Top 8 Best Office Chairs Under $200 (2023 Review)

I review office chairs for a living, so you can trust me when I say that these options under $200 will give you the ergonomics you need, the comfort you want, and the price that fits perfectly into your budget.

best office chairs under 200

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of the time of writing this.

1. SIHOO – M18 Ergonomic Office Chair for Big and Tall People

Top-rated: 13,570 Ratings

best office chairs under 200
Credit: Abs

Highlight: SIHOO chairs can be applied in different scenarios according to the needs of different consumers in needs. Can be used as student office chairs, computer chairs, ergonomic chairs, desk chairs, gaming chairs; not only can sit comfortably, but also save money;

Helpful review: “We ordered two of the black one with leg extensions, one for myself and one for my husband. We spend 6-8 hours each day sitting in front of computer and these chairs are definitely much better that what we used to have.

One thing we both really like is the generous sitting area. And the leg extension helps to keep my legs up and stretched or use it to create a bit more room so I can fold my legs up.

My husband rarely use the leg extension so he could probably get the one without it which is a little bit cheaper. But we both thought we would use it more regularly when we were buying it. But I personally like having that option for times I want more room or stretch out my legs while working on the computer.”


Trending review: “One of the most comfortable and tunable chairs I’ve used. I am 6ft1, 210lbs. I happened to try it out at a friend’s house and insisted they send me a link!
Finding the instructions in the box was a bit frustrating. They were inside of the plastic covering the seat of the chair, instead of just loosely packed in the box. Having already read complaints about missing instructions, I immediately feared I was one of the victims, until I got half way though the assembly and turned the seat over to notice them stuck in there.
I would have searched more diligently if not for the reviews. But it all worked out in the end.
This is the first cloth seated office chair I have ever purchased. I wish they had scotchguarded it. Minus 1 star.
On day 5, a full cup of coffee was attacked by a large bag of chips and went flying off the table when I had my back turned!
You can’t make this stuff up!
The seat absorbed it like a sponge. I had even thought to Scotchguard it the previous evening, and was too lazy to follow through. So…Scotchguard this ASAP when you get it!
The cloth seat is more comfortable than my previous leather and pleather chairs that cost the same or more. Also, I’m not building up as much heat in the seat.
The arm rests are not perfect. The adjustment is okay. But there is a sharp edge where the bottom and top half of the outer shell was formed. It can almost cut your hand and detracts from the comfort of the chair when you hit that edge or grip the armrest as you are sitting down or getting up.
The armrests seem adequate at present but they are about 35% thinner than the armrests on my old chair, of similar composition. I’m not confident they will hold up and be comfortable over the long term.
Another caveat about this type of armrest shell, is that the plastic tends to crack over time from your elbows and arms digging into it, along with body oils that seem to attack the the pleather surface. When that happens, it pinches your arm when used. That was the main reason for replacing my older chair. I hope this one may have some better results. Time will tell.
The mesh back is comfortable and allows my skin to breath. I really love being able to adjust the recline position to more than one angle! It’s usually all or nothing.
The adjustments on the lumbar and headrest are useful and comfortable .
The chair doesn’t raise up as high as my old chair, but it is adequate, barely.
Overall, I would give the chair 4 stars so far and would buy it again.
I may try to trim the sharp edge on the armrest. The left one seems to be the real problem. The right armrest seems better formed near the front edge where I notice it most. The right armrest has the sharper edge toward the back where I don’t contact it often.”


2. Flash Furniture – Soft Desk Chair with Padded Seat and Armrests

Top-rated: 3,980 Ratings

best office chairs under 200
Credit: Facedsthetics Co.

Highlight: Boasts a soft mid-back brown LeatherSoft back and seat paired with a black metal base and armrests all highlighted by an attractive horizontal line stitching to boost your desk or work area with modern style

Helpful review: “This chair looks nice and is very comfortable. I really wish it came with a gold finish instead of chrome, but for the price you can’t get everything you want. It came packed well and delivery was quick and easy. I put this together in about 45 minutes. I used a ratchet screwdriver instead of the Allen wrench provided. Many people said that the castors were hard to pop in, but they popped right in for me. I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 for 2 reasons- first, the holes on the right side of the chair did not line up well. I would have had this chair put together much faster if it wasn’t for this. After some trial and error, I had to complete the left side first (back and arm) in order to be able to pull the pieces together tight enough to make the holes line up on the right side. Even then it was a struggle. The other reason is that it can with a slight tear on the very back of the seat piece. It was covered once the back was put on, but it does raise concerns about the longevity of the chair. This is for a home office with limited usage, but I think if my dogs jump on it, it may tear. I will update this review if there are any issues. Overall, not a bad piece. Slightly overpriced for the issues. This was my first time putting a chair together.
** update** Although the size of this chair is great for me at 5′ tall, my husband (6′) mentioned it being a little small for him. The seat is narrow and short. Not something I noticed, but he wouldn’t be comfortable all day in it. He also noticed lots of ways to adjust the chair- I didn’t realize you could adjust the lumbar support!”

