Top 8 Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain (2023 Review)

I review office chairs for a living, so you can trust me when I say that these options for people with neck pain will give you the ergonomics you need, the comfort you want, and the price that fits perfectly into your budget.

Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of the time of writing this.

1. Flash Furniture – Ergonomic Mesh Desk Chair with Flip-Up Armrests

Top-rated: 1,517 Ratings

Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain
Credit: A&M

Highlight: Provides exceptional seating for everyone from the CEO to the front office staff, ensuring the perfect balance of ergonomic comfort and optimal support for each employee

Helpful review: “This is a nice, comfortable chair. I bought two of them. Both assembled very easily. I’m 6’1″ (73” or 185cm) tall and I weigh 212 (96.2kg). The chair is comfortable and the head rest is in a good spot. I like that the arms fold up out of the way when I don’t need them and are easily lowered into place when I want to kick back a little. Like when I am on the phone.

Putting the chair together was very easy. I do have some tips for you though.
The best tip I can pass along is “Take your time putting it together.” You don’t have to assemble the chair in 5 minutes. Taking your time assures you will get it right. Follow the directions. They are easy enough to figure out.

I’ve read where others had real trouble with the screws. They claim it was very hard to get the screws in. The screws are not difficult to put in provided you don’t cross-thread them. If the screws start tightening up before the parts are secure, you need to *stop* and back out the screw and try again. The screw should thread in nice and easy until the parts come together.

Another reviewer said the bolts look dirty or rusty. The reason it looks like this would be the thread lock they put on the threads of the screws. This material, when heated by the act of tightening the screw, will bond the threads together making it more difficult to come loose on you down the road. You can see this thread locking material in one of my pictures.

Last tip on screws, do not crank down the screws when tightening. They do not need to be torqued like head bolts on a top fuel funny car. Get them snug and turn another 1/4 turn if it isn’t too tight. You crank down on these and you will strip out the threads or break the nut loose. Be careful especially on the seat where the screws can easily strip the nut out or crack the wood. Think like the strength of a child, not an MMA fighter. 🙂

Finally, use the box it came in to rest the back on when screwing on the arm assembly. It just makes it so much easier.

If you are looking for a decent low-cost swivel chair, you should give this one a try.



2. Tribesigns – High Back Desk Computer Chair with Breathable Mesh

Top-rated: 1,018 Ratings

Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain
Credit: Will-Review4u

Highlight:  Equipped with premium adjustable system which consists several parts, it includes adjustable headrest height and angle, lumbar support and armrest height, backrest tilt angle, seat cushion height and tilt tension. It can offer a full range support on the back, and it is a comfortable partner that inspire your work and life.

Trending review: “Bought this for two things. It’s design and the high back head rest. I’m not a big fan of assembling, in fact I hate it, but it turned out to be smoother and easier than I anticipated. The backrest is curved which not only blends nicely with my little desk but is supportive and comfortable. You can “really recline” on this chair as well…I mean waaaay back to the point where I thought I broke it because I’m a big guy (220pds). But that’s how it’s made. The buttons for the arms are on the arms and not under the arm rests which I prefer so they don’t accidentally engage because I have a habit of putting my hands at the edge of the arm rests. So almost daily since I work at home and after hours on my computer, I lean way back with my head comfortably on the head rest and catch a nap between skype calls.”


Most-discussed review: “This was a tough buy for me, office chairs like this can be an expensive investment, especially if you a poor college sucker like me. This chair chair seemed to have the best reviews, for the most reasonably priced, and seemed to have some high praises from other taller folk. So I made the purchase for my apartment around 3 months ago and here I am now.

The chair is… good. It’s not absolutely fantastic, and it’s definitely not bad. If you’re looking for something super supportive and extra comfy, look another direction, specifically look up a couple hundred dollars. Super supportive though, this thing is. I can absolutely sit in this chair for long periods of time without feeling as much pain as I might from any other of my past chairs.

I would not say it is THE CHAIR for taller people though. The headrest just doesn’t make it in terms of reach and kind of just pokes my shoulders if I lean back with the chair upright. Luckily the lower back support is fairly good at making up for that if you keep decent posture. If you don’t keep good back support, I usually don’t, it still manages to be decently comfortable.

If your looking for a good price chair, that is a good 7/10 all around, I’d say this is the chair you’re looking for. This will last a long time, support my back, and be a long term addition to my current and future living situation.

