Top 10 Best Office Chairs Under $100 (2022 Review)

At the start of the year 2020, who would have imagined the world to stay shut indoors for months on end, and everyone ending up working from home? Working in our PJs has become a new norm. Unfortunately, so have strained backs!

Confined to our desks for hours and sitting on a chair that isn’t right for you will leave your spine looking like a question mark which is apt since even you will be questioning how you let it get so bad!

If the cash crunch has gotten to you, like it has the economy and you are careful about what you spend on an office chair then, worry not; we have compiled a list of the top 10 best office chairs under $100, that will support both your back and not empty your bank account in the process.

At first sight, choosing an office chair shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right? They do all look the same, don’t they? Many office chair makers also sell you tall claims on how they “understand” your chair needs. But, they more or less end up messing up and leave you with a chair that either becomes the official clothes dumping chair, or gathers up dust in the garage.

But before you even compare the list of 10 best office chairs under $100, what are the things you need to look out for?

What To Consider When Searching For The Best Office Chairs For Under $100?

The first and foremost feature you need to look out is for a chair that will actually last you. What this means is that you should zero in on the chairs that have a great frame, built quality, and a warranty. Even if such chairs cost a few dollars more than the others trust our expert take it is going to be worth every additional cent you part with.

Next, you will have to look at how comfortable the office chair is. That depends on what you will be using the chair for and also for how long you plan on using it. Are you someone who will be spending a heck a lot of time sitting on it?

Also, consider pairing your chair’s color scheme and style with the rest of your office decor to help it gel better with the rest of the room. And finally, there is the price that you are willing to pay for it.

With all that set and done, let us get to the cream of the crop, and present you with our expert recommendations of office chairs that not only meets your $100 budget but also your needs.

Top 10 Best Office Chairs for under $100 – Expert Picks

1. Smugdesk Ergonomic Office Chair The All-Rounder

comfortable and affordable office chair by smugdesk


There is a reason why the Smugdesk’s Office Chair has become one of the top-selling budget office chairs on Amazon. Customer satisfaction is what has driven this product to be one of the value buys for your money.

If you hate a sweaty back, then this mesh back chair will keep your body cool and sweat-free. The memory foam mesh is of great quality and so is the cushioning. The seat is breathable, soft, and highly resilient you can expect to sit cool and dry on this bad boy.

 If you need to show your neck some love, then the Smugdesk’s Office Chair comes with a dedicated headrest that is padded and is both height and angle adjustable. The design of the padded armrest mimics the natural seated position and reduces the strain on your shoulders and arms.

The Smugdesk’s Office chair also comes with a lumbar support cushion that reduces fatigue and relieves lower back pain. The support for an office chair with a $100 price tag does have its limitations and you can’t expect to sit for several hours without having to get up occasionally.

The chair has a good lean to it and the tilt function allows for a 1200 recline of the back. You can’t expect to fall asleep on this, but you can surely get a good stretch. The 3600 Swivel caster wheels make it a glee to smoothly slide around with minimal effort from your end. The wheels don’t scratch your hardwood floorboards you will be eternally thankful for that!

It is an ideal office chair for heavy people and the durable metal pronged frame can easily withstand up to 250 pounds. It has a cushion width and length of 19.29″ and 17.12″ making this chair perfect for large users. The cushion is at a height of 17.72″ from the floor and is height adjustable by a further 4″.

The assembly and installation is a breeze. It won’t take you more than 10 minutes to get the whole office chair set-up. As for the warranty, they promise a 1-year complete coverage and have easy-to-reach, friendly support to help you with any queries. For $99.24, this makes for one of the most comfortable among the top 10 best office chairs under $100, that sits looking pretty in your workspace.

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2. OFM Essentials Bonded Leather Office Chair  Premium Experience At A Steal

cheap ergonomic office chair

If you are looking for a chair that combines the right price with premium quality, then the OFM Essentials Bonded leather chair will meet your needs just right. This budget-friendly office chair is crafted and professionally sewn with bonded leather. The first impression of luxury is eminent too at an affordable price. Everything feels premium to touch and the cushion gives a decent buffer for long sitting times.

This mid-back office chair also has an integrated headrest and good enough lumbar support to help you maintain a posture that is natural and take off the strain from your neck. The chair has a waterfall edge and this ensures that your knees don’t feel like dead weights after an hour or so of sitting.

