Top 8 Best Office Chairs Under $300 (2023 Review)

I review office chairs for a living, so you can trust me when I say that these options under $300 will give you the ergonomics you need, the comfort you want, and the price that fits perfectly into your budget.

best office chairs under $300

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of the time of writing this.

1. SIHOO – M57 Ergonomic Office Chair with 3 Way Armrests

Top-rated: 5,266 Ratings

best office chairs under 300
Credit: Zifan Zhou

Highlight: The chair is recommended by Ergonomics Application Association. SIHOO’s ergonomic design is based on the human body dynamic digital model. The ridge backrest and the human spine are exactly the same. The close fitting helps release the spinal pressure.

Helpful review: “I’ve had this chair for a couple weeks now and am pretty happy with it. I was using a hand-me-down gaming chair that was super cheap, falling apart and starting to hurt my back. Instead of getting another gaming chair, which I feel like are mostly for looks and don’t really provide any support, I wanted an ergonomic one, but didn’t have several hundred dollars to a grand to throw at a really nice brand name chair. This is the only chair I found that fit both my budget and my criteria: all mesh, adjustable lumbar, included adjustable headrest, tilt tension control, and adjustable armrests. For reference, I’m 5’4, 120 lbs, and this chair fits me really comfortably.

I like the lumbar on the most shallow setting–it’s just enough support without being obtrusive, and I’m really glad you can adjust the height. I love being able to adjust the seat tilt and tension as well, since I’m super active in my chair and like to rock back and forth at my desk and lean back for breaks. I sit at my desk all day for work, and after work I stay there and game, so I needed a chair that would recline and be good for lounging too (also why the headrest was so important).

There is hard plastic on the edges of the seat and backrest, but it doesn’t really bother me. I like to be an “ergonomic rebel” and sit cross-legged a lot, and I don’t find that the edges of the seat hurt my legs. Although I’m on the shorter side, so your mileage may vary if you’re taller and like to sit with your legs curled up.

The mesh feels firm and has enough give to be comfortable while providing support and breathing. Again, I’m on the smaller side so I don’t think the mesh sagging will be too much of an issue for me personally. I actually really like the headrest–it fits in the curve of my neck comfortably, and even though you can’t move it forward or back, I feel like being able to tilt up and down and change the height makes up for it.

You’ll definitely want to take time to play around with the adjustability and find the right fit for you. The only other thing I would have liked is the ability to move the arms in and out horizontally (I like to have the arm rests really close to me, but if you need them to be wider it looks like you can move them farther apart when assembling), but I wasn’t expecting to find that in a $200 chair, and I’m just glad I can adjust the arm rests forwards backwards, up, down, and rotate them. I use that functionality a lot, so it works great for my needs. The arm rests themselves are made of a pretty hard rubber but have some slight give, so not just rock-hard plastic. If you need the arm rests to be cushy you can probably get covers for them.

Assembly was pretty straightforward, but I followed their video as well just to make sure I did it right. Some of the castors required extra force to attach, but felt solid once they were in. Haven’t had any issues with squeaking or creaking yet–still feels pretty sturdy (and I sit in it for 10+ hours a day). I did check all the pieces for scuffs, dents, or tears before assembling, but everything was in good condition. I’d read great reviews about SIHOO’s customer support beforehand though so I wasn’t worried in the case I did need to replace anything.

Overall, if you want a chair that has ergonomic features and adjustability, and doesn’t break the bank, I’d recommend this one. I did weeks of research before deciding on it and I’m pretty happy with my decision, especially for the price! In the future when I have a thousand dollars to invest in a Herman Miller or Haworth I’ll probably upgrade, but I’m more than happy with this chair in the meantime.”


2. Duramont – Adjustable Desk Chair with Lumbar Support

Top-rated: 6,509 Ratings

best office chairs under 300
Credit: Stacy Rect

Highlight: This unique office chair includes adjustable lumbar support that goes in and out, up and down, and a recline feature that allows you to tilt the backrest back or sit straight.

