Top 8 Best Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain (2023 Review)

I review office chairs for a living, so you can trust me when I say that these office chairs for lower back pain will give you the ergonomics you need, the comfort you want, and the price that fits perfectly into your budget.

best office chair for lower back pain

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of the time of writing this.

1. XUER – Ergonomic Office Chair with Cozy Lumbar Support

Top-rated: 583 Ratings

best office chair for lower back pain
Credit: Judo

Highlight: Designed with a double-back structure, the ergonomic office chair fits your body perfectly, which supports the upper back and waist together.You can fully feel the support of the waist design.Truly ergonomic lumbar support, suitable for long-term daily sitting, even if you work or play games for hours.

Helpful review: “Pros: This is a good chair for the money. Comfortable and has good lumbar support. Seems sturdy enough but time will tell how well it holds up. The box arrived very beat up and I was concerned there many have been damage but thankfully none I could assess. I think this speaks to the quality of the materials which are predominately plastic but heavy duty for the most part. Assembly was straight forward but attaching the back might require an additional person depending on one’s agility and strength.

Cons: The armrests pads are very hard. I had to push into them to determine that they were actually padded because they feel like hard plastic. I ordered some slip on memory foam pads so hopefully that will prove a remedy. For me the stock arm rest is quite uncomfortable.

As mentioned by another reviewer, the tilt adjustment is difficult to work with. Occasionally I have to pull on the chair back to release the lock. This is either a defect or more likely a design flaw

If I would have tried out this chair in a store, either one of these issues would have been a deal breaker.

Not related to the actual chair is the shipping and lack of transparency by the seller regarding shipping. I purchased the chair on Dec 6 and received notification from amazon that it shipped on Dec 7 and was expected to arrive within a week. Further tracking indicated that it actually shipped to me on Dec 12 (not Dec 7) from a fulfillment company in NJ. Obviously the Dec 7 shipping date was from the country of origin (China or wherever). Unless clearly stated otherwise, when an item is listed as “In Stock”, it should be shipped from somewhere within the continental US – NOT some other country!

The chair finally arrived on Dec 18. I needed it earlier and would not have purchased this one if I had known it would take so long to arrive. Amazon needs to address this issue with all of the international vendors because this thing is happening a lot and it is too easy for these vendors to blame slow shipping on Covid when in fact, shipping from another country is the cause.

Bottom line is if you want a chair like this in a timely manner, look elsewhere and double check the vendor’s shipping policy.”

Byron Metcalf (Consignment)

2. Duramont – Ergonomic Office Chair

Top-rated: 6,514 Ratings

best office chair for lower back pain
Credit: Devon Boland

Highlight: The breathable mesh back on this ergonomic office chair provides support while keeping your back cool and comfortable. Cool air circulates through the mesh keeping your back sweat-free and allowing you to sit in the chair comfortably for longer periods of time compared to traditional chairs

Trending review: “I ordered this chair after a couple of months at my new office, as the chair they provided that was just awful. It had no way of locking it from rocking backwards. offered no lumbar support. and no arm wrests. The box came to my door a little beat up, my guess from the shipping handler, however everything inside was packaged well to prevent any metal from scratching and any fabric from tearing.

I ordered without expert assembly, a little worried it would be rather complex. From start to finish the assembly of the chair takes 8 steps, with instructions and images to aid. It comes with every tool you need and even includes extra screws in case you lose any. It also came with these microfiber gloves to prevent the lubricant they put on the washers and certain parts of the chair from getting on your fingers however they were too small and wouldn’t fit over my hands, but at least the thought and time was taken by the manufacturer. I would recommend you have someone help you when installing the arms onto the base of the chair as it can be pretty difficult to line them up correctly, luckily I had my wife to help me. Otherwise, this has to be easiest piece of furniture I have ever assembled. All of the threaded sockets for each screw were lined up great, I had no issue screwing the parts together and didn’t strip a single screw.