You can only recline the back by 130 using the tilt control, which could irk a few. The armrests are not movable and you can’t make adjustments to make it perfect to the tee for yourself. The 50mm wheel caster supporting a five-star base makes it easy for rolling around the floor.

We wished for the assembly to be a tad bit easier, as this chair proved to be a match to set up. The quality of the bonded leather and the stitching seem ultra-premium and can even put up a fight with chairs well in the $150 range. The chair can take up to weights of 275lbs, so the heavy set among you would find it safe and comfortable. The OFM leather bonded chair comes with the OFM limited lifetime warranty and the customer care service is prompt to address your needs.

At $91.80, this is a chair that has the make and quality that rival chairs surpassing the $100 mark. With exquisite quality and low price, we certainly recommend this chair as one of the contenders to make it into your Amazon cart.

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3. BestOffice Executive Gaming Chair  Business At The Front & Party At The Back

BestOffice gaming cum office chair

This trendy racing-type chair is making the rounds and becoming the known kid-around-the-block. With an average 4.3/5 rating, it is among the darling of customers who wish for an affordable ergonomic gaming cum office chair at a bargain price. With a long list of features, here is what makes this ergonomic chair a bang for your buck!

The high-back chair gives solid neck and lumbar support a superior human-oriented ergonomic construction makes for an ideal and relaxing sitting experience. If you like rocking back-and-forth, then rejoice as the tilt knob allows you to do just that. The tilt function also allows for a tilt locking of up to 1250

What’s more the chair even comes with a soothing vibrator function allowing for massaging your back, reducing fatigue, and helping you relax! The only qualm about this is that we wished the cord was a tad bit longer. Apart from that, it is an awesome feature indeed.

The armrest is padded and can be flipped up to give you open movement no more tight squeezes when getting into your Best office’s gaming cum office chair. The dense sponge cushion is beautifully designed and padded to give you optimum buffering, reduce pressure, and molds well along your natural body contours. The fluid 3600 swivel wheels do a great job in carrying you from one corner of your room to another with multi-tasking ease.  

As for its durability, the gaming cum office chair comes with a heavy-duty, five-point metal base supporting a gas lift spring. The seat height can be raised from 17.7″ to 20.8″ while the seat width is at 20.9″. The office chair is BIFMA certified to easily hold a weight of 250lbs while the base can support an astounding 2500lbs.

Installing the chair is easy, and all of the necessary tools come with the packaging. You can have the chair in place within not more than 15 minutes. With a 1-year warranty and at $97.99, the BestOffice’s Gaming cum Office massaging chair is a great buy that comes packed with loads of features to keep you and your back happy. We couldn’t ask for more!

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OFM ESS Racing Office/ Gaming Chair 

OFM affordable office/ gaming chair

Do you want to upscale on quality and personalized comfort? Then this is a great buy at $109.98. The high-back chair’s fluid ergonomics, padded seating, arms, and headrest lets you relax while being in control at the same time! It doesn’t have a massaging vibrator function, but the premium quality and comfortable-build more than make up for it.

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4. SmugChair Racing Executive Office Chair For Heavy Set Users/ Value For Moneyergonomic office cum gaming chair

If you are a heavy set person, then this racing chair will work perfectly for you while comfortably under the $100 budget. With many color variations to pick from, we are just scratching the tip of the feature-rich iceberg!

The SmugChair Racing Executive Office Chair is a cozy, high-back, leather gaming chair that comes with contrasting accents that look chic. The skin-friendly PU leather is breathable and wear-resistant. There is padding to the armrest but it’s rigid. Its integrated head-rest does a great job of supporting your neck.

It comes with a lock/tilt function to push back and relax, and a height adjustment feature that lets you raise the seat by 4″ you have fair room to make adjustments to suit your sitting configuration. It comes with good lumbar support, and you can have long sessions on this chair without wincing in pain. 

The construction of the chair is robust, with the five-star pronged base and rolling casters easily withstanding 250lbs. The assembly of the chair is easy and DIY-abled amongst you would be able to sail through with relative ease.

The SmugChair Racing Executive Office Chair comes with a 12-month warranty and great customer support, in case of any product problems or general queries. At a price of as low as $86.99, this is by far our top value-for-money recommendation among our top 10 best office chairs under $100.