Most-helpful review: “First impressions. Replacing a Respawn gaming chair, looking for something with a more robust seat. The Respawn seat flattened to the wood in a few weeks, had to buy a butt cushion, but that’s another review. I need a solid well constructed, very comfy all-day chair for telehealth work. I was looking at mesh chairs, but worried about stretch and longevity. Wife nixed all my cushy leathery chairs like the Sertas, and got me to buy this one. Looked like a nice cushy seat, comfortable airy back. Seemed a bit pricey, but I’m cheap (the Sertas evidence to the contrary), which is why the wife picked the chair. It looked good, so we bought the Duramont ergonomic chair for a solid seat and a mesh back, a hybrid.

Nicely boxed, heavy. Well packaged, arrived undamaged. Unpacked in a few minutes. I followed the easy directions, one page. Had it together in less than 25 min. It really does come with white cotton gloves, and a very nice T hex wrench. Popped the wheels on, stuck the airlift in the very heavy solid metal base. Nice wheels. The cat is a very big 18 lb Siberian for scale, who is head butting my phone as I try to write this. His name is Zaphod, big lovey lug of a cat. I used the box as a table to build the seat on which made getting it together by myself quite easy. I set the seat upside down on the box. I put the base on first, instead of the armrests, because as an American ain’t no one the boss of me. Actually, because ts massively heavy and held the seat down steady. 4 bolts, solid, felt like they could take gorilla tight, but I stopped just short. The armrests were also easy, but I could feel the wood give a bit on a couple bolts so they are nice and tight but also not gorilla tight. Solid. This thing is a tank. First sitting: luxurious? No. Kinda utilitarian. Wicked comfy? Hella yeah. The seat is firm and very comfortable for my 5″11″, 235 lbs of chubby buddy. Loving that lumbar pad support, right where its suppose to be on my back. I found I have the armrests all the way up, as well as the head rest, but it’s quite comfortable. This seat can be raised really high, my feet don’t quite touch the ground at full extension of the airlift, nice for my high desk. First impression: solid, well constructed very comfy chair. Is it worth $329? I wouldn’t have bought it, but I’m cheap. My wife never misses getting the quality she pays for, this chair included. Tomorrow’s work day will tell if its a solid, well constructed very comfy all-day chair. If you want quality, this is a good bet.”


Trending review: “I liked the chair except for the arms, they are set back too far for an old lady like me to grab onto, and pull up to my body from standing position.
I like the roller blade feature too. However, what I thought was solid metal frame legs they aren’t. I have used 16 mos. and as you can see from the picture the leg broke off like a twig. examining the metal it sort of looks like an inferior composite alloy, not the metal of the 50-60’s that I thought it was because that’s what I was accustomed to. I didn’t think I’d need insurance because of that, so I wished I purchased. I purchased another chair on Amazon this morning and also got the insurance. nothing lasts forever and I’m still paying Affirm loan for this chair. I’m “bummed”, to say the least.”


3. Oline – ErgoPro Rolling Desk Chair with 4D Adjustable Armrest

Top-rated: 2,127 Ratings

best office chairs under 300
Credit: Cleveland Wilde

Highlight: Ergonomic office chair crafted with breathable mesh for comfortable and long-lasting support.

