Top 8 Best Office Chairs Under $100 (2023 Review)

I review office chairs for a living, so you can trust me when I say that these options under $100 will give you the ergonomics you need, the comfort you want, and the price that fits perfectly into your budget.

Best Office Chairs Under $100

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of the time of writing this.

1. HON – Executive Office Chair, Bonded Leather

Top-rated: 2,670 Ratings

Best Office Chairs Under 100
Credit: Sue M.

Highlight: The smooth, pliable SofThread Leather seating surface with tailored stitching detail gives an upscale, luxurious feel at a compelling price.

Helpful review: “Easy to assemble chair. Good value for money. Mine has held up well with daily use for the past almost 3 months. However, I must mention that it is not the most comfortable chair for me. It is not very well cushioned. It’s a little more comfortable now that I gained 10lbs. I am 110lbs-115lbs with lots of cushion in my hips and buttocks. At 100lbs- 105lbs, I felt like I was sitting on a bench. This chair also doesn’t have much back support. I bought one of those back support strap pillows and that has helped me sit straighter. Still, I cannot sit on it for long. I am in good health and don’t have back problems. It also doesn’t have much shoulder support and it has no neck support. My neck suffers plenty. Another thing is my feet don’t touch the ground with this chair. I am 5’1. I use a stack of books underneath the desk to make sure my feet are resting in something. I still feel like the circulation to my feet isn’t great. I could lower the chair and have my feet on the floor but that would mean my desk would have to be extremely low. I have a standard desk that is 31” high. One last thing is the arms are very short and hard plastic and I find myself resting my arms on the desk, an angle which will eventually give me problems. Now, I only have to sit in this chair for 4 hours a day but I have experienced some leg swelling within the first week of use ( hence the stack of books ), some stiffness ( hence the cushion pad for my back ) and overall aches and pains. This chair in the long run would be a detriment to my overall health but it serves its purpose for now because of its price tag. Remember to stretch.”

lisa rachel

Trending review: “This is a sturdy and comfortable chair, an excellent value for its cost. I assembled the chair from the box in about 15 minutes without hurrying. I was impressed by the quality of the bolts used in its assembly. They are complete with a light coating of a substance that will prevent their loosening in using the chair, and they are easily tightened with the enclosed Allen wrench. There are included bolt caps that hide the bolts and give a finished and professional look to the chair, and there is an extra bolt and cap in a convenient section of shrink wrap for use in the unlikely event an extra is needed, or perhaps to be used in case one of the bolts was inadvertently not found in the shipment. The bolts and caps and all the parts are very neatly packaged so as to be ready at hand in assembly. Having suffered through putting together various ill-designed things, sometimes with missing parts, that I have ordered over the years, I can say that this is probably my easiest and most trouble-free assembly ever for any piece of furniture.

I bought the chair for my wife’s home office and computer desk. She is delighted with its comfort and design and overall good looks. She especially likes the sloping arm rests that allow her to move the chair as close to her computer as desired; the slope allows the arms to move under the desk front instead of banging against it.”

John C

2. BestOffice – Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support

Top-rated: 2,145 Ratings

Best Office Chairs Under 100
Credit: Sulaik Naukhez

Highlight: Gaming chair super easy to put together. It took maybe 10-15minutes, this office chair came with all the tools necessary. Gaming chair office chair computer chair desk chair.

Trending review: “I spent roughly a month looking and testing gaming chairs at many different places and found that most of the $200+ ones feel almost the same as this one.

I was just originally getting this one so I could keep on my quest for a really nice one but now- I don’t have to.
The armrests move out of the way if needed and you are able to take some weight out of the pillow if you wish.
The seat is definitely more comfortable than a standard desk chair and is very easy to clean.

Pros- PRICE! Massage. Comfort. Ease of spin. Quiet. Rollers move easy onto thin plush carpet and off onto hardwood.

