Top 8 Best Recliners for Back Pain (2023 Review)

I review office chairs for a living, so you can trust me when I say that these recliner options for back pain will give you the ergonomics you need, the comfort you want, and the price that fits perfectly into your budget.

Best Recliners for Back Pain

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of the time of writing this.

1. Homall – Recliner Chair with Lumbar Support

Top-rated: 14,982 Ratings

Best Recliners for Back Pain
Credit: Mike Winchell

Highlight: Material: High quality pu leather, comfortable skin friendly and easily cleaned, high density thicker sponge, high resilience and high permeability.

Helpful review: “I was looking for an inexpensive recliner since I have two cats that are not declawed and no matter what I do to try to protect furniture, they manage to at the very least to do some damage with their claws, even furniture that I’ve covered with slipcovers and EVEN furniture that I’ve put double sided tape on and/or plastic furniture guards. They somehow manage to get their claws into the furniture. So, when I was looking for a recliner, I wasn’t especially looking for one that had a synthetic leather as they can damage that as well. I had actually ordered a couple of other pieces of furniture, one from Amazon and one from another company that were so uncomfortable to sit on that I returned them and kept looking. The reviews were pretty good for the Homall recliner so I decided to try one but honestly didn’t have much hope for it being very comfortable. I was completely surprised! While the recliner is not a luxury chair that you’ll sink into and feel like you’re in a soft cocoon, it is actually quite comfortable. I recently was very sick with Covid and spent quite a bit of time in the chair. The only comfort related issue I have with the chair is that while reclining, the lower part of the chair that holds your legs is a bit hard and can feel a bit uncomfortable if your legs are in one place too long. I thought the chair, for the price of about $150 was such a great bargain for my needs that I ordered a second recliner of the same so that I have one in my bedroom and one in the living room. They are not bad looking at all, and they are very easy to assemble. I’m a smaller woman in my 60’s in good shape and had no problem at all.
Now, if I didn’t have cats I would have spent more money on a chair that I know would last for years and had more padding on the legs. I don’t know how well the recliners will hold up over time but they aren’t going to be subjected to rough use so hopefully they will hold up for a few years. The size of the recliners is perfect for a smaller apartment and people who aren’t very tall and/or very heavy. I can see how someone who is over 6 feet tall or someone who may need a wider seat with more support may not be the most comfortable in the chair as the recliner is on the smaller side. It also sits lower to the ground than some, but it’s perfect for me at 5’4″.
Overall, I’m happy with the recliners. They arrived on time with no damage.”


2. Devoko – Massage Recliner Chair Home

Top-rated: 1,451 Ratings

Best Recliners for Back Pain
Credit: Tanya J.

Highlight: Premium Standard : Made of PU leather with solid metal & wood frame. Soft, durable and comfortable

Helpful review: “I read lots of reviews claiming that this was “too small” for someone who is 5’3″, and that’s ridiculous. I’m 5’9″, and I understand that this is not an oversized luxury recliner. It’s meant for small spaces, and even though my feet hang 6″ off the end of the footrest when locked in the partial recline position, it is not uncomfortable at all, and it supports my head perfectly. It is perfect for watching the TV I mounted high on the opposite wall in my small extra bedroom/office. I have encountered no quality issues, like snapped internal wood supports I was fearing from other reviews, and there’s not even a loose stitch to be found. This is the one to get if you want something cheap and compact for a TV room with nice extra features like massage. Treat it nicely and it’ll return the favor :-S. One downside is it will eat your phone and remotes in the side gaps, so make sure you have a side table.”


Trending review: “It is a great chair. Very comfortable. Easy for my Aunt who is 82. I liked that the chair is controlled not using a cord. Plus the heat and message is on a cord but they have made it easy to grab instead falling in the floor. . In our older chair it always fell to the floor. . Cup holders are great. She using on cup holder for her cell phone and tv remote. Side pockets are great. She loves her chair. I highly recommend this chair. Definitely would but again.”


Reassuring review: “My spare bedroom is my chick cave and this chair is comfy and easy to assemble – however – it is made for a smaller person . I am 5’4” and medium build and fits perfect . My fiancé who’s much taller does not fit . The actual seat is small also . It seems sturdy , does not take up much room . Great for small living spaces .”

Tanya J.

3. Esright – Massage Recliner Chair Heated

Top-rated: 6,862 Ratings

Best Recliners for Back Pain
Credit: Appliance Queen

Highlight: 2 cup holders and extra storage bags to rest your drinks and hold magazines, good for taking a rest or watching TV, reading on bedroom, living room.