G. Rose

Trending review: “I was looking for a white desk chair for what seemed like forever. I didn’t want anything cheap or not comfortable to sit in. I will admit I don’t sit in this chair for hours and house but I would consider it comfortable. It was super easy to assemble and you don’t have to assemble the arms. I took mine off so it would fit under my desk better. Be aware that is does look funky because the hardware will stick out from the fabric.

This chair has great padding and a slight rocking effect which I really wanted.

Overall very happy with my purchase!”

Briah shoemaker

3. Mimoglad – Ergonomic Desk Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support

Top-rated: 5,109 Ratings

best office chairs under 200
Credit: Manders

Highlight: An ergonomic chair with proper “S-shaped” back support will always maintain a healthy spine posture and prevent your back from becoming damaged and flattened. Your spine’s lumbar discs will experience less stress or pain if you have enough lumbar support. You can avoid hunching over and scrunching your shoulders due to the adjustable headrest. Be sure not to slouch, this is the problem.

Helpful review: “I’ve been sitting in this chair 12 hours a day for a month now, and I finally feel like I can write an honest review about it.

The chair was packaged very well, and was one of the easiest chair constructions I’ve experienced over the years. The tools were great quality and I was able to construct it alone with no issues.

Visually, the chair looks nice. The colors pop, and it doesn’t have a “cheap” look to it, despite its plastic and mesh design.

When first sitting in the chair, it’s comfortable. The seat cushion is slightly firm, but soft enough where I don’t feel too much fatigue using it, especially during those long sitting sessions. The mesh seat back is nice, and I don’t feel the pressure of the back’s frame on my shoulder blades. The headrest is a nice touch, as it has a slight give to it, making it comfortable to lean into.

After a few weeks, however, I’m noticing I’ve had some lower back strain/problems which I didn’t have in my previous chair. So I’m not very comfortable anymore. It’s also affecting my sleeping positions, making it difficult to get comfortable and fall asleep quickly.

A majority of my sitting time is spent cross-legged with my back pressed firmly against the backrest to keep my spine aligned, and doing so on this chair, I think, is partly causing the problem. Because of the discomfort, I’m constantly changing my sitting position between “proper”, leaned back, cross-legged, and leaned forward. With my old chair, I could sit cross-legged the entire time with my back pressed against the backrest the entire workday and not have any issues.

There’s an adjustable lower backrest, but it has some issues. For one, it doesn’t stay in the position you keep it in, and you’ll need to readjust it if you squirm around in the chair or get up and leave for a while (it will fall back into its lowest position on its own). Even keeping the back rest adjusted, I still can’t find a comfortable position for long sitting sessions.

Also, there are plastic covers for the joint screws on the swivel arms. These pop out constantly, falling to the ground. There’s nothing to lock them into place aside from light tension. I’ve hammered them on with my hands, but it only lasts for a day or so before falling off again. I’ve resorted to taping them on.

For its price, it may not be a terrible purchase, especially if you’re not planning on sitting for actual office-length work day in and day out. However, I’ll likely be looking for another chair. In the meantime, I’m trying to switch to an orthopedic seat pillow and added armrest cushions to increase the longevity of it, but I don’t like that I have to resort to these measures on a chair 1 month old. We’ll see if the cushions help the lower back pain.

Overall, it’s not a terrible chair. You can do much worse, especially for the price. But for anyone looking for something comfortable for long sitting hours, I don’t believe this will be your chair.”

Day G

4. Winrise – Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair

Top-rated: 367 Ratings

best office chairs under 200
Credit: LuckyTwo

Highlight: Winrise office chairs are designed with professional ergonomics to protect human body while prolonged sitting. The home office desk chair features a divided backrest to decompress the lower back, and the elastic adaptive lumbar support can effectively avoid lumbar suspension, muscle strain, and lumbar spine injury.

Helpful review: “Recently, I invested in this ergonomic office chair, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase. From the outset, its contemporary design and sleek black finish immediately caught my eye. Aesthetically, it fits seamlessly into my workspace, giving it a professional and modern touch.