Now let me focus on what/how much I enjoy the chair. I have used it heavily for a week since I got it and it has really helped me relieve pain in my back as I am often having to work at my desk as of late. The fabric on the seat, and head is mesh with some sort of foam, that offers support and comfort at the same time. The back is just the mesh fabric which allows the chair to breath so you don’t warm up and sweat constantly from sitting for longer periods of time. You can lock the seat at any angle to prevent it from rocking back further (a must for me) and by far my favorite part is the adjustable lumbar support in the back rest. A small curved block (hard foam I think) sits at the lumbar and a knob can be used to adjust it in and out to your desired level. You have not enjoyed sitting in a chair yet until you have found the perfect support for you lumbar. The head rest is adjustable up and down, is curved, and you can rotate it somewhat to whatever is most comfortable for you. I am 6ft 3in, and have no issue fitting in the chair and the head rest is tall enough to still be used comfortably for me and offer support (big fear of mine with any office chairs). The arm rests are your standard variety comfortable supporting hard foam, that can be adjusted up and down.

I am very happy with this chair, its the first I have ever bought. It is simple, easy, looks good, and is relatively light. Another thing I consider to be a perk (others might not) is I have carpet in my office and most wheels on chairs are designed in such a way that catch the carpet and prevent it from moving. The wheels on this chair seem to be designed to avoid this. They are well built in my opinion and are free of that annoying cover most manufactures put over a wheel, that encompass the whole wheel, and catches carpet.”

Devon Boland

3. SPACE Seating – 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Control

Top-rated: 166 Ratings

best office chair for lower back pain
Credit: nate

Highlight: Breathable Mesh Back with Adjustable Lumbar Support.

Helpful review: “I have this chair at work for a number of years and I just bought it for the home office. I am a big boy and this is the ideal big boy chair. As far as the arm rests splitting, they will do that, but the trick is to buy some adhesive suede in a sheet (usually used for the soles of dancing shoes) and adhere it to the top of the arm rests. You gain in two ways – the arm rests are permanently fixed and the suede feels awesome when you are typing and resting the arms on them. I am 6′ tall and I like that I can sit such that my head goes over the back rest to stretch out my neck a little.

I have used this chair for about 8 years at work and with the little suede fix, It should keep on trucking for more years. After about 6 years the cylinder that hoists the chair died, but since I always use it in the lowest position and sitting in the reclined posture, it is no concern. I can program longer in this chair than any other chair I have ever used.

Best chair I have ever used period.

Update November 2022 – My office 2010 chair finally died today with a full core dump suddenly after about 12 years of (ab)use. The chair looks great without any cosmetic drama, but I literally fell completely backward and whacked the ol’ noggin pretty hard. Happened while I was talking to someone, so it was pleasantly embarrassing and awkward. Good thing there isn’t anything up in the cranial cavity that can be damaged. I am now in the process of dropping the coin to get another one. Still the best chair ever.”

Douglas Taylor

4. Tribesigns – High Back Desk Computer Chair

Top-rated: 1,018 Ratings

best office chair for lower back pain
Credit: Will-Review4u

Highlight: Tribesigns T18 Ergonomic Office Chair is one of the all-new ergonomic chairs of Tribesigns series, which has a simple, magnificent and stylish appearance design. Equipped with premium adjustable system which consists several parts, it includes adjustable headrest height and angle, lumbar support and armrest height, backrest tilt angle, seat cushion height and tilt tension. It can offer a full range support on the back, and it is a comfortable partner that inspire your work and life.

Helpful review: “This was a tough buy for me, office chairs like this can be an expensive investment, especially if you a poor college sucker like me. This chair chair seemed to have the best reviews, for the most reasonably priced, and seemed to have some high praises from other taller folk. So I made the purchase for my apartment around 3 months ago and here I am now.

The chair is… good. It’s not absolutely fantastic, and it’s definitely not bad. If you’re looking for something super supportive and extra comfy, look another direction, specifically look up a couple hundred dollars. Super supportive though, this thing is. I can absolutely sit in this chair for long periods of time without feeling as much pain as I might from any other of my past chairs.

I would not say it is THE CHAIR for taller people though. The headrest just doesn’t make it in terms of reach and kind of just pokes my shoulders if I lean back with the chair upright. Luckily the lower back support is fairly good at making up for that if you keep decent posture. If you don’t keep good back support, I usually don’t, it still manages to be decently comfortable.