Now lets talk about what this chair is not..

This chair is NOT the best office chair you’ll ever buy, if you want that why are you shopping on amazon you goof? This chair is not the easiest to assemble, I got confused at least 3 times and then ended up not using pieces that I still don’t know what they’re for, so I’m hoping that doesn’t actually hurt the chair overtime. The headpiece is just plain weird and my small man brain couldn’t figure it out so I asked my girlfriend who figured it out within ten minutes. So if you’re smart you can probably figure this out faster than me.

This chair is NOT a butt melting lazy boy for the office. It IS a decently built ergonomic chair that helps you maintain posture and reduce pain over long periods of doing office work, playing video games, or whatever else you choose to waste the precious hours of your life on.

This chair is NOT the perfect chair for anyone above around 6′ maybe 6’1. Personally I am 6’4 and can’t quite get this chair to work the way a normal person might, I mentioned earlier how the headrest just pokes the top of my shoulders. However if you are around my height, the chair still works pretty well and can still be used for long periods of time. But if you’re looking for a tall person chair, keep looking, and maybe save up for something outside of amazon, especially if you’re over 6’4.

Anyway that’s pretty much it. It’s an office chair that is good. 7/10″


3. Serta – Big and Tall Executive Office Chair with Layered Body Pillows

Top-rated: 499 Ratings

Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain
Credit: UND3R5TAT3D

Highlight: Adjustable settings for a comfortable adjustable seating position and an elevated headrest to support the neck

Most-discussed review: “I’ve only had this Big & Tall chair for sightly over a week, so this is just a first impressions review as I don’t feel it’s fully broken in yet. I plan on updating it as time goes on.

It’s the most comfortable office chair I’ve ever used. Although I admit that I’ve mostly sat in cheap and ergonomically improper office chairs in the past. I’m 6′ tall and 240 lbs. and have long, skinny legs; most of my weight is in my upper body and stomach area. The only things that can be adjusted on the chair are the height and tilt. On the right side is a lever to raise or lower the height of the chair. On the left side is the other lever. It can either lock it in an upright position or unlock it for the tilt. There seems to be only a slight difference between the tightness of the adjustment knob to me. You have to push the chair with your legs to get it to tilt back and you have to hold it with some force on your toes to maintain the tilt. Otherwise it goes right back into the upright position. It gets rather tiring to keep pushing it back the entire time. I wish there was a locking mechanism to keep it in the tilt position that you want and hold it there. It’s easier to maintain the tilt with the chair at the lowest height and more difficult the higher up you go.

I love the coils. It feels like sitting on a firm bed. Also, for me, the seat feels firmer at the back four inches or so and less firm in the rest if the seat, but I only feel that uneven firmness when I have my butt pushed all the way back in the seat. It’s not too uncomfortable, but it’s definitely noticeable to me. The firmness feels more even when my butt is just a few inches forward. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be like that, but I hope that firm area will soften from sitting in it over time but if not, it’s not the end of the world. The back lumbar support feels just right for me thankfully, because there’s no way to adjust it. The back of the seat feels very comfortable and supports my back very well.

I love the waterfall design of the seat. It really eliminates having the front edge of the seat digging into the back of my thighs like most other flat or bucket style chairs I’ve used (no more Sciatica pain!) The arms are also the perfect keyboard height for me and they’re also not adjustable. The same goes for the width of the arms. Overall, the chair is just the right size for me. So now I realize that a Big & Tall chair is the way to go for me, I wish I knew about them sooner as I’ve never seen them being advertised before. I just happened to notice while searching for chairs with coils.

I’m a bit underwhelmed by the bonded leather TBH, as it doesn’t feel as nice as real leather or even vinyl, but it’s not that bad and I’m getting used to it. I would have preferred a cloth option myself. I hope it holds up for the long haul because some reviews state that it wears quickly.

The assembly was relatively easy by myself, but I can see that some people might need help as it’s pretty heavy and a bit challenging to balance the parts as they get assembled. I used a socket wrench where I could to tighten it, which I found better than the included allen wrench.

I’ve sat in it a lot during the past week and it feels great even after 8 hours or more. I like this chair so much I’ve ordered a second one to have at work.”