Functionality-wise, the chair boasts a mesh backrest. Not only does this design offer optimal airflow, preventing those pesky sweaty back moments during long working hours, but it also provides substantial lumbar support, making it ideal for extended use.

The adjustable armrests are a notable feature, allowing me to customize my seating position to perfection. This is especially beneficial for someone like me who spends hours at the desk – it’s essential to have that personalized fit for comfort.

The sturdy base and smooth-rolling casters ensure mobility without compromising stability. The cushioned seat is neither too firm nor too soft, striking the right balance to keep me comfortable throughout the day.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a chair that marries form with function, this one’s a top contender. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a blend of comfort, durability, and style in their workspace.”


Trending review: “I am so happy I decided to buy this chair! I bought another chair off of Amazon and I work from home so I sit for a good bit during the day. My old chair was so uncomfortable, not to mention extremely difficult to put together. I would constantly have back and bottom pain that would leave me in so much pain it would be hard to move. This took me a little over an hour to build because I was working at the same time, but it was the easiest thing I have ever built! The instructions could not have been more clear. Everything was packaged well. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the headrest or if I wanted to install it, but I did and turns out I’m indifferent. I was hoping there was a way to remove the headrest and have it optional and there is! Now, the COMFORT. I have never sat in a chair more comfortable than this one. The seat is nice and plushy and the back support is insane. I purchased a seat cushion for my old chair and I honestly like this one without it. I can’t say enough good things. I only wish this came in a beige/white color combo and it would be even more perfect. Do not hesitate to purchase this!”

Salena McNeil

5. Mimoglad – Ergonomic Desk Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support

Top-rated: 4,710 Ratings

best office chairs under 200
Credit: andrea

Highlight: This task chair has a 4 inch lifting range to meet the needs of people of different heights, it also has a reclining function of 90-135 °which allows you to relax yourselves after work. This mesh computer chair with flip-up armrest and seat height adjustable means you can find the perfect position to ensure you a pain-free day for long hour sitting.

Helpful review: “I absolutely love this chair. The height adjustment is smooth and precise, it swivels 360 degrees as slowly or as quickly as needed without a sound! No creaking, grinding, jerking……….. smooth as butter!
The two (2) downsides for myself as an individual are that the lumbar support isn’t as deep as I’d like. It just does hit that sweet spot of my lower back. Another feature I wish it had is the ability to adjust the width of the arm-rests. They are too wide for me to use. I’d be just fine with a “stool” instead of a chair considering how I utilize this.
All-in-all, this is a nice chair, especially when considering the price point. I can’t speak to it’s longevity over time BUT I purchased the Asurion Protection offered just in case it prematurely falls apart.”


Trending review: “I bought this for around 125, which is not that worth it, considering it squeaks constantly from one of the caster wheels that has some issue with weight distribution, so every time you shift in your seat, it squeaks. Very irritating and noisy. It did this right after assembly, so it is not a wear-and-tear issue. However, right now the chair has a coupon that knocks the price down to under 110, so it’s a decent consideration if you do not mind the noise, since it’s difficult to find a comfortable chair in this price range. Other reviewers did not mention the squeaking, so I am assuming it’s just a game of product quality roulette to see if you are unlucky.

A few things you should keep in mind before deciding to get this:

  • The seat is pretty deep, so if you are a shorter person, this chair will not support your back since you will need to sit towards the front to make sure your knees bend at the edge of the seat. Best if you are 5′ 8″ and up. The person in the picture is six feet tall and you can see how far back he can sit. I am shorter and found myself sitting forward as I worked.
  • Chair cushion could be thicker and softer, but it’s a nice fabric at least. Adding a separate cushion means you would need to adjust the lumbar support the highest it can go to compensate for the added seat height, but the lumbar piece has limited range so this won’t work if you have a long torso.
  • Lumbar support is the biggest purchasing reason. It works quite well being height adjustable, but since it’s just a plastic piece with hard edges it can dig into your back a bit. If you mind this, then you might want to consider getting a different chair that uses lumbar cushions or pillows instead.
  • Arm rest padding is hard, I had to add my own elastic slip on pads.
  • No neck support if you like leaning back in your chair. If your upper torso is long and you need some head support, then this chair won’t be right for you. The seat back reaches about a bit shorter than shoulder height.

