Top 10 Best Office Chairs Under $300 (2023 Review)

If your sitting posture at the work desk is not right then that can lead to fatal body disorders in future. No matter how much work out you do to burn out calories gained, but the back pain generating out of your chair at your work desk is not going to leave you unless you make your sitting position right. A playful sitting ambience at the high stress working area is required for long term health benefits and productivity. So, it’s very important to choose a right office chair which helps you enjoy sitting while working.

If you’re out in the market in hunt of best office chair with $300 in your pocket, then there are lot of office chairs from different manufacturers that claim to be good in ergonomics and sturdy enough to withstand for next 4-5 years. But, we cannot just believe on those words advertised by chair manufacturers and buy the chair. Right?

So, we at Chair Adviser, reviewed dozens of office chairs in the $300 price range and picked the 10 best office chairs under $300 so that you don’t end up wasting your money and time by buying a bad office chair for yourself.

best office chairs under $300 - featured image

Spending up to $300 can give you or your employee a right posture which will eventually lead to better productivity and work management. So, we think you should never compromise in investing your money on a good office chair that can give you a lot of health and work related benefits!

So, if you’re ready then let’s proceed with our comprehensive list of budget office chairs on which you can spend your hard-earned $300, blindfolded.

Best Office Chairs Under $300 - Top Picks

1. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair Our Top Pick

Topping our list is Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair which is currently our most recommended office chair under $300. This office chair designed by Gabrylly contains several different ergonomic adjustments that help keep the neck and spine in perfect alignment.

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
Our Most Recommended Office Chair Under $300 of 2021

The Gabrylly Mesh Office Chair can be easily personalized according to you by adjusting the arms and setting the pneumatic swivels and seat 360° around your desired height.

This chair is also the most highly rated and sought after office chair in the $300 price range on

There is also a unique curvature that helps in adjusting the neck and the head. The chair has a mesh back and seating that helps in the proper passage of air, hence making you stay cool and breathing throughout your working hours. The chair back is perfectly contoured helping you to keep your body posture accurate while providing the natural lumbar support.

Gabrylly Office Chair - Ergonomic Design

The chair dual-wheel casters allow smooth-rolling mobility; therefore, you can multitask without getting up from your chair, acting as a great assistant for your daily work. Moreover, the design is stylish and fashionable, giving your office space a refreshed look.

The chair comes at an affordable price range, right under your budget below $300.

We think that investment in a moving and fully adjustable chair like this would keep the work atmosphere stress-free and would make the work a fun activity.

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2. Starspace Executive Chair For Big & Tall

Let’s now talk about a different kind of chair. As you can tell from its image this chair looks quite Herculean. It is capable of holding weight up to 400 lb. Woohh!! Isn’t it too much? So, just imagine the kind of materials that have been used to prepare this beast.

Starspace Swivel Executive Office Chair - Black Leather Model

Unlike the previous chair, it may have some problems regarding ventilation as the back and sitting area is completely cushioned, leaving almost no room for air pass. But the kind of comfort which you can expect out of this executive swivel chair is class apart.

The tilt-lock mechanism is the unique feature of this chair using which you can actually fix the inclination angle of the chair! So, next time when you feel like little stretching out while sitting and working at your office, think for this chair. The desired fixed inclination and the completely cushioned fabric arrangement will help you to have the comfort and flexibility like never before.

Starspace Ergonomic Chair - best office chair under 300 dollars for big and tall guys

The chair has a built in lumbar support. This may help prevent Sleep disc and those kind of back and posture related troubles.

The complete round shaped loop arms are also very comfortable for keeping your hands whenever you feel so. Just imagine your hands resting on the finest leather backed up by the best quality cushion. Isn’t that amazing?

You sit comfortably and you forget the stress level at your workplace. No kidding! This office chair under $300 is actually capable of doing that.

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best executive chair under $300 for big and tall guysThis chair comes in another variant too. The black leather is replaced by brown leather and it also costs below $300. So, if you’re looking for an executive heavy duty office chair under $300 in brown color, then this chair is the one that you should go with.