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SmugDesk Racing Office Chair

Smugdesk affordable racing gaming chair

If you are willing to stretch your budget to $138.99 then you can get your hands on the Smugdesk Racing Office Chair. It has got better premium quality leather, way more lumbar support, and foldable armrests. To sweeten the deal, even more, it even comes with a massaging feature that is not mentioned on the Amazon Dealers page. You’ll be doing your back a favor down the line by going the extra mile with this chair!

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5. OFM ESS Plush Microfibre Tan office Chair (ESS-3082)

premium office chair affordable A lovely looking chair that screams aesthetics and class! The executive chair would be a welcome addition to your room to improve if you’re looking to boost the oomph factor. Although this is a great ergonomic office chair under $100, it definitely feels and looks like it has a lot more zeros than what its price tag tells us.

The first thing catching your eye would undoubtedly be the tan plush microfiber seat and back covering. The sculpted armrests are fixed but come with padding to give a comfy place to rest your arms and drop the load from your aching shoulders.

You will find decently good lumbar support on this mid-back office chair, which does justice to the price at which it retails for. The chair comes with easy-to-use paddles to raise and lower the height, reclining feature is available but the tilt function isn’t all that great and you will find yourself cut-short if you fancy a good ‘ole chair rocking session to break from work. The caster wheels are smooth and you can effortlessly move around on the floor and carpets. This is a good chair for its money and you can sit for a couple of hours without having to stretch, but don’t expect to pull out marathon sitting sessions on this.

The OFM ESS plush office chair can take 300lbs of weight, so if you are a heavy user then you are covered. The chair frame feels premium and is durable enough to last you. The installation is also a breeze if you stick to the instructions, but we feel that the assembly could have been made easier.

Backed by OFM limited lifetime warranty and at the price of $85.49, this is a chair that feels exquisite and premium, at the fraction of the price that you are swiping your cards to.

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6. Amazon Basics Classic Padded Mid-back Office Chair

amazon basics inexpensive office chair

The AmazonBasics mid-back office chair has a sophisticated appearance that gives off a professional vibe no matter where you look at it from. The chair is apt for hour-long comfort and has adjustable settings. With a 4.4/5.0 Amazon Customer rating, you can bet that you’re getting a rockstar of a chair!

It is comfortable and comes upholstered in bonded leather that comes in 3 colors: Black, Brown, and Cream. The cushion and back are soft and takes shape of your contours well. The lumbar support is lacking but you can still churn out half a dozen hours on this. If you are someone who has severe back issues, then we suggest you take a look at the other entries on the list.  

The armrests are not adjustable but are padded with upholstered leather, and does a swell job at supporting your shoulders. The easy-to-use pneumatic controls let you lower and raise the seat, and the chair is a joy for chair rocking enthusiasts. The tilt-tension knob controls how easy or hard it is to rock your chair.

The construction of the chair is great and the frame can withstand a maximum weight capacity of 275-pounds. The assembly is easy enough and the instructions that come with it are effortless to follow along. The AmazonBasics Mid-back Leather Office Chair comes with a 1-year warranty, and at $83.39 it is a swell addition to your room.

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Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair

hbada premium office chair with foldable arms

Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair is a mid-back chair that has a penguin adapted design with armrests, which you can flip up to save space. The ergonomics are also in line with the natural curve of the spine and come with better lumbar support. At $129.99 Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair delivers bang for your buck, especially if wanting great back support is high on your priority list. 

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7. SmugDesk’s Executive Office Chair

executive affordable sleek office chair

Sailing in with an average 4.0 rating on 5.0, and close to 2900 reviews, the SmugDesks Executive Office Chair ain’t a Herman Miller costing $400 but is an adequate ergonomic office chair that does justice to its price and is amongst the fan-favorite for Amazon buyers.

It comes with a mesh back that ensures ventilation, and the ergonomic backrest ensures that your spine is given sufficient support. The cushion is padded and breathable, allowing for your legs and hips to remain cool. I would call the lumbar support decent, and nothing phenomenal to mention about.

This chair doesn’t come with any neck support and neither is the armrest padded. There isn’t any feature to adjust or move about the armrest which would be asking for a lot at this price! The pneumatic controls help to lower and raise your seat. You can recline with the pull of a handle and start rocking. The wheels are smooth and durable, enabling you to move around effortlessly on carpets and hard floors.

All in all, this is a well put chair that delivers many amenities for the price at which it is being offered. It is sturdy and the quality of the materials used is great. It comes in two variants Black and grey. The Grey has a premium feel to it and is by far my go-to choice amongst the two.