Overall I would say to wait for a sale, it is decent quality if you get it at a fair price. Otherwise it’s not a bad chair, but it isn’t amazing or a bargain. Comfort is okay, provided you read the above points and make some adjustments (possibly adding your own seat cushion, arm pads, not needing neck support, etc.) Quality is pretty good and assembly was excellent with the provided tools, spare parts, and clear instructions.

Edit: Seller reached out after seeing my review and promptly sent a replacement seat height adjuster panel, along with personalized email and video on how to remove parts after assembly. Sadly, it did not fix the squeaking. Their English is not good so I do not think they understood the exact cause of the noise on my chair, but they are helpful and responsive, so you can rest assured that the company will try to help if your chair has issues.”

Mari C.

6. SUNNOW – Ergonomic Desk Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support

Top-rated: 1,123 Ratings

best office chairs under 200
Credit: Albert

Highlight: All parts are carefully selected. SUNNOW ergonomic chair passed the BIFMA, SGS. Great quality guaranteed! The office desk chairs with adjustable lumbar support, flip-up arms and resilient padded thick seat cushion offer you ultimate sitting experience. Exquisite Design for various workplaces like home, office, conference room and reception room.

Helpful review: “Love the adjustments you can choose from on this chair very comfortable to sit in. Backrest is a bit high so the headrest is too high for my 5’10 frame even with adjustments but it isn’t a deal breaker.

You can reach sunnow via email, there’s a one year warranty and although email is slow they are very thorough in their responses.

A detail to give attention is the foam pad at the front lip of the seat. Unlike other chairs the foam pad here which is well to the middle of my thigh and as far from my knee joint this is important as it prevents any tension or discomfort.

Raising and lowering the seats can help with any tension there as well, also between the arms the distance is a bit wide at 20 in which isn’t my preference 17 in would be perfect as I am a slimmer person but this also is not a deal-breaker.

The armrest is pretty firm but has a slight amount of give to it. they can be quite slippery, sometimes I lean to one side of the chair and there isn’t enough friction to keep my arm from sliding off the armrest. But this again is nitpicking and my preference is something with more friction and a bit more give not a deal breaker.

Oh and assembly isn’t difficult but do be advised that you will need to use multiple of the provided washers to tightly fit some of the pieces together, it’s hard to explain but that part of the assembly process will be obvious because the screws will not go all the way in.

Lastly moving the seat forward and back is more handy than I thought it’s one of those things you never know you need but you’re glad you have.

So the chair is a win, wish they warranty was longer but I don’t see myself needing the warranty at all”


Trending review: “My company provided chair was so stiff (old) and everything made noise from all the loose hardware. To get a new chair your required a doctors note to submit to HR, so it can be “ergonomic” and have “lumbar support”. So, I decided to buy one on my own so I went looking for inexpensive ergonomic lumbar support office chairs and found this one. First of all fast shipping, perfect. Second, assembly was very easy and included the tools to do so, nothing extra required.
Seat has a thick cushion, very supportive. Premium chair structure material. The base is metal (surprising) which I find great for durability and they are a little longer length so chair doesn’t tip over. Has standard caster wheels ( I chose to go with the rollerblade type wheels and they are super quiet and smooth when rolling across the carpet, a personal upgrade). Has adjustable lumbar support both up and down, plus depth. Head support adjusts too, which was a plus since I always have a pony tail. I found the chair is very supportive, firm, and steady. The chair recline was more than expected but great because during lunch break you can really relax.

Cons: The chair adjust mechanism is a little heavy during assembly but you don’t even notice it once the chair is assembled.

Conclusion: Overall this chair is definitely worth the money and I’m very glad I bought it. Comfy and sturdy.”

Guadalupe V. Lira

7. FelixKing – Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable High Back

Top-rated: 555 Ratings

best office chairs under 200
Credit: Cook

Highlight: Our home desk chairs can flexibly adjust different heights and tilt angles. Adjustable lumbar support adapts to the sitting posture of varying body shapes, effectively supporting your back and spine so that you will not feel tired quickly.

Helpful review: “Comfort, versatility and value for the dollar in an office chair is most important to me. I’ve used many office chairs over the years and no two are alike. I need a chair that fits my body and this one does.

The armrests are the right distance apart. They are padded and much easier on my elbows than hard plastic armrests are, though more padding would be nice. They flip up when I don’t want them, like when I am playing my guitar.

The lumbar support slides up and down which increases fit and comfort.

I can lock the chair in the upright position or unlock it and lean backward, though the range is limited, probably for safety reasons. A tension adjustment lets you increase or decrease the amount of tilt resistance.