Cons- the cord could be longer and a bit easier to dismantle just in case my son decides to jump in and test drive it with circles. The pillow could use a firmer band and the zipper had no pull lever and no leather slot to go in. Which might add wear to the chair itself from the metal zipper itself against the chair. Also- It would be nice to add .10 cents of more cushion in a separate package with the chair to make the pillow more solid if I wanted to add it.

Added tidbits!
It would be nice if the company sold armrest cushions for this specific chair that would slide over and then zip to keep on as an addition to the chair to add more comfort. They are somewhat comfortable but I would definitely buy these add-ons if possible!”

Benjie B

Reassuring review: “Bought this chair based on the price and bc i needed a new one pretty bad.

This is a nice chair for the price imo.
Im 6’3″ 200lbs and i have to slouch a bit to use the headrest but i rarely recline that far anyway so its just a mention, overall the chair is fine in terms of comfort.

The base has some padding but probably not gonna be great for heavy prolonged sitting but easily fixed on my end.

The massage function is alright, feels about the quality of a walmart hand massager, does make some noise.. Lowered it will rattle the lift handle and make a little noise, when the chair is raised it doesnt seem to do that.

Chair says it doesnt recline but turning the dial under the base allows you to lean/rock back about 30° which is perfect for propping my feet up on my lan box and chilling back a bit.

Arm rests lift up and back almost out of the way which is kind of nice .

Took 7-8 days from date of purchase to recieve, was a little hesitant cause it said it shipped with fedex and the entire time fedex tracking said all it had was label info until the morning it showed up.

All in all 5 stars for the money,
Customer service was prompt and convenient for me (did take 2 days to reply as stated).

No issues would purchase again.”


3. Amazon Basics – Desk Chair with Armrest

Top-rated: 33,226 Ratings

Best Office Chairs Under 100
Credit: Hira Hassan

Highlight: Puresoft PU upholstery in Brown; contoured padded seat, backrest, and armrests for comfort; durable caster wheels for smooth-rolling mobility

Helpful review: “I just bought this chair during the Prime Big Deal Days. I read the negative reviews about difficulty in threading the bolts during assembly. I found assembly to be incredibly easy and straight forward and had no trouble with the bolts not threading correctly. Perhaps it is because I threaded the bolts about half way until all were properly seated at each stage of assembly, and only then fully tightened them. I attached the armrests to the chair back first, again threading the bolts halfway. Then I attached the seat cushion. Once all bolts were threaded about halfway I fully tightened them. No problems! Assembly took about 20 minutes. It is not the most comfortable chair, but you cannot go wrong for the price. I would definitely recommend.”


Trending review: “I am so happy that I invested in this office chair. I work from home and I wanted to get a good chair for my office space. This chair has proven it’s worth to me in several ways. For one it is very comfortable. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I am sitting on the same chair for 8 sometimes 10 hours. It is also extremely stylish and I love that it goes with my white decor. If you are looking for a stylish chair that I comfortable and sturdy then this is the right one! Get yours today!”

Hira Hassan

Most-discussed review: “I got 2 of these chairs to use at our dinner table instead of dining type chairs. THESE are TERRIFIC !! i actually purchased an office type similar which was a little more in cost thinking i would see which was a better item for us. This Amazon Basics was the BEST and the lowest price as well. side by side you couldnt really see a difference but the Basics seems more comfortable. They were easy to set up and we now use them at our dining table. They are SOOO comfortable. Our dining table is in a great room where we watch tv as well. They are so easy to sit in, we find ourselves sitting at the table longer that ever before. I would HIGHLY recommend these chairs for office or where ever you need a nice looking, easy to clean, very comfortable chair. They shipped very quickly, neatly packaged and were easy to put together. I would definitely purchase the amazon basics chair again.”

Becky S.

4. FWD – Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support

Top-rated: 3,523 Ratings

Best Office Chairs Under 100
Credit: Kris & Erica Day

Highlight: All the accessories of our office chair have passed BIFIMA test, which is a guarantee for your personal safety.Our desk chair is constructed of hard-wearing and high breathable nylon mesh , durable star base, solid rolling casters and SGS-certified gas cylinder. The mesh chair can bear the weight of 250lbs. 5 star heavy duty base with 360 Degree Swivel Wheels, Running Smoothly On chair computer chair mesh chair desk chair mesh chair.