Trending review: “I bought this chair after researching several online. I used to buy chairs in one of my jobs. This has a number of adjustments to make the chair comfortable. The mesh makes your sitting weightless, less pressure on your seat, and a great lumbar support. I do have back issues, so the lumbar support actually helps me to feel more comfortable. I am shorter, at 5’1” so my feet don’t quite plant on the ground comfortably with the chair at the shortest/lowest height. But I have a foot rest to help with that so I can stay in a good ergonomic position. I can rest my head on the head rest nicely too. I also enjoy being able to lean back using the tilt if and when needed. The seat pan depth isn’t adjustable, but this isn’t an issue for me since I am not tall. Just be sure you take your height into consideration to get a big and tall chair to accommodate your frame.
Also, the width of the seat is perfect in relation to the armrests. I am plus sized, but the sides don’t even touch me, which is great! Armrests are adjustable in multiple ways, height, depth, and angle. This chair is even more comfortable than some of the fancier and more expensive ergo chairs you can buy from a specialty store. Wheels roll smoothly and quietly!
This chair is perfect for my at home online schooling, and soon to be working from home. Considering getting a second chair for my husband’s office. Last but not least assembly is super easy…just take your time to ensure you follow each step and you’ll be fine! Put together in less than 30 minutes!”

Felicia A.

Reassuring review: “As I get older it has been a problem sitting down at my desk for a long time. I have gone through 4 different chairs in 5 years. Every chair ended up giving me back pain except for one of those kneeling chairs. Problem with the kneeling chair is I could not walk after 20 minutes.
I was about to break down and try a real high end office chair. I looked closely at their features and noted what made these chairs so pricey. After listing things that made these chairs so good, I went through the Amazon office chairs to see what I could find. Most chairs that fit the bill came in around $350 to $500. Then his chair popped up at half the price and with the features I wanted
First it has great back support in any position you are in. From upright to leaning back. Gamers who lean back a lot will find this feature a must have. The mess seat keeps you sitting in the right position. There is no padding but the chair feels great. Leather chairs are nice but I found when I leaned back I would slide around and loose all my back support. Wheels are a big upgrade from most chairs out there.
I had no problem putting the chair together, but I have put a number of these things together in the past. In fact I had the chair together before I even found the directions which were mixed in the packaging. After looking them over, I did not think they were very good and this is a weak point. The chair is very well built but heavy. Some people may need help putting the chair together if you can’t lift heavy items.”

Pat Connolly

4. KERDOM – Comfy Breathable Mesh Task Chair

Top-rated: 835 Ratings

best office chairs under 300
Credit: N. Pennington

Highlight: The ergonomic chair provides 4 support points (head/back/buttocks/hands) and proper lumbar support. The seat height, headrest and backrest can be easily adjusted to meet different needs. Suitable for people about 5’4″ to 6’4″.

Helpful review: “I do not know where to even start… First the cushion is a very supportive cloth fabric, but it is very breathable. Great Booty support. The back rest is a 3 section support, and I have a very flat lower back due to my build and the 3 lower section feels great. the middle section fits my upper back perfectly, and the head rest is fantastic. You can also lock the back in place for multiple angles, and reclining is very effortless, and smooth. If you do not like the Head rest you can leave that off, but I love it. Ok, so this is where I get sentimental…. I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR 15 YEARS; for a chair that is low enough to fit my legs under the drawers on my desk while having arm rests high enough that support my arms resting at desk height for typing, and gaming. These arm rests are amazing! They slide in and out from front to back, swivel side to side, and raise up and down. The base of the chair is metal with very nice soft rubber wheels that are the same style as Roller Blade wheels. Very smooth movement, and structurally well built. I about cried when i first sat down in this chair. Just how comfortable it is for me to sit at my desk now is a game changer. I work from home in I.T. and I am a gamer, 10 hours a day on average is spent in my office so having this chair will make my life better. I encourage everyone to try it if you are still struggling to find a chair that fits your needs. Cheers!

FYI, if you have issues using hand tools due to strength, you might want to ask for help putting it together, It is pretty easy, but requires some hand and lower forearm strength for tightening the screws.”

Nicholas Gierke

Reassuring review: “I have a bad back (broken L5 in the past) and, with the addition of additional cushion, I’m able to put in a full day in this chair. There are multiple adjustment options which is fantastic. after about 1.5 years the recline mechanism broke and i was pretty sad but the Kerdom team sent me a new base out the next day and fixed my issue. The is great service and I will be purchasing more int he future for my family.”