The mostly flat seat and back works best for me. Heavily sculpted seats create pressure points on my legs and back. I would like a bit more padding on the seat but it’s fine most of the time and I just add a seat cushion when I need more.

The chair was easy to assemble, glides easily, feels solid and looks good. You can spend over a thousand dollars on an office chair but it would be highly unlikely to match the value per dollar of the FelixKing Ergonomic Office Chair.”


Trending review: “I work from home. My old office chair was getting worn out. I wanted one that was going to be comfortable, versatile and not to expensive. This chair meets all of those for me. The wheels are nice. This chair rolls around very easily. I’ve had chairs where the wheels don’t want to turn and it makes the chair go in a different direction than you’re trying to go. That doesn’t happen with this chair. The arm rests fold up and out of the way which I really like because sometimes it works better for me to move them. Most importantly since I sit for my job I needed a chair that is comfortable and that I can sit in for a long time and I definitely can do that with this chair. The lumbar support slides up and down increasing your ability to adjust fit and comfort. The chair can be locked in the upright position or unlocked and you can lean backward but not far enough to fall over. A tension adjustment lets you increase or decrease the amount of tilt resistance. Finally the chair is easy to assemble. I didn’t use the tool provided; I used my own which made putting the chair together that much easier. I’ve had this chair for a few months now and am very happy with it at this point.”

Stephanie A.

8. OUTFINE – Computer Chair with Ergonomic Support Tilting Function

Top-rated: 989 Ratings

best office chairs under 200

Highlight: Well-padded seat and backrest deliver cozy sitting experience for work, relaxation and gaming. What’s more, the armrests are both covered by the soft pad of waterfall shape. They are great rest place for your arms as the soft pad protects your elbows from pressing against the hard surface. You can also relieve your stress by using the adjustable tilt function to rock back.

Helpful review: “First, as always YMMV, because this type of chair is made in China and anything can cause issues, but this is my review after assembly and first days of use. So, I am only reviewing the materials and assembly at this point.

MATERIALS: The build of this chair is quite good. All parts are heavy cast metal. The cushions are heavily padded, firm and strong, and the leather is of good quality (altho just starting using).

ASSEMBLY: This chair is similar to most others, first the base is assembled and the wheels attached. I highly recommend that you discard the included wheels and spend about $25 on AMZ to get roller-blade style wheels, much easier to move around and less damage to flooring. I really liked that they included a ‘spare parts’ section to the screw packaging insert. Most all suppliers give you an extra screw and other spares, but they mix with the normal section. One thing … this manufacturer includes a basic “L” hex wrench, but another one (SIHOO) includes a T-handle wrench that makes it so much easier to work with. As it happens, I also just bought a SIHOO chair for another work-space and had the T-handle wrench around to use (apparently they all use the same size hex screws). I was able to assemble in less than 30 minutes total. The only challenging step was attaching the back cushion. As noted in the instructions, the manner to attach the back cushion is that you lay it flat on the seat, and then attached the top screws on the back cushion. Then, you swing it up (pivoting on the top screws that you loosely attached) and then insert and attached the bottom screws on the back cushion. The issue is that the back cushion is so bulky from padding that it may not easily fit into place. The trick is that the side armrests must be very loosely attached, to allow the bottom of the back cushion to fit into place. THEN AND ONLY THEN you actually tighten all of the screws for armrests and the top screws of the back cushion. Do that, and its easy!

NOTE: As this is a chair for big folks (altho nicely rated at 400lbs capacity) you may decide to buy and use one of the available heavy/max capacity lift cylinders, which AMZ has many. I had bought the one that is rated as 1000lbs, and was a 5.5 inch model (vs. 4.7 inch model). In considering to use it during the assembly, I immediately noticed that it sat in the wheel base much higher, so the resulting seat position would be about 4 inches higher, even at lowest seat position. My spidey senses cautioned me that with the seat being much higher, the amount of the lift cylinder would be much smaller in the wheel base. Thinking this thru, that would possibly result in much more torque and stress on the length of the cylinder between the base and the seat cushion base. I opted to just go with the 400lb included lift cylinder. In the end, that was the best decision as even using the included lift cylinder, I had to lower the chair to sit at correct height at my standard work desk. First time that has ever happened, actually – prolly because the seat cushion is very padded and you will sit up higher just because of that. (Can only imagine with the bigger one, would be too high even at lowest setting.)

CONCLUSION: High quality build materials, relatively easy to assemble, and sits nicely. Highly recommend.


Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!

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