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3. HON Ignition 2.0 Ergonomic Office Chair

HON – one of the leading office furniture manufacturing company designs and manufactures their products completely in US. Their products represent the American quality and are known to keep the promise. The Ignition 2.0 ergonomic office chair looks simple at first glance but has high promises to keep.

Ergonomically, it is one the best office chair in the $300 price range with very little to no flaws!

HON Ignition Mesh Back - best ergonomic office chair under $300

The chair is available in two different color options – fog and black where colors are reflected only at its mesh back rest, seat and frame color comes standard in black color only. The chair delivers in very lightweight package and surprisingly assembly of the chair is also very easy.

Talking about the features, the chair has a synchronic tilt mechanism. An advanced technology set up that provides the unique experience in a sense that you can recline and design your own tilting as per your own choice.

The chair comes with adjustable lumbar support too, making it a very comfortable and contented gear to trust on.

Adjustable Lumbar Support - Hon Ignition 2 Ergonomic Office Chair
Adjustable Lumbar Support

The unique selling features of this chair is, Seat Glide Mechanism – which allows users to adjust the seat position back and forth to get the lumbar and thigh support at right place resulting into less back pain and maximized comfort.

The chair can handle a person of weight up to 300 lb. which makes this chair right choice for heavy chair potatoes. The only downside of buying this chair is, it doesn’t come with headrest so if you’re the one who suffers from neck pain every now and then – then this chair is not for you.

On an overall note, if you want a simple-looking, but greatly comforting and promising office chair under $300 to sit and enjoy your work then this should be your choice any time. The mesh back and unique incline features has added a charm to this sitting mechanism.

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4. AutoFull Racing Style Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair

Another office chair under 300 dollars from one of the leading chair manufacturers – AutoFull. This racing style ergonomic office chair is perfect for gamers and for people who are seeking proper lumbar and headrest support in their new office chair.

AutoFull Racing Style Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair with Pillows

It comes with 360 degree Swivel and 155 degree inclination. So, next time you want a power nap during your office break this should be your choice.

Aesthetically also this chair has one of the best in class looks. So, if you want other people to stare at your desk or the surrounding then definitely this is a good shot.

The complete leather cushioned back and furnishings with adjustable lumbar and headrest pillows have made this chair a one of its kind.

AutoFull High back Gaming Office Chair Setup

Verified by SGS this chair has a framework made up of complete robust and high tensile steel. So, next time you sit on it, just be rest assured about the comfort promised as well as the strength and quality guaranteed.

The headrest and the complete lumbar support mechanism will provide you best in class comfort and coziness. The high flexibility and the slick and strong design have made this gaming office chair uniquely positioned in our list of sub-$300 office chairs.

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5. Clatina Mesh Task Chair

Are you looking for an office chair which can provide you cool, calm, comfort at the same time? Are you really worried about sweating your pants off while sitting on a cushioned and fabric chair?

Well, then Clatina Mesh Computer Desk Chair is the solution for you. As described above this chair is one of the best in class and have all the positive points of our till now discussed features.

Clatina Ergonomic - best office chairs under $300

The breathable mesh at the back of this chair will be very comfortable for your shirt. The ventilation and airing mechanism will help you to maintain calm and will keep you composed during work.

The height and the arm supports are fully adjustable. The manufacturer claims that why compromise and think hard when the chair itself can self-adjust for you. Isn’t that really out of the box? It has both arm and lumbar adjustment, giving you a comfort all together which you may have never imagined of.

Adjustable Armrests Lumbar Support and Height - Clatina Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair Under $300

The stretchable back has made this product ergonomically quite strong too. This cozy, compact chair can definitely be a classy addition to your existing office furniture and that too at a price well below even $200. With five years of warranty and 90 day money back guarantee, it’s an excellent value for money package with complete peace of mind.

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6. Reficcer Heavy Duty Big & Tall Chair

Let’s welcome the BOSS of the office chairs now. The Reficcer Heavy Duty Double Plush Leather Chair. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Well, the form factor, design and aesthetics of the chair completely justifies the name of the chair.