If your looking for a good price chair, that is a good 7/10 all around, I’d say this is the chair you’re looking for. This will last a long time, support my back, and be a long term addition to my current and future living situation.

Now lets talk about what this chair is not..

This chair is NOT the best office chair you’ll ever buy, if you want that why are you shopping on amazon you goof? This chair is not the easiest to assemble, I got confused at least 3 times and then ended up not using pieces that I still don’t know what they’re for, so I’m hoping that doesn’t actually hurt the chair overtime. The headpiece is just plain weird and my small man brain couldn’t figure it out so I asked my girlfriend who figured it out within ten minutes. So if you’re smart you can probably figure this out faster than me.

This chair is NOT a butt melting lazy boy for the office. It IS a decently built ergonomic chair that helps you maintain posture and reduce pain over long periods of doing office work, playing video games, or whatever else you choose to waste the precious hours of your life on.

This chair is NOT the perfect chair for anyone above around 6′ maybe 6’1. Personally I am 6’4 and can’t quite get this chair to work the way a normal person might, I mentioned earlier how the headrest just pokes the top of my shoulders. However if you are around my height, the chair still works pretty well and can still be used for long periods of time. But if you’re looking for a tall person chair, keep looking, and maybe save up for something outside of amazon, especially if you’re over 6’4.

Anyway that’s pretty much it. It’s an office chair that is good. 7/10″


5. HON – Big and Tall Office Chair

Top-rated: 2,102 Ratings

best office chair for lower back pain
Credit: Joey

Highlight: The black mesh back creates breathable support that stretches to reduce pressure points, while the cushioned Black fabric seat offers plush comfort all day long. Whether used in a workstation or a home office, this chair provides the upscale style, ergonomic support and low price that makes it an attractive option for anyone seeking a little extra structural support.

Helpful review: “Full disclaimer, I knew ahead of time that this is a BIG & TALL chair. I wanted that and I’ve read dozens of reviews on multiple chairs on Amazon before deciding on this chair. I’m not returning it, but it doesn’t meet all the standard pros of good BIG chairs. It is definitely better than my last chair. I wanted to let any girls out there know a bit about the chair since a lot of the reviews cover the Big and Tall aspect but not the norms for girls looking for at home office chairs. This won’t apply to everyone by a long shot, but hopefully it helps others that just want a big chair.
I work from home and need an 8-9hr chair. My desk is 30 inches tall with slightly elevated monitors. I have a foot stool because my feet don’t hit the ground if I sit all the way back in any chair. Totally expected that here, so that’s not a “dislike.” I’m 5’3″ and 200lbs. I typically sit with my legs up in my chair folded under me and I tilt my chairs back most of the time. (Think recliner still minus the legs!) Stay with me here… that’s my comfy place to zone in for work. So, I needed a chair that tilts and has a wide and deep seat to accomplish this. Now, let’s talk about pros and cons based on the non-typical use of the chair, with the hopes that others might find this useful.
Pros –
1) Great wide and deep seat (the main reason for purchase)
2) Seat is sturdy foam and is by far the most comfortable (1st week assessment, will update if it flattens quickly).
3) Love the adjustable arms, but they do bump my 30″ tall desk if fully up or if I tilt.
4) The tilt is great, but it does wobble a little, which I’d find concerning for long term use or heavy use.
4) Easy to put together by myself.
5) Rollers are very smooth on my floor mat under/around my desk.

1) Cost – bit high, but you typically get what you pay for and it is consistent with this chair.
2) The back is not great, by a long shot. Since I prefer to recline, the mesh doesn’t instill confidence in wear over time. Plus, the lumbar support piece of plastic digs into my mid-lower back pretty badly. I cannot image more weight on it being comfortable, but maybe a taller person wouldn’t have as many problems. For me, I added a lumbar support pad to compensate, but that makes you lose seat room since it pushes you forward. It’s not a deal breaker, but it isn’t great. When I don’t tilt, the back isn’t an issue at all.
3) The height, for short people – so not the chair’s fault. Yes, I KNOW it is for Big and Tall, but short chunky people like a big chair to fold up into, too! That being said, my desk is “desk height” and so no matter what you look like, the chair will bang into the desk with the arms if you have them on the top two settings (or if you tilt back at all). Also, the chair does not go very low to the ground. It does go very high, which would be great for tall folks, but for me it is even taller than most desk chairs at the lowest height (I anticipated this, so I really can’t complain on that point though).