4. Liccx – Ergonomic Office Chair with 4D Arm Rests

Top-rated: 22 Ratings

Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain
Credit: Paula

Highlight: Ergonomic armrest.

Helpful review: “This is a decent office chair and a good quality for the price. It feels solid enough to last for years and it’s stable enough even when leaning back in the seat. Assembly was easy and took me under twenty minutes despite being interrupted by helping my daughter with her homework.”


Trending review: “Great office chair for the price. Very simple to assemble took me all of 10 mins. Love the lumbar support. Great for offices and will keep our employees happy. Just make sure they don’t lean back because they might have to grab a nap because this one is too comfortable.”

Mingyue T.

Reassuring review: “After using this chair I have noticed less or no back pain whatsoever, I feel more energized while I am working 7-8 hours straight and my back is always on it is natural position, I am buying 2 more actually.”

Alpha Motorsports

5. VIVO – Ergonomic Kneeling Chair, Adjustable Stool for Home and Office

Top-rated: 5,554 Ratings

Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain
Credit: Jdancer

Highlight: Better Posture While Tilted – There is no reason to hunch over your keyboard or desk for hours on end anymore. This posture chair has a functional design that gives you the posture benefits of standing and the relief of sitting all in one. It will keep your back at an upright position, distributing your weight evenly throughout your buttocks and legs, all while keeping your spine aligned.

Helpful review: “A kneeling chair does get your spine into a neutral position if the seat is at the right angle for you. Some things to consider are seat angle and whether it’s adjustable, distance from seat to kneeling pad, how the seat height is adjusted, and the quality of frame, cushions, and wheels. I read a lot of reviews and was considering the one made by Dragonn, the one made by Boss (the only model that I found that has a pneumatic gas lift height adjustment), and the Sleekform Alpharetta model (the only model I’ve seen that has a seat angle adjustability feature). However, the Sleekform Alpharetta is sold out everywhere, so I purchased this Dragonn chair as well as the one made by Boss to compare and see how they felt.

Unfortunately, in most of these chairs, the height adjustment is directly tied to seat angle, so the higher you set the seat, the deeper the angle of the seat. Also, if you’re not an average height person, there’s no way to adjust the distance of the kneeling pad from the seat, so for me being 5 feet tall, with very short thigh bones, I have to sit pretty far down on the seat to rest my shins on the knee pad, and there’s no way to change that. I took a photo of the Boss (black) & Dragonn (gray) side by side in the lowest position and highest position, and you can see the Dragonn adjusts much higher, but also gets at a very steep angle. I do not have to use the chair at a desk all day, this is just for a couple hours of work at a time, so I do not need a chair that I could sit in for 8 hours. In that case, I would recommend having a couple of different options, so you can change positions/seats and from sitting to standing throughout the day.

The Dragonn was very easy to assemble especially if you watch the video. For the price, the quality is nice enough. The cushions are well made, but the casters are plastic, not metal. However, I imagine you could get metal casters at the hardware store and replace them to have something more heavy-duty. The cushion is very thick and sturdy, but a bit hard. Also, it turned out that no matter how low I put the Dragonn seat, the angle was too steep for me and did not allow me to have my spine in neutral. Instead, it made me overarch in my low back, which was immediately uncomfortable. In order to adjust the seat height, you have to get out of the chair and turn a screw that slowly adjusts the height, so it’s not a chair you can adjust quickly.

The Boss was also very easy to put together, but there was no video. For the price (only around $80), I feel the quality is very good – the frame and wheels are the same quality as the Dragonn, but the seat cushions are much thinner. Although the seat cushions are not as heavy duty, I actually found them more comfortable because they are softer. The Boss has a pretty shallow angle at the lowest setting, but keep in mind that having your thighs pointing down is enough to tilt your pelvis forward, so this was plenty of an angle to get me sitting up tall with a neutral spine. Also, when the Boss is at the highest setting, it’s still not too steep for me, so pretty comfortable at all settings. To adjust the chair higher, you just take your bottom off the seat, pull the lever and let it rise to where you want. To lower it, you can pull the lever while still sitting in the seat, and lower it to where you want. Very easy and quick to adjust. This was the only model I found with this convenient feature.