Helpful review: “This was one of the cheapest chairs on Amazon and it compares well to one I had before that I had bought at a Best Buy or Staples for $70. I was a bit confused assembling in the beginning since one of the legs needs to be attached (I thought it was broken), but it still took me less than 20 minutes to assemble from start to finish. I think it’s comfortable, it rolls well, and it’s sturdy. Overall, I would recommend it.”


Most-discussed review: “Given the low price, this chair is good. It works. There is back support. However, compared to the fancy chairs, this one does not have arm pad and the back board is not connected to the seating cushion. The lower back area has no support. When I sit for a long time, I need to add a pillow for lower back support.”

Felix R

Reassuring review: “It was super easy to put together, it’s really comfortable (and I have lower back problems), and it’s exactly what I was hoping for!! I’m not understanding the bad reviews, because this is a great product!! The base (where the wheels go) came in one piece. The wheels snapped perfectly into place. The hardest part was balancing the pieces as you screwed them together (but let’s admit, it’s not even that hard).. I’m very pleased and I highly recommend!”

Kris & Erica Day

5. Flash Furniture – Whitney High Back Desk Chair

Top-rated: 3,972 Ratings

Best Office Chairs Under 100
Credit: Facedsthetics Co.

Highlight: Pneumatic adjustable height swivel seat for easy maneuverability; tilt lock mechanism tilts chair backwards and locks in an upright position

Helpful review: “Chair matches decor so it was on my list to buy for several months. I noticed that there was a random discount and quickly snagged it. Chair is comfy and I love the high back. I would prefer a little more cushion but I don’t sit for an extended period in this chair so the lack of extra cushion is not a deal breaker for me. Not a fan of the black base and wheels so I did purchase white roller wheels which look great on this chair. I may also purchase some type of wallpaper to cover the black base. Overall the chair was easy to assemble.”

Facedsthetics Co.

Trending review: “I have work a desk job for almost my entire adult life and these have been the best chairs I’ve ever purchased. Both my husband and I love them for our home and business offices. I have fibromyalgia, so finding a comfortable desk chair is super important for me – this one is perfect and a good deal. We bought two and both of us are very very happy with the results! I’ll be buying more for company staff! Don’t hesitate this is a great purchase with comfort and support in all the areas we need support while sitting at a desk for long periods of times.”

R Angels Property

Reassuring review: “It was so easy to put together. They are super comfortable and durable.”

Jenny Oelerich

6. Amazon Basics – Upholstered Mesh, Adjustable, Swivel Computer Office Desk Chair

Top-rated: 20,156 Ratings

Best Office Chairs Under 100
Credit: James D.

Highlight: Comfortable task and computer chair with black contoured mesh back for support and breathability. Assembly required.

Helpful review: “Initial impressions: The chair is better quality than I expected. The seat material is nice: feels firm but soft; better than those seats with faux leather. So far, it is comfortable even for being over 200 lb and over 6 feet tall.

Many parts are sturdy metal, which is much better than plastic. The base that holds the wheels may be a form of plastic, but it is dense and feels strong; almost like metal.

The chair frame appears to be a firm plastic too, but not thin, so my initial thought is it will last. It has a buffed texture [not shiny or smooth — which to me is nice, because it makes it look and feel more solid and not cheap.

The one weak point in design, in my opinion, is the cover that fits over the raising post: it feels a bit flimsy. Regardless, it probably wouldn’t be noticeable to most unless they get down on the floor and squeeze it. Nevertheless, that there is a cover that raises and lowers like a telescope– to “hide” the post, is a nice added attribute. A customer could leave the that cover off if they prefer, but I like it.

I appreciate that the casters stay in place (unlike the other chair I tested: the KK Toner Round Rolling Stool, whose wheels do not stay in place). This makes it possible to lift the chair without fear of dropping casters.