Joshua Coleman

5. NOBLEWELL – Ergonomic High Back Mesh Chair for Office Computer with Double Backrest

Top-rated: 660 Ratings

best office chairs under 300
Credit: Elizabeth Bermudez

Highlight: The double-backrest is designed according to the curve of the human spine, it really fits the body. Supports the back and lumbar at the same time, you can fully feel the support and curvature of the lumbar, computer chair provides stronger comfort and balance the pressure on different parts of your body.

Helpful review: “I had a “reclining gaming chair”, it was awful and didn’t last a year, was never comfortable and the metal bar that allowed you to put you legs up never was strong enough to hold adult weight legs up, and broke withing a year. I always like the mesh chairs because they are comfortable but also keep you cool but they are really overpriced. Found this one for under 200 and it also had a head rest. Perfect.

Others complained no instructions in box, but mine were wrapped up in the main back portion of the chair, also it is so easy to setup I put it together in 15 min without even reading the instructions. The arms can be mounted inward and outward to get the best possible placement for your body type, the rests themselves swivel left and right, up and down, and front to back. So many chairs don’t even have that!

The reclining mechanism is great, just make sure to tighten the front knob so you don’t scare yourself, but raise and lower lever also LOCKS the recline position so you don’t get that vertigo falling feeling when reclining like most office chairs, to unlock lean back slightly and pull the lever out, to lock, lean to desired position and push in. Also the wheels are SUPER quiet and spin fast and free and not clunky like cheap chairs. I am super happy with this chair it was exactly what I needed in my computer room/man cave to lean back and relax but also stay cool since that room is always warm. Awesome job to the manufacturer of this chair.

Also everyone says “It’s heavy….” , but I picked it up with one arm and brought it inside and put it together really easily since it is so light weight. I think all the other people are vegan or something…..not sure what they are talking about. The chair is vary light materials of plastic and practically air seat cushion….how could it be so “heavy”. Oh well to each their own, but I found nothing at all wrong with this chair.”

Russell L. Roberts

6. Primy – Adjustable Swivel E-Sports Lifting Gamer Task Chair(Black)

Top-rated: 385 Ratings

best office chairs under 300
Credit: Stan Holmes

Highlight: Primy ergonomic gaming office chairs are designed with ergonomic construction to protect the lumbar spine, head and neck. 3D elastic lumbar pillow fine-tuned fit lumbar design to support the lumbar back can effectively avoid lumbar suspension, excessive force, lumbar spine injury. The computer desk chair in Primy features an ergonomic lumbar partition design to decompress the lower back. The backrest is divided into two parts to decompress the lumbar back.

Helpful review: “This chair was super easy to assemble! I ordered it because id been having some major back pain with the lack of lumbar support on my last chair. This one is amazing. Adjustable lumbar and neck support allows the perfect fit for your body. My back pain is gone and i can sit pain free all day. Would highly recommend if you need a good ergonomic chair for a great price! Super easy to build and feels solid.”


Trending review: “I’ve worked from home for many years, with most of that time spent sitting at a desk using a computer. I am about 6′ & 180lbs and have no physical issues. But after long days at my computer, I recently started to feel some hip pain at night even though my old office chair looks like new, and was a very standard office chair with foam seat and mid height backrest. However it had no lumbar support or headrest.
I decided to upgrade to the Primy Ergonomic Office Chair and am so glad I did! After the first day of using the new chair, my hip pain was almost gone, and by the second night it was completely gone.
The mesh fabric is definitely cooler to sit in over longer amount of time, and while it is very firm it is comfortable. The lumbar support does help me sit up straighter and reminds me to correct myself when I start to slouch.
The adjustments are easy to use and function as expected. Although I didn’t discover the armrest height adjustment button for a couple of weeks, it was nice to adjust them as well. While they also can adjust inward/outwards, I prefer to keep them parallel.
For the price, this chair easily matches others that are 2-3 times as much. My only concern/question will be whether the mesh fabric will last or if it will fray and break. But until then, I am a happy WFH office homebody.”