Trending review: “RE: AECOJOY Purchase of Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Purchased From AECOJOY, a third-party vendor working with Amazon.

You have no idea how much someone impacts your life until later. They are the unsung heroes who live every day doing the right thing to help others. And they do, help others. Very unassuming, very disarming, just instilling a sense that I am not alone.

I purchased the recliner cited above. When it arrived, the chair’s heat and vibrations didn’t work. I refreshed the batteries, etc., but no luck. I wrote to AECOJOY asking to process a refund. The response I received from Carrie was cordial and respectful. Her email asked if the remote turned on at all. It had not. Then she asked if I would be willing to try a new remote that she will mail to me. I was not interested in testing out stuff on the chair. It arrived dead and to my way of thinking, nothing will make it better.

Shortly after sending the response above, Carrie responded asking if I would consider a price drop of $50 refund. I agreed for several reasons. Carrie was consistent and conciliatory, and she refused to give up.

She conveyed that there is always a way to solve problems where everyone comes out a winner. The most important reason to me was that the chair is very high quality which was unexpected considering the $300 sale price.

However, I was concerned that if this solution did not work, I would be outside of the acceptable range of Amazon. By Day 30, if you have not solved an issue or requested a refund, then you will be sad. That line in the sand is deeply entrenched in Amazon’s corporate culture. Walmart, if it doesn’t work, here is another one.

Nordstrom is synonymous with customer service in a way no other organization or company has accomplished. Nordstrom’s exceptional customer service comes primarily as a result of two main components, first is their attention to detail when it comes to the customer experience and second, the level to which they empower their employees. These two factors created an unstoppable customer service engine that continues to create stories that turn into legends in today’s world.

From the very first AECOJOY email response on February 18th, I was reassured by the unspoken commitment to superior customer care. Both Carrie and Peter were civil and their emails were supportive. That may sound strange in today’s climate, but it was reassuring. I believe that both Carrie and Peter are a part of a team of experts all working to resolve a customer issue.

The chair was up and running except that it did not recline automatically. You have to stay still and put all your weight on the recliner to keep it reclined. At 103 pounds, I didn’t have the weight to hold the chair in a recline position.

Other recliners, also manual, usually have three lock points. First is the original sitting position, then a middle lock point where you are halfway reclined, and finally, a lock in the complete recline position. This recliner does not have the standard lock points as do others.

So I wrote back and asked for a refund and Peter sent me a response that they would give another price break so that I would be able to sell it and buy another recliner. Carrie also pointed out it would costly for me to return it than to sell locally.

Between the two, I felt that I was dealing with a company that empowers employees to be problem solvers. A company that believes in their products and staff who share that attitude with clients, it is rare nowadays.

I would hands down give the Customer Care Award to AECOJOY and their dedicated team.

Cindy Lou Gildig”

Cindy Lou Gildig

4. Signature Design by Ashley – Yandel Faux Leather Electric Power Lift Recliner

Top-rated: 2,477 Ratings

Best Recliners for Back Pain
Credit: Kathleen

Highlight: Style and functionality merge together in this dual motor lift chair recliner. With just the touch of a button, the power lift eases you back and elevates your legs for the ultimate lounging experience

Most-discussed review: “There are items that are difficult to buy sight unseen, this was one and took a great deal of effort to pull the “Buy” button. Buying such items is even harder when comments won’t address the very reason an item is considered, I’m frustrated and annoyed by the idiots who answer “Questions” with “Sorry, I don’t know” -Why in the World would somebody stamp themselves as an idiot? Anyway, on to the practical review.

This item was purchased because I’m PHYSICALLY disabled, I have ankylosing Spondylitis, a form of sever Arthritis -cartilage of the spine (mainly) turned to calcified bone, removing the natural “cushion” afforded by cartilage, causing sever pain and an inability to bend, there are other 2ndry eye issues and kidney stones become more prevalent due to the calcium imbalance. I’m also afflicted with regular arthritis. Overall the implications are sever enough that I’m unable to sleep in a bed, I’m a single Dad of three girls and they always came first, after two years I finally belted out the need to buy a decent recliner and spent months reviewing. Although I’m medically disabled now, I spent my working life predominately as a critical care nurse, only fairly recently has sufficient lift options have become available in the arena of Nursing Care, in my day I was pulled all over a facility to lift obese patients, typically in the 450 -600lb range (Often wondered if there had been an addiction tax, that would have covered health workers, like all the other “Special” tax’s)-Took a toll.

REVIEW: This Ashley recliner has provided rest, where no rest had been available before over two years. I had a feeling a good recliner “May” allow more than 2 hours sleep an any one time and indeed it happened.