The casters are replaceable too, which is good. I was able to use Lifelong brand casters, instead, which are purportedly safe for hardwood and marble floors.

The seat is stationary once attached. It is mostly upright [not leaning back]. Even with its mesh backing it is firm. This is not a plush, rocking chair type of product, yet it is comfortable.

Instructions: As seems to be the new trend, they were mostly pictures without words. Regardless, putting the chair together was quite easy. Just make sure you doube check the front versus back of the seat — this is important for setting the metal lift connector in place. And, don’t forget to put the holding ring and washer on the screws.

They add an extra screw for the connector, and an extra screw, washer, and pressure ring for the back attachment. That was a pleasant surprise; and is appreciated.

The raising and lowering mechanism works well. You can sit on the chair while lowering it; it seems best to get off the chair while raiding it.

It lowers to where the seat is 28 inches off the floor. It rises to 22.5″.

The seat is 17.5″ wide x 16.25″ front to back [the assembled chair is 18.5″ front to back]. The back rest top to the floor is 34″. The wheel base is about 20″ at its widest point, before adding the wheel casters. With their standard wheels the width is about 21″ to 21.5″. With the Lifelong brand wheels, it will have a width of 21″ to 22.5″, depending on how the rotating wheel base is turned.

All in all, a good experience.
As I wrote, these are my initial impressions [I’ve only had the chair one day]. My intention is to use it daily as a dining chair. I will add to this review as time goes by [e.g., in ~ six months], to indicate how well this product does long-term and with moderately heavy use. I’d appreciate seeing more former reviewers do the same.”

Tesseract in Blue Jeans

7. Hbada – Desk Chair with Flip-Up Armrests and Saddle Cushion

Top-rated: 18,033 Ratings

Best Office Chairs Under 100
Credit: FJ

Highlight: This desk chair’s cushion uses a new 4.9” thick memory foam. The saddle-shaped contour fits the curve of the hips and legs, increases the sitting area, and further disperses pressure caused by sitting for a long time. The high-quality materials also ensure product durability for long-term use.

Trending review: “I rarely write reviews but I wanted to do so in this case because my experience, having two of them, contradicted many of the reviews I read. Both chairs, purchased several years apart, were easy to assemble. It’s fairly intuitive. I would just say make sure you know which part of the seat is the front and which is the back, when you put on the arms and back of the chair. The bottom of the chair is labeled so that you will know which is which, B/F. I have seen pictures in the reviews where the back was not put on correctly limiting the seat size.

I had no problem either time installing the wheels. They are installed like any wheels you might add to a rolling cart or Rubbermaid storage drawers. This time I upgraded the wheels to “Office Chair Wheels Replacement,(Set of 5) 3” Rollerblade Wheels Smooth Rolling Heavy Duty Casters Safe for All Floors Including Hardwood – Universal Stem 7/16 Inch, White” by LPHY so that I could have all white wheels. No problem. I can confirm that 11mm wheels worked for me. Based on reviews I purchased both 10mm (which I couldn’t get in white) and 11mm. I returned the 10mm. They were way too small. Beware that using rollerblade wheels will raise the height of the chair approx another inch. So if you are short like me and need a very low chair, I would advise against making that change. My feet still touch the floor with the replacement wheels on. I’m 5′ 2″. I use the chair on a hardwood and find there is a slight disadvantage to the rollerblade wheels – sometimes the chair starts to drift. It’s not a big deal for me and I think it’s worth it for the all white look. I doubt it would happen if I were using the chair on a carpet.

If you are short, like to the point where co-workers get a but of a fright when they sit in the chair you previously used in the conference, I think you will be very happy with this chair. Looking at other chairs, I think this chair has the lowest starting height when using the wheels that come with it.

The chair does rock back, although not much. Normal position is 90 degrees. I think it goes back to 120. Works for me. You can only lock it at 90 degrees. If the chair won’t go back, pull out the level on the right side. Push it back in to lock at 90 degrees.