Reficcer Heavy Duty Double Plush Leather Chair

Upholstered with the best possible shining leather in the market this chair would actually give you a boss like feeling from your inner soul. The double plush leather adds up into its premium looks and provides comfort to your thighs and back like no other chair in $300 price range.

Reficcer Heavy Duty Executive Office Chair Under $300

The best part of the chair is that, this is having a pneumatic gas seat lift mechanism beneath the sit. So, next time, you want to adjust the height, just pull the pneumatic seat control handle beneath you and you will be adjusted according to your wish.

The manufacturer has defined this as a “big mans chair” and there is no doubt about the justification of this. This product is indeed for the big guy. The looks, the comfort, the tilting mechanism, the spread, everything has made it a perfect choice for a boss like you.

The chair is built on a very strong framework, which makes it capable of withstanding weight up to 400 lb.

Padded armrest, plush pillow at the neck side and the spring tilt mechanism of this office chair would give you a sitting experience which you may have never imagined of.

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7. DXRacer Racing Series Bucket Seat Office Chair

Are you a start-up guy or an entrepreneur or a guy who loves gaming? Then believe us, this is the best gaming office chair under $300 which you should go for right now. The funky cool design, the slick sexy look, the vibrant color combination would eventually make this chair a love at first sight thing.

DXRacer Racing Series OH/RAA106 Gaming Office Chair

Backed up with the best-in-class fabric, this chair has fantastic breathing mechanism which will never allow your trousers or shirts to get drenched in your sweat while working under stress. The S shaped back has made the product ergonomically also very perfect fit and sustainable.

This was originally designed keeping high involvement gaming scenario in mind, but the usability has been redefined over the time. People are now buying and using it on a regular basis for office purpose too.

DXRacer Racing Series OH:RAA106 Office Chair Front look - best office chairs under 300 dollarsThe chair has been provided with extra height, back rest and neck rest, thus making it a very comfortable one. The armrests are also decent, where you can keep your hands of for certain time, when you feel like numbed.

The 3D straight armrest has also some added benefits. It comes with an adjustment mechanism which is helpful to protect and support your shoulder and wrists.

Price wise, this office chair is little costly but definitely the price is justified. It comes just under $300, in the range of $290-$299.

The design and color combination of this product have given it an appearance of a racing car like sit. So, if you really had a wish to be an F1 racer at some point of time, then this can really play a dummy for your wish now.

Just sit on and it will automatically push you to move on over the track of race (of life).

This chair doesn’t provide good back support hence it is not recommended to the people who are looking for an office chair to sit for longer periods. But here’s a deal – If you buy this chair today then you’ll get a free neck rest and lumbar cushions which makes this gaming office chair again a good choice in $300 price range.

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8. Lorell Executive High-Back Office Chair

Simple in design, casual in looks but formal at the place. These are the words that perfectly define the Lorell Executive High Back Office Chair.

As the name suggests, this chair is perfectly suitable for executive class. Backed up with nylon structured meshes at the back, this chair has perfect or rather best in class breathability.

Lorell Executive High-Back Chair - best ergonomic office chair under 300 dollars

The chair comes with a pneumatic height adjustment mechanism. The height can be varied from 17 ” to 21″ as per your comfort. You can also adjust the height and width of armrests to support your elbows while typing and its back rest and seat are also fully adjustable. All these adjustable mechanism on the chair provides a very smooth transition making you feel like sitting on a first class airplane seat.

Expert’s Tip – For the price less than $200, the Lorell Executive High Chair is the most comfortable office chair you can buy right now.

Being fully adjustable in nature, it will be great choice for all types of people. Even if you are short, this chair will make you feel comfortable with its height and seat adjustment mechanisms.

Lorell Executive High-Back Chair Height Adjusting Handle
Adjustable Seat, Height and Back Rest Inclination Handles to maximize your comfort

The Lorell Executive High Back Office Chair also provides asynchronous tilt mechanism which controls three level of inclination. So, when you feel fatigued no need to get up and move around in your office corner. Just pull the three levers, adjust the inclination and stretch yourself.