Overall, It’s at a moderate price with both good and bad features for my needs. Much better than the cheaper versions I’ve had because of the seat and arms. Not as great because of the back of the chair and the range of adjustments. Depending on how it holds up would ultimately determine if I purchased another at the end of this one’s lifespan. Hope this review helps anyone else who isn’t necessarily Big and Tall but still want a larger chair.”

Kat M

Most-discussed review: “Update after 10 months of heavy use: one of the arm rests is starting to fall apart, will continue to update.

I don’t think the pictures online do any justice to just how fat this bad boy is, I’ve got a BIG ol’ behind and I have a solid amount of wiggle room, AND if i wanted to i could move the arm rests even further outwards for those of you with ABSOLUTELY GARGANTUAN behinds.
I’m roughly 6’0 and if i lean back while sitting up straight my head will go over the top of it kind of uncomfortably, so I think the “tall” part of this product is somewhat misleading. But as a sloucher that hasn’t learned from my bad posture yet, it really has no effect on my enjoyment of the chair.
Very heavy, Very sturdy, I can see this chair lasting a long time and will update if it doesn’t.”


6. Herman Miller – Aeron Ergonomic Chair

Top-rated: 566 Ratings

best office chair for lower back pain
Credit: Ismail A.

Highlight: Try the Adjustable PostureFit Sacral/Lumbar support. Two individual pads flex independently and can be adjust to fit the curve of your spine