The main criteria was to have the footrest come up high enough to assist in lower extremity lymphedema, the score I gave this recliner was 8 out of 10, but my scoring relates specifically to a need and felt another two inch rise would have met out a 10/10. Measured against my existing couch I had to sleep in which was microfiber and a manual foot rest extension, the Ashley auto recliner was the same extended footrest height, but I had great difficulty getting the manual footrest back into the couch in order to get up. The Ashley footrest with the electric option provided function.

The Ashley recliner was 2 inches higher than my couch, took a couple of days to adjust to the difference, extending the back of the Ashley recliner, from the wall was 14 inches from completely straight up to a full reclined position; the electric cable has more than enough room if required to have the recliner move further from the wall. The motor is very quiet, unobtrusive. The overall size on Amazon appears fairly large, in fact it’s a very reasonable mid size, of course pictures make it difficult to tell. I always thought recliners could be better presented, most do not make an effort to show full range and a person for sizing.

This recliner has made my life a lot easier, I believe if two changes were made, then this recliner would satisfy 100% of people who need a recliner for health issues. 1> Have the footrest elevate another two inches (rather than simply flat) and 2> The LUMBAR support is too low, needs to be at least 4 inches higher, provided the user moves the recliner into one or two specific positions, it’s not terrible, but that should not even factor in to a basic design flaw.
What would be nice to see…
Produce a microfiber option. The couch I bought was treated and has lasted well from 2006, I see no reason why the additional comfort afforded by treated microfiber could not be part of this recliners update.

Photo’s to indicate package size and full extension, including the “General” comfort non sleeping level. I would also give additional KUDO’s to AFB delivery, very impressed and rates a 10/10.

EDIT 09/24/2018 – There is one very significant flaw, just discovered, when the electric power goes out, there is no battery back up to adjust the chair, I was stranded in it for 3 hours. I would suggest a cheap power bavkup battery (as there is none in the chair) to provide enoigh time to get to a sitting position.
March 3td – Due to disability, I have used this chair as a bed, since buying. Nothing significant I would change, other than affirming a small power backup and affirming that microfiber would have been a much superior experience. The chair now shows why the fake leather is not great, worn and dark areas are a wee bit annoying. Still very functional.”

Michael C

5. mcombo – Power Lift Recliner Chair

Top-rated: 2,626 Ratings

Best Recliners for Back Pain
Credit: Beverly A.

Highlight: Power Lift Assistance: Counter-balanced lift mechanism to assist the senior stand up easily, smoothly adjust to lift or reclining position you prefer by pressing buttons (Max reclining angle: 140°)

Helpful review: “Hubby was going in for heart surgery and post op instructions suggested sleeping in a recliner. Finding one in a hurry in the holiday rush period didn’t seem all that doable, but Amazon came through in time. It came in two boxes, and because of a need to isolate from the pandemic, it was up to this little old lady to drag it in and assemble it. I found that there was no way I could actually lift the main seat section, but by leaving it in the box, after removing the lighter pieces, I was able to slide it from the front door to the location in front of the TV and the rest was fairly easy. It took me about an hour to get it up and running, but at least 20 minutes was spent trying to find the wingnut I was ( ahem ) sitting on. I wedged a book under the back feet while I was inserting the bolts, and that gave me a better angle to see and work on it. We love that the remote is tethered (wired) to the chair so it can’t get mislaid, and it has only two buttons, nothing that a sick and tired person can’t easily figure out. He likes me to put an extra pillow in the lumbar area, but other than that, it’s completely comfortable. He’s fairly short and not overweight, and possibly this would not be suitable for someone really big, but for us, it’s perfect and has a color and style that looks good in our room, just as a fringe benefit. Here’s a tip for anyone else who may be getting one of these for a person with a medical condition: I found that a knit baby crib sheet fits nicely over the seat and footrest, and this gives the chair a little protection during this period of heavy use and allows for changing it as you would a bed. He’s been sleeping in it every night since he got home 10 days ago, and really appreciates the lift function and the USB charger. It operates so smoothly and quietly that our cat rides the backrest with no sign of distress (results may vary, with regard to cats, and they must always be kept out from under recliners, which is why we didn’t have one until now). Added note: If the USB seems to have quit, check to see if it’s still plugged in. It’s the separate block from the other electrical connections, and it slips out rather easily from the small round connection at the back of the right arm. I may put some tape around it if disconnects again. The other electrical connections have locking mechanisms where they connect to the chair. Another good thing to know is that the remote can lift the chair way up beyond what your user is likely to do. This gives great access under it for cleaning or finding the small objects that may have fallen in the cracks. I wish all our furniture did that.”