7. Razzor – Ergonomic High Back Desk Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support

Top-rated: 377 Ratings

best office chairs under 300
Credit: Susie Diaz

Highlight: Designed based on the dynamic digital model of the human body. With its unique design, the chair promotes healthy spine posture and does not flatten or damage your back. It comes with excellent lumbar support that helps reduce strain or pain on the lumbar discs in your spine.

Most-discussed review: “I recently welcomed the Razzor Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair into my home office, and I must say, it has been a game-changer. From the moment I assembled it, a process that took me a mere 15 minutes thanks to the clear instructions, I could tell this chair was designed with both convenience and comfort in mind.

The assembly was a breeze, and the user-friendly instructions ensured that I had the chair up and ready in no time. But it’s the comfort level that truly impressed me. With long workdays becoming the norm, the ability to lean back and relax in this chair is an absolute blessing. The reclining feature adds a touch of flexibility to my work routine, allowing me to find that perfect angle for both comfort and focus.

One feature that stands out is the headrest. It provides excellent support for my head and neck, particularly when I decide to recline for a few moments of relaxation. This thoughtful design has made a significant difference in maintaining comfort, especially during extended work sessions.

Functionality also plays a significant role in my satisfaction with this chair. Its smooth mobility allows me to glide effortlessly around my office space, even on my luxury vinyl plank flooring. This might seem like a minor detail, but it speaks volumes about the chair’s overall design and practicality.

In a world where comfort, efficiency, and aesthetics matter, the Razzor Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair has truly risen to the occasion. It seamlessly blends comfort with contemporary design, making it a valuable addition to any workspace. If you’re seeking a chair that not only complements your home office but also supports your well-being, this chair should undoubtedly be on your radar.”

Samuel Said

Reassuring review: “I usually take product reviews with a grain of salt, as situations vary, however the reviews for this chairs are what convinced me to make the purchase. Install was shockingly simple, taking only 30-40 minutes total to install. The most difficult part was removing all the packaging (tape & bubble wrap), but hey that’s what kept it in tact during shipping. Once assembled, it was just as easy to set the height of the chair and headrest. The chair fit perfectly under my desk set at ~3feet. Overall, this chair is 10/10, would recommend. Not too expensive nor difficult to assemble. If your debating, trust the reviews and buy this chair!”

Kiegan O’Sullivan

8. Ticova – High Back Desk Chair

Top-rated: 623 Ratings

best office chairs under 300
Credit: Jitendra

Highlight: You can adjust lumbar support height and depth; headrest height and angle; armrest height, angle, forward & backward; seat cushion height; tilting angle up to 130°and rocking resilience to your personal most comfortable position

Most-helpful review: “I don’t write many reviews but I really want to express how awesome this affordable chair is. I’ll go into all the PROS and a couple little CONS for nit-pickers. Actually I think the only other review I wrote was a novel of a 1 star review on another chair I just returned, so this 5 stars is a HUGE deal. I got one of those $200 gaming chairs that recline, has a foot rest, the lumbar and head rest pillows, etc. Looked super nice and comfy but holy crap.. so far from comfy and the build quality was laughable. So many problems with that chair after only 3 months so I returned it. If you are at all thinking about buying one of those ~$200 gaming chairs with pillows, steer VERY FAR away from the idea and don’t make the mistake I did.

After a lot of researching, I came across a Youtube channel called BTODtv and they kept bringing this chair up as the best bang for your buck in many honest video reviews. Mind you, they have sat in and reviewed hundreds of chairs. Anyway, that is how I was led to this Ticova Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair. I am extremely satisfied and impressed to say the least and BTODtv is absolutely on point. I just got this chair today for $140 and I opted to get the $20 3 year accidental insurance. So a total of $160. It came in only one day with prime and I threw it together in literally15 minutes. It is extremely easy to put together. My last hunk of junk $200 gaming chair took 45 mins to put together only for it to start falling apart within months. The first time I sat down in the Ticova, I couldn’t believe it. Seriously, I couldn’t. I laughed at my wife because it surprised me with how comfortable it is. It is very comfortable and I was not expecting that for a $140 chair. After doing some more adjusting to my body shape, IT GOT EVEN MORE COMFORTABLE. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling after coming from a $200 gaming chair that gave me loads of back pain for 3 months. Let’s hop into the PROS of this chair.