Trending review: “I have spent countless hours and months browsing for a new chair and have narrowed it down to what I see as the top in this market from the industry titans, Herman Miller and Steelcase. The Aeron, Embody, and Leap are what I and I’m sure many others see as the best of the best. However I eventually came to the conclusion that I wanted the Aeron over the others.
Why? It is the most utilitarian of any other chair. It brings a sleek, modern, industrial design while seamlessly blending both form and function. It also has the best and accessible third party additions such as the Atlas headrest (which I STRONGLY suggest you purchase as well as it is easily the best headrest on the market and incredibly made.) This chair does away with features that are, in my honest opinion not needed on a chair that yourself will use at home such as seat depth and arm width. These are ergonomic features that are great but with the three sizes you can find the perfect sized chair for your height and weight. Think of it like buying a great pair of leather shoes. If they are the correct size, they are the best fitting and most comfortable thing you own. But because of this I once again STRONGLY suggest you find a nearby seller that carries this chair and specifically the remastered edition as the chair has some size differences from its previous model. This will allow you, just like you would try on clothes, to find the right size for you in person. You could always buy this chair directly from HM or a dealer as well but purchasing through amazon is by far the best option as the delivery is so fast. I had the chair withing a few days after ordering. If I ordered through HM themselves, I would potentially have to wait weeks or even a month. You should absolutely be getting all the features on this chair regardless and since the fully kitted model is all they sell on amazon its the best way to go. At this price range you want every possible feature and adjustment they offer.
Now what should you expect if you do go through with this purchase? I will be sincere and brutally honest. It will be uncomfortable. You will most likely experience pain for the first week or two owning this chair. Now I know what you’re thinking. Pain? Isn’t that what you don’t want? Of course but here’s the deal. I would easily say 99% of people working from home or have any sort of office space in the homes at all have been sitting in fairly inexpensive chairs without the absolute best knowledge in ergonomics. Most chairs we sit in have regular padded seats or we seek comfort with big cozy armchairs or the classic large executive chair. Yea they are comfortable but they actually lack the right support for our bodies in the long run. For example, it is better we sat in firmer seats that can in turn properly support our pelvis and base of the spine. The classic padded arm chair, executive chair, or basic office chair causes us to sink more into the chair. This doesn’t provide the support we need which can lead to back issues. Yes it’s comfortable in the moment to veg out but it isn’t great for our bodies. We aren’t built to sit for extremely long periods of time so we need to have the most support we can get. When I first sat in this chair my butt hurt, it wasn’t used to the firmer sit. But gradually over time it went away as my body adjusted and now it is extremely comfortable. I should add that one of the main reasons I was looking for a new chair was to fix the circulation of my legs being cut off from sitting in previous chairs. This fixed that right away.
The back support was also uncomfortable at first and took a bit longer for my body to adjust to but it has gotten much better and fixed issues I wasn’t even aware of. I thought my posture wasn’t terrible for the most part. I consciously sat up straight and looked for proper support where I needed it. But I was actually doing it wrong. Lumbar support is supposed to be right around or above the belt line, not below it. I , for as long as I can remember was putting the lumbar in the small of my back which of course felt more comfortable but, instead it was pushing my lower spine further inward along with causing more tilt in my pelvis. This is called anterior pelvic tilt and actually it is extremely common in people without them actually knowing it. This chair corrected this issue. Now it wasn’t an extreme condition of it, but none the less I can easily see that my posture and pelvic alignment has adjusted to a more neutral position within a few weeks of using it. It corrected an ongoing and potential growing issue that I was doing to myself over years of poor seating in just a couple weeks. I attribute this to the PostureFit SL system that provides both support to the mid-back/actual proper lumbar position as well as support to the sacrum providing proper natural tilt to the pelvis. This is something I truly didn’t notice or understand till after I figured out what it was doing.
The only chair I can honestly say that may do the same thing in some way is the Embody as it does provide that full on back support. But I don’t thing it necessarily provides it as strongly which I think is what people actually need. The Leap doesn’t have any sort of pelvic support as there is a gap between the back of the chair and the seat pan. There really is only the classic height adjustable lumbar support along with depth tension (which the PostureFit does provide). However as I finally figured out, if you don’t know how to properly align your lumbar support and only put it where it “feels good”, it could do more harm than good over time.
Some things to note, I love the arms on this chair and find them to be the best arms ever made. Yes they are better than the Leap’s and by far and away better than the Embody’s. I actually think the Embody arms are the worst designed arms of any chair, especially for a chair of that caliber. The seat recline is also something to be experienced as it is unique to Herman Miller chairs and I believe even the Aeron’s is even more special.
I can honestly go on about this chair for more but the main take away is that, yes this chair is 100% worth the price just for the build quality and ergonomic prowess this thing brings let alone the massive 12 year warranty that covers everything on the chair. Herman Miller provides some of, if not the best customer service for their chairs in the business.”


7. Ergohuman – High Back Leather Swivel Chair

Top-rated: 53 Ratings

best office chair for lower back pain
Credit: fred

Highlight: Ergo chairs were engineered with your total comfort in mind. Aesthetics, form and function are merged seamlessly in a single design, and allows the Ergo chairs to be minutely adjusted for unrivaled ergonomic fine tuning.

Trending review: “Easy to assemble, extensive packing means nothing was damaged or even scratched. I am a big guy and it fits me well. I only want to know what leather treatment to use on the leather surfaces as I want this baby to last a long time! Fantastic warranty!! Great product, seems sturdy and well built. Not sure how to register the warranty.”

Mark W. Werwath

Most-discussed review: “I’ve been using my Ergohuman chair for over nine months now. Overall, I have to say I’m pleased but there are a few things that are beginning to trouble me.

On the plus side, it is a very sturdy, substantial chair. The frame is very heavy and provides a solid base. The pins that lock in the headrest did not seat properly but other than that, assembly was fairly easy. I am 5’9″ at 170 lbs and I found the chair easily adjusted for comfort. It is not as “plush” feeling as other chairs I’ve had but that may be a good things as the occasional back problems I had with my other chairs have gone away. The headrest adjusts and is very comfortable when leaning back. The seat is comfortable and I’ve found that long days in front of the computer are much more tolerable than in the chairs with foam seats that “bottom out” quickly.

