’s nothing more annoying than that screeching sound you hear when you move your office chair. Luckily, with Office Owl’s Office Chair Caster Wheels, this common office annoyance will be a thing of the past.

The precision ball bearings inside the wheel ensure the smooth turning of the wheels. These bearings are encased in a wheel made with steel. Now, before you worry about steel cutting up your floors, fear not.

The steel wheels have rubber coatings, meaning that the wheels make smooth contact with virtually any surface. With the rubber coatings, you will no longer need to ensure that mats or carpet are beneath the chair.

Office Owl’s office wheel casters also feature a rollerblade design much like other rollerblade office chair wheels. These office chair wheel replacements are also some of the easiest to install. With a maximum capacity of 650 Lbs, to say that Office Owl’s chair casters are heavy-duty would be an understatement. 

Office Owl’s office chair casters come in two colors — black and clear. Whichever one you go with, you’ll be glad to know that they fit on virtually any piece of office furniture. If you are looking for an easy option, you cannot go wrong with Office Owl’s office chair wheel casters.

Take a look at Office Owl’s office chair wheel replacements in greater detail on Amazon!

#6. SlipStick 2-Inch Chair Caster Wheels

SlipStick’s 2-Inch Chair Caster Wheels look like your regular office chair casters. However, don’t let the plainness of these office chair wheel casters fool you. It has a lot more to offer your office than a reassuring sense of familiarity.

If you look at these office chair caster wheels on Amazon, you will see it branded as a floor protector. The SlipStick 2-Inch Chair Casters have rubberized coating all over blended with polyurethane.

The material allows your floors to stay in pristine condition no matter how many times the casters make contact with them. The polyurethane rubber ensures maximum traction for the wheels without leaving any scratches or smudges on your floor.

It may not share the same level of durability as rollerblade office chair wheels. Nonetheless, it does not lag either. Each wheel attached properly can withstand nearly 70 Lbs. With all four or five wheels in place, your office chair will be able to accommodate anywhere from 300 Lbs to 350 Lbs.

Versatility is another selling point of these chair casters. The SlipStick Office Chair Caster Wheels come with attachment options for whatever piece of furniture you want to attach them to. The attachments are:

  • 4 x 5/16″ diameter stems with 4 x 3/8″ grip neck sleeves
  • 4 x 1-1/2″ by 1-1/2″ swivel top plate stem with 16 screws for mounting

These chair casters are a perfect fit for your office furniture, whatever they are. This makes SlipStick’s Chair Casters a perfect fit for your home or office. View its latest price on Amazon!

#7. Office Oasis Caster Wheels

Aesthetics isn’t always high on everyone’s list of considerations when choosing office chair casters. However, if you prioritize aesthetics alongside durability and quality, you cannot go wrong with this next item on the list.

Office Oasis has chair casters that can make your floors happy and turn heads. Made with high-quality alloy steel, these office chair casters boast a glossy and elegant aesthetic you’ll find in other rollerblade chair wheels. A discrete polyurethane coating ensures that both your floors and wheels look good during contact between the two surfaces.

These office chair casters not only look good, but also perform exceptionally well. These rollerblade chair wheels come in a set of five capable of withstanding up to 650 Lbs.

Many claim these office chair casters to be overpriced. Nonetheless, it may be worth the investment. Check out these premium chair caster options from Office Oasis on Amazon now!

#8. SunnieDog Ergonomic Office Chair Caster Wheels

Imagine rollerblade chair wheels that have the sleekness of the Office Oasis Caster wheels and the weight-bearing capacity of the Office Owl Chair Casters. The result is SunnieDog’s Ergonomic Office Chair Caster Wheels.

These office chair wheels are the perfect marriage of functionality and minimalist aesthetics. Easy to install and easy on the eyes, these office chair wheels are made of alloy steel. This ensures premium durability and load-bearing.

These office chair wheels by SunnieDog have a discrete polyurethane coating. This way, you won’t see the rubber coating, and you do not need to worry about scratches or smudges.

These ergonomic office chair casters look so good that you will want all your furniture fitted with them. With its features and looks, it is no wonder it has garnered many positive reviews on Amazon.

Check out the rave reviews and the latest prices on Amazon!

#9. Brightfield Universal Office Chair Caster Wheels

One of the things you need to look for in a reliable set of chair casters is smoothness. Of the hundreds of office chair caster replacements on the market, few can rival those of Brightfield’s.

Brightfield’s Office Chair Caster wheels have been outfitted with well-proportioned ball bearings. The unique ball bearing system coupled with the high-traction polyurethane wheels ensures easy movement without noise.

Other than boasting noiseless movement, these office chair casters are vibration-free. As a result, moving your office chair from one side of your office floor to the other will be a breeze.

Well-made and engineered, you cannot go wrong with these office chair caster replacements. For more information and reviews on this ergonomic option, look these wheels up on Amazon!

#10. 8T8 3-Inch Office Chair Caster Wheel Replacements

We cap off this list with office chair replacements that exude heavy-duty durability and longevity. A heavyweight among office chair replacements is the 8T8 Office Chair Caster Replacement Set.

8T8’s Chair Casters come in a set of five. Each wheel is fully coated in sublimated polyurethane rubber. Underneath the polyurethane rubber coating is a dense steel alloy that stands up to more than 100 Lbs.

At three inches per wheel, these chair casters are some of the most stable on the market today. The width of each tire guarantees maximum stability. However, don’t let the stability fool you. Cumbersome as they may look, a ball bearing center ensures easy rolling on any surface — including carpets.

Not only are these office chair wheel replacements durable but they are versatile. Whatever office furniture you have, these chair casters will be compatible. 8T8’s Chair Caster Wheels also come in two colors. For a professional look that can’t go wrong, choose black. However, for an edgier look, 8T8 has released orange as an alternative color.

Check out the availability and latest pricing of these replacements on Amazon!  

Final Thoughts On Your New Wheels

Although something you rarely think about buying, replacing worn-out office chair wheels can make your life easier and save you a ton of money. 

Let us know which set of casters you decided on!

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