Seat Cushion – So far, it’s quite comfortable after working on things for a few hours. No pain whatsoever. It actually feels like a true cushion and not some weird firm pad. My tailbone would already be hurting to the point where I’d have to stand up and walk around with the last gaming chair I had. I could only last MAYBE an hour in that junk. So it goes to show that the comfort of this chair is top-notch as a budget chair (even better than some $250-$300 chairs).

Reclining Back – I really like the free-moving back rest this chair has, but you can lock it into a few different positions if you want. The nice thing about the free-moving reclining back is that it feels natural as you lean back, especially once you find the correct amount of tension for the reclining back. I have been just kicking back watching videos while my newborn is sleeping. I could probably nap in this if I put the reclining back tension down.

Armrests – Another nice feature is how high the armrests go. These arm rest actually go high enough that you can rest your arms on (who would have thought?!). The last 2 chairs I’ve had in the past 5 years had incredibly low arm rests that were useless. But these ones on the Ticova are truly functional! Not to mention that they move forward and back a decent amount and can swivel them. Neato!

Adjustable Lumbar – My last $200 gaming chair that I returned had an “adjustable” lumbar support pillow. It looked super comfy and nice in pictures, but absolutely sucked and that’s an understatement. Well, fear no more. The Ticova has tried and true lumbar support that you can not only move up and down, but you can also increase or decrease the amount of lumbar you want. I can really fine tune it to my body shape and the nice thing is that the knob that increases or decreases the amount of lumbar support is easy access while sitting in the chair and feels nice.

Adjustable Headrest – You can move the headrest up and down and angle it. It has enough padding on it to feel comfortable as well. They did a good job on keeping it comfortable while keeping the cost of the chair down. My last gaming chair had a very awkward headrest pillow that I swear tried pushing your cervical spine out of your neck. Anyway, not much else to say because it gets the job done.

Ok, I’ve said a ton of good things about the Ticova, but here are just a couple slight cons for the nit-pickers out there. They aren’t deal breakers for me though because I just came from a $200 chair that wanted you dead.


Headrest: One thing I wish the headrest had was more forward or backward functionality. Tilting the head rest kind of puts it “forward or backward” but it’s very miniscule. There are times in certain positions that it would be nice to have the headrest come a bit more forward towards the neck and other times it would be nice to move it backward away from the neck. It is also a bit wobbly (maybe this was on purpose so it felt like it could move with your head?) Not sure if it’s a feature or budget cut, but I figured I’d add that too. It’s not SO wobbly that it is annoying though. It’s also hard to adjust the headrest height when you are sitting in the chair. I’ve already ripped the headrest off once because once a notch gives with the strength you have to move it, it can pop out the top as there isn’t anything holding it in. These gripes aren’t the biggest deals in the world because it’s still quite comfortable and functional for what it is.

Lumbar Support: Moving the lumbar support position up and down is tricky and loud. Maybe I can figure out a way to move it a bit better and quieter since I’ve only had it for a day. But if one of your kiddos is napping by you, I wouldn’t recommend trying to move it (yes, I made that mistake and woke up my napping newborn because it was a loud thunk/click).

I have to say I am really happy with this chair. It really is one of the best bangs for your buck office chairs, if not THE best. I am really hoping that this chair holds up for more than a year at least. So far the build quality is looking and feeling promising. As I mentioned earlier, I did get the 3 year protection plan for $20 because I was quite confident I was going to like the chair after watching many review videos on it. Glad I did!”

Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!

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