My conclusion is that that I think it’s worth trying a couple of these to see what works for you, because I think the angle at which you feel comfortable might be a little different for everybody. If you’re able to get a model like the Sleekform Alpharetta, which has a separate adjustment for seat angle, that probably will allow for the best fit, and I may try that if it ever becomes available int he future. Fortunately, the Boss was such a reasonable price, I felt it was worth keeping until I can try the Sleekform.”


6. SIHOO – Ergonomic Office Chair for Big and Tall People and Adjustable Headrest

Top-rated: 13,463 Ratings

Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain
Credit: Alexis

Highlight: Mesh Office Chair Premium Backrest features flexible non-pattern mesh fabric while keeping your back cool and comfortable, allowing you to sit focused and relaxed at the same time.

Reassuring review: “I can’t help but gush about the incredible comfort, plush softness, and unwavering durability of the SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair. This chair is simply in a league of its own, earning every bit of its 5-star review.

Let’s dive into the comfort factor first. Picture this: sinking into a chair that feels like a warm, supportive embrace. That’s precisely how I’d describe the experience of sitting in the SIHOO chair. The cushioning is incredibly plush, and it envelops you in a cocoon of coziness. It’s like a mini oasis in the midst of a busy workday. The ergonomic design is a real game-changer, ensuring that every part of your body – from your head down to your hands – gets the support it needs. The lumbar support, in particular, is a revelation. It’s like having a personal masseuse tending to your lower back, even during long stretches at your desk.

And when we talk about softness, the seat material is like sitting on a cloud. The premium mesh fabric on the backrest is not just breathable; it’s also gentle on your skin. No more uncomfortable sticking or sweating during those marathon work sessions. It’s like a gentle breeze, keeping you cool and comfortable, allowing you to stay focused and relaxed simultaneously.

Now, let’s get to the durability aspect. This chair is built like a tank, but with the finesse of a luxury car. It passed rigorous tests, including the BIFMA test and that impressive 1136kg static pressure test. Translation: it’s built to last. You can confidently trust it to support up to 330 lbs without a hint of strain. Plus, the assembly is a piece of cake, thanks to the straightforward instructions. Even if you’re not particularly handy, like me, you’ll have it set up in no time.

And here’s the icing on the cake: the lifetime warranty. It’s a testament to SIHOO’s unwavering commitment to quality. Should anything ever go amiss, you’re covered for life. They’ll promptly send you any necessary replacement parts, no questions asked.

To sum it up, the SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair isn’t just a chair; it’s an oasis of comfort and support in your daily routine. It’s so comfortable and soft that you’ll look forward to sitting down every day, and it’s so durable that it’ll be your trusty companion for years to come. With a lifetime warranty to seal the deal, this chair is an absolute must-have for anyone seeking comfort, quality, and durability in one outstanding package. I couldn’t be more impressed!”


7. Nouhaus – Desk Chair with 4D Adjustable Armrest

Top-rated: 6,282 Ratings

Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain
Credit: Laura from Seattle

Highlight: With it’s 4D Adjustable Armrest and Lumbar System, ElastoMesh, 135 Degree Back Tilt, Smooth HydraLift, Dual Castors (and a set of hardwood floor Blade Castors) – it’s easy to think the Ergo3D is from the future, but instead it’s evolved Ergo Seating at its finest and it’s here now.

Helpful review: “I love this chair. I’ve used it nearly every day for two months now, and bang for buck, this was a great purchase that I would make again.

I work at a desk in my home office from 8:00am to 5:30-6:00pm every weekday, so I knew I needed to get a comfortable, ergonomic chair that wouldn’t exacerbate my posture or hurt my body from just being in it with my sedentary job. I didn’t need a super fancy-looking chair, but neither did I want an eye-sore. I also knew wanted something with great quality, first and foremost, and next had some solid and comfortable ergonomic features. This chair meets all these requirements.

I cannot understate how much the roller blade wheels change my life. I am never going back. These things are silent, smooth, and can go over nearly any material. I don’t have to push as hard or as much to move. I have poured concrete floors in my office, but see that long-haired rug in the photos? You bet your bottom dollar that this baby can roll smoothly from the concrete and over onto the rug it without getting stuck or having to push/pull for significant drag and it blew my mind the first time.

The arm rest positioning is quite customizable: the pads can turn inward and outward, slide forward or back, as well as move up and down. The arm rest pads have a little soft give to them but are fairly firm.