On the negative side, the arm rests do adjust on three axes but do not lock solidly and tend to rattle. The recline feature has a tension adjustment but it really doesn’t tighten enough to give firm support, so I find myself either locking it forward or reclining fully to work. But the worst part is the loud creaking that developed about two months ago. Whenever I move from the reclined position to the upright position, it creaks very loudly, and continues to creak with any movement. Sometimes it is so loud it can startle you. Have tried WD40 on a couple key joints and that seems to work for a while, but it resurfaces within a few days.

Overall, I’m happy that the back issues I had with my other chair have gone away, but the creaking and rattling are a bit much, and not what I’d expected from a $1,000+ chair.”


8. Steelcase – Leap Office Chair

Top-rated: 695 Ratings

best office chair for lower back pain
Credit: R. Riim

Highlight: Allows the back to contour and adapt to mimic and support the natural movement of your spine

Helpful review: “This is an excellent quality chair, with a few issues.

I read some other reviews which said that the boxing of the product was horrible, but that was not my case. When i received the chair it was in a large box which was nestled in another box in the other direction so that the entire chair was enclosed. It was taped shut and I felt that it was well packaged. They may have changed how they package their product based on the former poor reviews on that.

The tag on the bottom of the seat states that the chair was manufactured in 2000 (and I assume was sold either that year or the one after). It is currently 2016 so it is about a 16 year old chair. They must have changed the upholstery and armrests on it because it seems in new condition. There are no visible scratches on the plastic parts, so they either replaced those as well or it was just really well taken care of. The only visible sign of use is underneath the armrests. The armrests on these can slide in toward the body and underneath those armrests are instructions on how to use the various adjustments. It is white print on a black plastic background. The print is faded and barely visible but I can still see them well enough to know how to make adjustments on my chair. But it shows me that this chair belonged to someone for quite some time.

In all, the chair appears to look newish other than the white print issue I just mentioned. It also appears to be sturdily built and I feel confidence that whatever repairs they made it should last me quite a few years.

At first I was alarmed because the chair made a distinctive clicking sound when I leaned back in it. I realized later that it was because of a piece of plastic on the bottom which does not seem to serve much purpose. I am guessing it is a dust guard of some sort? I was tempted to cut it off, but wound up leaving it because after I bent it down and out of the way it stayed down and I haven’t had any noise issues since then. The only other noise issue I have had is with the armrests. When I pulled the armrests in toward my body it would give a small squeak on both sides. I added some wd 40 and that seems to have stopped it for the most part. Every now and then I still get a squeak so I’ll probably have to do it again and figure out where I missed. (I should note that while I was sorting out my clicking noise issue I was in contact with customer support and they were very responsive and emailed me on the same day I emailed them, so I was left with a confident feeling they would handle any issues that might come up. Fortunately it didn’t have to go any further than that.)

One of my favorite things about this chair is how highly adjustable it is. I can change the seat height. I can move the seat under me forwards and back. The armrests pull in toward my body at any angle I wish. The front of the armrests can tilt in or the back can tilt in or both armrests can pull in toward me parallel with each other. This gives me unexpected support for my arms while I am typing and I love it. A slight disappointment is that the armrests adjust up and down at certain predetermined heights. It would have been nicer if they could adjust to any height but it was probably cheaper to have them click in to set heights. A minor quibble since it mostly works. I am 5 ft 6 in and it gives me plenty of of range in height so that I can get a perfect 90 degree angle on my legs or flex upwards or down as I wish. But the feature I love the most is how the back of the chair adjusts. There is a knob which adjusts tension and on that nob is a lever which can move to 4 different positions. The first position will not let the back of the chair flex backward at all. It pretty much locks you it to one spot. There is the barest amount of backward flex but not much. And it is not so rigidly straight up and down that you will feel uncomfortable. It feels good to me, but I prefer having some flex in how I sit so I don’t have it adjusted like that. Each of the other positions on that lever will allow you to flex the back of the chair further backwards. The furthest position is perhaps at a 120 – 125 degree angle. Not so far back you feel you could sleep in the chair, but far back enough to give a laid back feel to the position. The knob adjustment changes the amount of tension in the back so that it takes more pressure or less to push the chair into various degrees of angle. I LOVE this. I can push backward at just the right amount of pressure for me into a new backward angle, and then the chair holds me in that position without any effort on my part. If I feel I am tired of that angle I can shift to another angle by sitting up or pushing back, and again it holds me in that new position effortlessly. Absolutely awesome and I can’t believe all chairs aren’t made this way.