Trending review: “My old recliner pretty much died so I ordered this chair which, as it turned out, arrived just in time. For a while my right knee had been giving me grief. By the time the chair arrived it was really painful. In order to rise from a sitting position I had to think about it a bit and then use both hands to push myself up. Once we got this chair assembled (I am a 79 year old female) and did it almost all by myself after my husband got the pieces into the family room. He also helped me to move it into position.

The video is super helpful when you get stuck on anything though we used the paper instructions when it came to hooking up the electronics.

Anyway, almost right after I got the chair I was in a position where I needed to use the function that has me almost standing so that I could get up out of the chair with ease. It made life much easier until I finally got to the doctor and had the fluid in my knee drained after which I have not needed that function any more. However, at 79, I figure I will find it convenient as time goes by. At 82, my husband may also find it helpful as he ages though then I may have to buy a second chair as I will not want to give up mine.

I am not adding a picture as it looks exactly as it is pictured on the website.”

Margaret Swan

6. BestMassage – Recliner Chair for Living Room

Top-rated: 12,008 Ratings

Best Recliners for Back Pain
Credit: Sawda

Highlight: Sit back and relax in your very own push back recliner chair. This chair features a dual-function foot extension and a reclining back that will surely help you to unwind and de-stress. Enjoy your favorite entertainment and fully relax your body and mood with this comfortable massage recliner.

Helpful review: “It’s nice, easy to assemble, and decent for people of most heights (I’m 6’3 and my feet do hang) I like it. It doesn’t look cheap, but when you sit in it you can understand it’s price. It’s comfy, I can nap in it and the massage is ok- not spectacular but it has a couple nice modes for vibration. It’s not the stronger rotational massage but just the old school vibration but my lower back still enjoys it. Worth the buy if you’re on a budget for a comfy chair that you can keep a few years at least. Don’t know how it’ll last over time but pleased so far!”


Trending review: “We bought these for our fifth wheel, so we needed them slim enough to still be able to close opposing slides. They are relatively light, super easy to assemble, and remarkably comfortable for the style and price. The two negative aspects are that they don’t have a side pocket for things like the massage remote, TV remote, etc, and when the leg rest is out, you have to either sit up straight or recline all the way back; there is no in-between because it will resume the upright position unless you maintain the force required to hold it in a mid-recline position. We’re love massage placement and the cushioned back and headrest, even if the leg rest doesn’t have much cushion. Overall, we’re happy with the chairs.”

Shawn & Mandi

Most-discussed review: “Well the biggest thing for me is that it’s very comfortable but I fear it may be too soft.. by this I mean Not very durable.. I hope I’m wrong.. The other is that it was very very easy to put together as advertised. The massager does not work for me.. It does not get low enough for me to benefit from it.. Plus there are only 2 settings out of 6 I think that would work.. I put furniture sliders on the legs so I can move it very easily. I say 4 stars. Oh yeah it came almost a wk early!!”

Mitchell Price

7. Giantex – Recliner Chair, Massage Wingback Single Sofa w/Side Pocket

Top-rated: 1,965 Ratings

Best Recliners for Back Pain
Credit: becki

Highlight: The upholstered recliner has an adjustable backrest between 90-160 degrees. Sit and relax by your own strength to recline the chair, for comfortably rest, watching TV or lying down. Additionally, extending footrest allows you to fully stretch and relax, providing optimal comfort.

Trending review: “I wanted a recliner, and I needed one small enough to fit comfortably in a small studio apartment. Most recliners are much too bulky, and I needed something that would be practical while not causing the room to feel cramped or cluttered. I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it, because I plan to move within the next year or two. I also have cats, and any chair will automatically, by default, become a new scratch post for them, whether I like it or not.
While browsing on Amazon, I came across this recliner by Giantex. Since this product was new to Amazon, there wasn’t any reviews to help me to make an informed purchase. I browsed at other recliners that were similar in construction, and size, and in the same price bracket. The massage function was an additional benefit. I really just needed a chair. I eventually chose this one.

It’s not bad, for a petite recliner. It is petite. It’s designed like a chair that reclines, not a recliner. The height of the back piece from seat cushion to top, is about 25″. I am 5’6 1/2″ and when the chair is in a fully upright (seated) position, I cannot rest my head on it. The back piece reaches to just about the middle of my neck. However, in any of the reclining positions, I am able to rest my head onto the back of it. If you are 5’5″ or shorter, it’s a good fit. If you are any taller, it’s not going to work out very well as a typical recliner. I think that it is most suitable as a recliner for a teen or young child’s game room, but it can work for adults also. It is great for small spaces and fits comfortably in a studio apartment.