The headrest piece goes up and down as well as tilts forward or back. You could even decide not to install, if you didn’t need or love it, and I think it wouldn’t significantly detract from the chair’s aesthetics (just two simple drill holes in the back).

The composite plastic-fabric material (“ElastoMesh”) is super breathable and would be so easy to clean if I ever did spill anything on it. My body (well, butt, really) does not feel like it sinks in to the seat any more or less than a normal office chair. (Phone for scale in the chair seat picture is an old Apple iPhone 6S Plus.) In fact, I think the tensile stress of this fabric gives me a slight spring, bounce and energy when I sit in it, which I actually prefer now to a soft, dense, lethargic piece of foam. The mesh fabric is soft to the touch with light pressure, and grippy with string-like friction with hard pressure. I’ve never had a problem with the textile.

At first I was concerned that the lower lumbar piece was not adjustable, but it’s quite supportive with this unique mesh and strong curvature. I’m 5’6″ and the shape of the back contours quite naturally to me by default. I could imagine someone much bigger though possibly needing to adjust this or the whole back piece up from the seat. This would be my ONLY critique about the chair.

I usually sit and have the chair tilted fully upright, but one could have this unlocked to smoothly dip back with pressure. You can also lock the tilt so it stays as your preferred angle. I feel fine (good, even) sitting in this chair for long periods of time, even though I do try to get up and move often. I’ve never felt pain standing up from it.

This chair was better than most options I saw at an Office Depot. Most other corporate offices I’ve worked in had Herman Miller furniture, and I would say this chair could go head to head with their Aeron or Mirra designs in terms of quality and functionality.”

Laura from Seattle

8. Oline – Ergonomic Office Chair, 3D Lumbar Support

Top-rated: 2,133 Ratings

Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain
Credit: Cleveland Wilde

Highlight: Adjustable headrest, armrests, and height to fit to your body with smooth and silent blade wheels that protect floors; Material: Mesh

Helpful review: “I bought this chair after researching several online. I used to buy chairs in one of my jobs. This has a number of adjustments to make the chair comfortable. The mesh makes your sitting weightless, less pressure on your seat, and a great lumbar support. I do have back issues, so the lumbar support actually helps me to feel more comfortable. I am shorter, at 5’1” so my feet don’t quite plant on the ground comfortably with the chair at the shortest/lowest height. But I have a foot rest to help with that so I can stay in a good ergonomic position. I can rest my head on the head rest nicely too. I also enjoy being able to lean back using the tilt if and when needed. The seat pan depth isn’t adjustable, but this isn’t an issue for me since I am not tall. Just be sure you take your height into consideration to get a big and tall chair to accommodate your frame.
Also, the width of the seat is perfect in relation to the armrests. I am plus sized, but the sides don’t even touch me, which is great! Armrests are adjustable in multiple ways, height, depth, and angle. This chair is even more comfortable than some of the fancier and more expensive ergo chairs you can buy from a specialty store. Wheels roll smoothly and quietly!
This chair is perfect for my at home online schooling, and soon to be working from home. Considering getting a second chair for my husband’s office. Last but not least assembly is super easy…just take your time to ensure you follow each step and you’ll be fine! Put together in less than 30 minutes!”

Felicia A.

Trending review: “As I get older it has been a problem sitting down at my desk for a long time. I have gone through 4 different chairs in 5 years. Every chair ended up giving me back pain except for one of those kneeling chairs. Problem with the kneeling chair is I could not walk after 20 minutes.
I was about to break down and try a real high end office chair. I looked closely at their features and noted what made these chairs so pricey. After listing things that made these chairs so good, I went through the Amazon office chairs to see what I could find. Most chairs that fit the bill came in around $350 to $500. Then his chair popped up at half the price and with the features I wanted
First it has great back support in any position you are in. From upright to leaning back. Gamers who lean back a lot will find this feature a must have. The mess seat keeps you sitting in the right position. There is no padding but the chair feels great. Leather chairs are nice but I found when I leaned back I would slide around and loose all my back support. Wheels are a big upgrade from most chairs out there.
I had no problem putting the chair together, but I have put a number of these things together in the past. In fact I had the chair together before I even found the directions which were mixed in the packaging. After looking them over, I did not think they were very good and this is a weak point. The chair is very well built but heavy. Some people may need help putting the chair together if you can’t lift heavy items.”

Pat Connolly
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!

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