The frame of the office chair is well designed, built using high-quality materials, and can support a maximum weight of 250lbs, making it an affordable office chair for heavy users. As with all SmugDesk Products, it comes with a 1-year warranty and an easy-to-reach customer service team that guide you with any hiccups you may have.

Setting up this affordable office chair is a cakewalk, the printed instructions clearly tell you what to do and it shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes. At $70, it is an affordable office chair option that fits well under the $100 ceiling.

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Flash Furniture Mid-Back Executive Office Chair

flash furniture affordable office chair

The Flash Furniture Mid-back executive office chair is available at $130.49, and it combines exquisite leather, premium-make, and far exceptional features and ergonomics. The sleek metallic finish adds on another layer of panache and style to the already gorgeous looking chair. If you are planning on expanding your budget a tad bit to accommodate a far better chair, then this is a great choice to go with!

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9. Best office Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair Small Chair With A Big Heart

ergonomic good office chair under 100 dollarsOne of the loved office chairs on Amazon with close to 25,000 reviews tallying in an average of 4.2/5, the BestOffice Ergonomic Mesh Office chair is a great option for those who want to stay away from the $100 ceiling without having to sacrifice too much on the quality.

The chair is simple in its design and comfortable to sit in, with its ergonomics helping to keep your back stiff and shoulders relaxed. Those who are sorely in need of a headrest would feel left out. The mesh back helps keep your back cool and follows your contours to give adequate support. If you have back problems then it is advised that you spend a little more and maybe invest in a more feature-rich chair.

The armrests are rigid and not padded, but the padding on the cushion does a good job of providing comfort for daily use. The BIFMA certified chair has pneumatic tension control to adjust the height of the seat and tilt of the back. The 3600 swivel wheels are butter smooth and great to move around in.

The chair is rather small to sit in and isn’t well suited for those who scale above 6″. For the tall ones, we suggest you take a look at the other chairs under $100 on this list. As a matter of fact, for those that want to get better features and those who can spend just a tad more, it wouldn’t hurt to keep the BestOffice Office Chair as a secondary option.

The USP of this chair is the quickness with which you can assemble it. Even for first-timers, you can have it set-up in less than 10 minutes flat. The chair has a heavy-duty metal base and is BIFMA certified to carry a maximum capacity of 250lbs.

The BestOffice Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair comes with a 90-day warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With a price tag of $59.99, that sits comfortably in our list a practical chair that is easy on your wallet.

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10. Amazonbasics Low-Back Mesh Office Chair Light On The Weight And The Wallet

cheap office chair under 100 dollarsThis low-back, mesh office chair a well-priced, well-rated product from Amazon that does justice and hits well above its weight class. With close to 9000 ratings averaging at 4.4/5, the numbers certainly don”t lie.

As you can imagine, you can”t expect to get much lumbar back support and that is us trying to sound as modest as possible. The breathable mesh back will ensure that your back is cool even during the sultry summers. The armless chair has decent enough cushioning for good comfort. You can’t sit for long hours on this without stretching your back. If you have back issues, then better start scrolling!

There is no tilt control and the extent to which the back can be leaned is limited. The pneumatics allow for easy lowering and raising of the seat, though. It comes in 4 shades including Black, Red, Blue, and Green.

The built of the office chair is good, with solid parts and creak-free movement. The AmazonBasics low-back office chair is easy to assembly and you should be able to accomplish the task without breaking a sweat.

The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 225lbs, but if you are heavy-set then we advise you to pass on being the lab rat, testing that claim. The AmazonBasics Low-back chair comes with a 1-year limited warranty, and with a price tag of $54.99, it is a decent enough option and the most affordable office chair among our list of top 10 best office chairs under $100.

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Other Office Chair Options by Budget

That’s our wrap for the top 10 best office chairs under $100 that you can buy right now.

The budget office chair that finally makes it into your workspace depends on what you’re looking for. Do you need great lumbar support and padded cushioning? Are you in a sweaty climate that makes you forgo leather for the more convenient breathable back mesh? These questions are for you to think about.

We sincerely hope you found the review to help make a decision. At the end of the day, since most of us spend a large part sitting, one could debate that a budget shouldn’t limit the lengths you should go to ensure that you are comfortable. If you do wish to explore, then you can check up on more back-friendly alternatives under the $200, under $300, and $500 price ceilings, too.

Be sure to add suggestions or any questions you may have on the list of our best budget office chairs by commenting below. We would absolutely love to hear from you!





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