Despite the minor inconvenience of the height of the back piece, it’s a lot nicer “in person” than it is online. It looks like any other faux leather chair. The frame is very sturdy and the cushions are a decent depth, though there isn’t a lot of cushion around the armrests, or sides. Since this chair has a modern design, the arm rests are positioned lower than those on other recliners, but they are still at a comfortable height on which to rest ones arms.
It is a lot more comfortable than I expected for it to be. It’s certainly not a La-Z-Boy or a Serta, but it is still very nicely made, and the comfort level is adequate. I sat in the chair, as I worked on my laptop, and wrote this review. The massage function works extremely well and is comparable to any other massage chair on the market. I wasn’t expecting for it to work as well as it did.

The box in which it arrives weighs about 60lbs. If one is in need of transporting it up a flight of stairs, it’s definitely a two person job. It is nicely packaged. It arrives almost completely assembled. Further assembly takes about five minutes – literally. All one needs to do is attach the back piece and legs, and plug in the massage wires. The feet are made of a hard plastic and screw easily into the pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the chair.

One thing that really impressed me was the customer service by Giantex. The shipment of this recliner was delayed by eight days due to Covid-19 shipping delays. I contacted the seller and was going to cancel my order. The seller was quick to respond, and very apologetic, even offering a slight discount if I could just wait a few more days. I chose to do that, mostly because I just really needed a chair to sit in. This was not a Prime purchase, but shipping was eventually quick after the initial delay. I give Giantex five stars for excellent customer service.

Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase, and on account of their exemplary customer service, I would definitely purchase additional pieces from Giantex again.”


8. JUMMICO – Recliner Chair with Thick Seat Cushion and Backrest

Top-rated: 10,200 Ratings

Best Recliners for Back Pain
Credit: Jehan_Amazon


Helpful review: “My first impressions of these chairs are quite positive. I needed to replace my old, overstuffed recliner with two recliners – that would fit in basically the same space (more about that below). These recliners fill the bill quite well. However, the foot rests may not extend out far enough for people taller than I am. I stand 5’7″ tall. My feet extend past the foot rests. For me, the overhang is not far enough to be uncomfortable. But for someone with longer legs, these chairs may not be the right fit. Also the seats are narrow (at 19″, just 2” wider than a typical airline seat). So if you find airline seats a bit tight, these chairs may not be the right fit for you.
My family room is long and narrow, and the only suitable place for a TV is at one end. But watching TV from the other end puts you too far from the screen. For many years, I have watched TV from a recliner positioned more or less in the middle of the room. Now I have a need to accommodate a second viewer. The best answer was to find a compact recliner that would allow me to position two of them in about the same space previously occupied by my big old overstuffed recliner (plus an end table). These recliners have allowed me to accomplish that goal. I thought about buying a loveseat recliner (two individual recliners in one piece of furniture), but we experimented with a non-reclining loveseat and found being seated shoulder-to-shoulder to be unsatisfactory. We have found the seating arrangement shown in the photo to be the better solution. Having two individual chairs slightly apart at an angle to each other actually seems to facilitate interaction between the two viewers.
I have had these recliners for less than a full day, so I can’t speak to durability, but my initial impression is that they are well made, especially considering the low price. The seats are comfortable. Assembly was quite easy (the backs just snap into place, no tools required). The “legs” are non-marring, and seem not to slide around excessively on my hardwood floors. The faux leather upholstery seems substantial and should be east to keep clean. Overall, I have nothing negative to comment on. If that changes over time, I will update this review.”

Bob C

Trending review: “Just ordered another 2 of these after borrowing inspiration from another reviewer who posted an image of setting up 2 of these beside each other for their home theater setup. Affordable and comfortable, not much more I can rate as far as furniture in my opinion beyond subjective appearance tastes. I will attest that the first of the 3 chairs I ordered a while back has held up well and has been easy to keep clean despite my dog designating it as his preferred security post when I leave the house.

I would like to add a single side note regarding my order [fulfilled by SimonDreamer]. No issues with 2 of the 3 chairs I ordered, but #3 had a slight issue. These chairs come with their 4 stubby legs packaged inside an extra box. The set for chair #3 had a mismatched leg that wouldn’t work. I contacted the seller about this, let them know what the problem was. They simply asked for a picture to confirm the problem. Within the hour they gave me a tracking number and had sent me an entire new set with all 4 legs properly matching now with no other input on my end. No hassle at all and I just have to praise that level of customer service!”

Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!

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