The 360 degree swivel mechanism has made this chair a perfectly flexible one. So, if you want to travel from one desk to another, use this chair as your car and feel the speed beneath your feet.

The chair has been accredited with perfect in class ergonomic design, which is capable of providing you the desired back support without disturbing your lumbar and spinal system at all.

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basyx by HON High-Back Leather Office Chair Under $300
basyx by HON High-Back Leather Office Chair

If you don’t like the chairs with mesh back and looking for something that looks more executive than the aforementioned Lorell office chair then the basyx by HON High-Back Leather Office Chair is the another great option in same price range.

It has all the features similar to the aforementioned office chair from Lorell but instead of the Nylon mesh back, this one has a cozy and comfortable leather finished back.

The chair has a very classy appearance and the comfort you can get out of this is kind of second to none.

Features like 360° swivel, pneumatic height adjustment and tilt and lock mechanism are all built in. You just need to sit on and try all those for an out of the world experience.

9. Ovios High-Back Office Chair

Are you looking for a chair which would be aesthetically best in class as well as exceptional in terms of health benefits? Then we guess, Ovios High Back Office Chair might be a perfect fit for you under $300.

Ovios best ergonomic office chair under $300

The segmented padded back has made this chair a unique one and piece of work all together. The reason behind this inimitable design is to provide you an experience of sitting combined with the best-in class back support and comfort.

Ovios High-Back Swivel Office Chair Under $300 - Side Image
Curved S-shaped backrest to provide proper support to your back

The design is termed as waterfall back. So, if you stare at the chair you can understand that the back support has been designed keeping in mind the sitting postures and pressures. The cascade sort of design would actually give the comfort while the S curved structure would help maintaining the pressure.

The cushioned sitting is contemporary and the slim profile it has is very exceptional, given the price range. It comes well under $200.

So, if you are looking for the best office chair under $300 which is capable of providing you the best back support and help you maintain the right posture while sitting for longer times then go for this chair surely.

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10. Serta Executive Office Chair

Looking for the best traditional office chair under $300? Serta Executive office chair has classic traditional looks combined with all the comfort features that you expect from your office chair. The complete leather back and cushioned headrest and sides has given it an appearance which is of one of its kind only.

serta bonded leather big and tall best traditional office chair under 300 dollars

The chair has been manufactured with all the best possible commercial grade, quality tested materials, thus making it capable of withstanding weight up to 350 lb.

So, you can never question about build quality of this office chair. It is a safe haven where you can play as per your wish.

The classic bentwood padded arm rests are also exceptional to find in any other office chairs in $300 price range. They are comfortable and also feel nice to touch.

Serta office chair with adjustable height
Serta Executive Office Chair – Proper Ergonomics with Executive Looks

The deep ergonomically designed body cushion works from behind to give you the experience which is equivalent to feel numb or tranquil. So, next time when you really want to stress out have this chair at one corner of your cubicle or at your workplace only. Just stretch out a little, have a power nap of 15-20 minutes and refreshed mind and body is guaranteed.

The final and the best part of this product is that it has a fantastic locking and inclination mechanism. You can actually tilt the chair to whatever extent you want. No boundaries. They have termed this set up as infinite locking mechanism.

Apart from that, the chair also comes with adjustable lumbar support mechanism to provide you a decent support at the back whenever you need it.

The Serta Executive Office chair is the best traditional looking executive budget office chair that you can buy right now. It provides ultimate level of comfort, from its premium deep bonded leather cushions. Moreover, it comes in 3 different colors to match perfectly with the other wooden furniture at your office.

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Other Office Chair Options by Budget

So, these are our top picks and most recommended best office chairs under $300 of 2021. These office chairs are capable of giving you the best possible sitting experience by giving proper support to your back, neck and arms.

We have tried to do an intense market research and find out the best possible office chairs for you. So, try any one of them and feel the comfort level and get lost in the world of relaxation and coziness.

Feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions or questions regarding the aforementioned best budget office chairs.

Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years in the financial space, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years in the financial space, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!

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