The one problem I had with the original chair, which was black and white, was that eventually the gas lift, the thing that makes it go up and down, started to sink. I contacted the company and sent me a replacement that I received quickly. It toook me forever to get around to replacing it and when I did I didn’t have the right tools and made the mistake of using a hammer to get the wheel base off first. I was then unable to get remove the original lift out of the chair base. Lesson learned. But I had always had my eye on the beige chair, which wasn’t available when I made my first purchase, because it better matched my office color scheme. So I gave up on trying to replace the lift and treated myself to a new chair in the color I wanted and with all white wheels!

I will just add that if you need a lot of lumbar support, this chair might not work for you. The support is just the mesh on the back of the chair. That works for me. You might need a lumbar pillow or a different chair.

I also haven’t had trouble with the cushion and I am carrying more weight that I should be, to put it mildly. Once I got the wheels off the original chair I couldn’t use it so I had to revert to my previous office chair while waiting for the new one to come. It only took a couple of days but it make me realize how comfortable the design of this chair was for me. The seat of that chair curved up on the sides and I was uncomfortable after seating in it for any length of time. With this chair the seat is wide enough so that there is extra cushion on each side of my butt but more importanly I can sit with my legs slightly out to the side without any impediment, which is how I tend to site.

I’ve seen pictures of damanged chairs in the reviews and wondered what the hell are these people doing in these chairs. Granted I don’t use mine all day, except during the pandemic, and I don’t have any kids at home. I am keeping the original chair for extra part just in case.”


8. naspaluro – Computer Chair with Adjustable Height

Top-rated: 1,340 Ratings

Best Office Chairs Under 100
Credit: Leah F.

Highlight: 5 humanized adjustment features to help you find the most comfortable sitting posture, allowing you to sit for a long time and stay relaxed. Adjustable armrests, lumbar support, headrest, seat height, and swing range, bring you a customized seating experience.

Helpful review: “This is an excellent low-cost chair. My only criticism is that, while the arms can move up and down, there is no way to lock them in place. If you want them out of the way, you can lean them all the way back. This chair is quite comfortable, and it is simple to adjust up and down. The naspaluro Ergonomic Office Chair a mid-back computer chair designed for office or home use. Here’s a breakdown of the features based on your description:
Ergonomic Design: The chair is designed with ergonomic principles in mind. This means that it’s constructed to provide comfort and support for the user’s body during extended periods of sitting.
Adjustable Height: The chair has an adjustable height feature, allowing users to customize the chair’s seat height to their preference. This is essential to ensure that the user’s feet rest comfortably on the ground or footrest, promoting better posture.
Swivel Function: The chair has a swivel function, which means it can rotate 360 degrees. This feature allows users to easily turn and reach different areas of their workspace without straining.
Flip-Up Arms: The chair is equipped with flip-up arms. This design allows users to have more flexibility in positioning themselves at the desk, especially when they need to get closer to their work surface. Flipping up the arms can also be useful if you prefer an armless seating position.
Lumbar Support: The chair includes lumbar support, which is designed to help maintain the natural curve of the lower spine. This feature can promote better posture and reduce the risk of lower back discomfort.
Breathable Mesh Material: The chair is constructed using breathable mesh material. Mesh is known for its ventilation properties, which help prevent heat buildup and keep you comfortable during prolonged sitting.
Desk Chair for Home/Office: The chair is suitable for both home and office use, indicating its versatility in various settings.
When considering purchasing an ergonomic office chair like this one, it’s important to evaluate a few factors:
Adjustability: Make sure the chair’s height adjustment range suits your needs and that you can find a comfortable seating height.
Lumbar Support: Check if the lumbar support is adjustable and if it fits the natural curve of your lower back.
Armrests: Consider whether the flip-up arms provide the level of support you need and if they allow you to maintain good posture while working.
Material Quality: Look for a chair with durable materials that will withstand regular use.
Budget: Consider your budget and whether the features provided by the chair align with your needs and preferences.”

Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!

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