Price – I paid $344 for the refurbished chair and I feel it is an incredible deal at this price. If I had paid full price, however, I probably would have been disappointed because I don’t feel the value is worth what I would likely have paid. Why not? Well, it has a few issues.

First is the fabric on the chair is a bit scratchy, so if you are sitting in shorts or a tank top and you get the fabric version of this chair it will feel like sitting on a wool blanket. Not horrible, but not great either. For all I know the fabric probably is wool, which is great from a durability perspective. But not awesome from a comfort perspective. I wound up pulling a black cotton t-shirt over the back and I am ordering a pad to go on the bottom so that should eradicate that issue for me.

Which brings me to my second point which is that the padding in the seat is not anywhere deep enough for me. Obviously this is going to differ from person to person but the padding seems to be not much deeper than what you might find on most office chairs. Actually, I think I’ve sat in a few cheap office chairs that had deeper padding. This is unacceptable for such an expensive chair in my opinion and is the biggest reason why I’ve docked a star. I am a writer, and I am planning on sitting for long hours in this chair. I need some serious padding in order to sit for such long hours. I wound up finding a seat pad which was pretty spendy but is designed with a gel criss-cross design created to eradicate pressure points. Hopefully this will allow me to sit for long periods.The pad I purchased I got through Amazon and the brand is called Miracle Cushion in case anyone cares. I also purchased their lumbar pillow made from the same material which leads me to the next point which is lack of lumbar support.

Obviously the amount of lumbar support a person needs is going to vary greatly so it would be hard for a company to add this, which is why I didn’t dock any stars for this. But I never realized how much lumbar support I needed until I sat in this chair. I think a big part of it is that although the back tilting backwards and forwards is a fantastic feature, if you need lumbar support it will become even more obvious when your lower back is exposed in a tilted back position. This chair really doesn’t seem to have much lumbar support at all even though the back of the chair does curve a bit. When I add a rolled up towel to my lower back it feels tons better, so I think the pillow and pad I ordered are all I will need. There are chairs made that have lumbar support added in, so this may be something you might want to consider if that is important to you.

There was also a comment by another reviewer that said that she has a wide bottom and she could feel hard plastic on either side of her butt which made it uncomfortable. I would agree that this could be the case for someone who is heavier. I am 5 ft 6 and around 235 lbs. If I am standing straight up with 7 inches of distance between my feet, the widest part of my hips measure in at a little over 46 inches. So I am not a small woman. When I sit in this chair I barely feel the plastic on either side of me. I have stopped noticing it so it is a non-issue for me, but if you have a wide bottom, this chair is probably not for you. The reason this plastic is there is to encase the framework that can bring the armrests in close to your body. I think this is a decent trade off for having a narrower seat.

I noted that other reviewers were talking about which version they received, version 1 or 2. I assume V1 is the low backed version and that may be the one I got. The seat I got has a back that comes up to my shoulders, which is much higher than I was expecting. Per the picture I was expecting a low backed chair. I assume the V2 comes up higher than someone’s head. I am more than pleased with the height of the seat back.

All in all, I think this is a solid chair. I think the fact that it lasted 16 years before it got sent back is a testament to the type of quality build it has. I think the good customer support indicates it probably isn’t a risk to buy it since they will likely make any issue right if there is an issue.It’s probably wise to keep your box in case you do need to ship it back. I think that, like all chairs, different people are going to like different types of chairs and it is ideal if you sit in one for a while if you can. I personally don’t live anywhere close to somewhere which would carry high end chairs like this so I kind of had to take a chance. But I think, after the adjustments I will make to it, I am guessing it will likely turn into a perfect sitting situation for me.

Hopefully this review was helpful for you in making your choice. Good luck!”

Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!

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