Top 8 Best Recliners for Sleeping (2023 Review)

I review chairs for a living, so you can trust me when I say that these recliner options for sleeping will give you the ergonomics you need, the comfort you want, and the price that fits perfectly into your budget.

Best Recliners for Sleeping

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of the time of writing this.

1. BestMassage – Massage Recliner

Top-rated: 12,007 Ratings

Best Recliners for Sleeping
Credit: Easy to install

Highlight: Sit back and relax in your very own push back recliner chair. This chair features a dual-function foot extension and a reclining back that will surely help you to unwind and de-stress. Enjoy your favorite entertainment and fully relax your body and mood with this comfortable massage recliner.

Helpful review: “I am 5’7″ and 230 lbs. This chair is great for my height. Any taller and I think it would be uncomfortable. As far as the width, I fit perfectly with about 2″ to spare on each side. The chair is comfortable, not overly plush, but sturdy. The mechanism as a push-back chair only stays in recline-sit position, or lay way back position. Trying to lay back to nap is impossible because you are using your weight to keep the chair in recline. You need a lot of strength to push the chair to recline and keep it in recline. That’s a drag. The arm rests are boxy on the narrow side, not plush because of no pillowy tops. If you want to raise and bend your leg to rest on the inside of the arm, it hurts because it is not pillowy. All-in-all, this is a perfect chair for a doctor’s office, or a lecture hall. It is not made for home sitting, unless you sit in spurts. You could use it to sit and work on a computer, as long as the screen is right in front of you, and you don’t need to move much, because it is limiting. Otherwise, it was worth the money. I’m moving on to a double-wide with more plush and easier recline mechanism. Then my dog will be able to sit with me. Giving the chair to a friend who needs a sturdy one.”

D. Elmore

Trending review: “Ok… So I was skeptical at first so we bought 1… to test, try and see what we thoght… we also bought 1 other chair (its on the back row in the pictures) after a quick test of the two chairs we decided these were the ones we wanted to outfit our movie room with! So purchased more… 6 more to be exact… so then we had 8 total seats… now after about 2 months of using them we are buying 2 more to fill up the space!

1- Small footprint great for anyone under 6’2″
2- SUPER easy to assemble just screw on the legs, click in the back, and connect the 2 cords
3- Seem to be holding up well so far
4- pretty comfortable
5- my kids love the vibrating back massage feature
6- best chairs for the money
7- perfect for a movie room

1- no bulk discounts
2- as an adult the back massager is just some light vibrating
3- not big enough for aftermarket cup holders
4- slide easily on Hard surface LVP flooring
5- the leg rests are tough to position in any position other than up, or completely flat… but it works perfectly fine…

Bottom line… I would buy them again… in fact, i’d buy all 9 of them again and have already referred friends to purchase them. We have all 9 of these in a 10′ x 10′ footprint.”

Holly Nelson

2. FDW – Recliner Chair Single Reclining Sofa

Top-rated: 7,839 Ratings

Best Recliners for Sleeping
Credit: Corey

Highlight: The Wingback Recliner chair is designed for ultimate relaxation. Easy adjustment allows users to sit back and relax at any angle. The dual-function foot extension and reclining back help you unwind after even the most stressful of days.

Most-discussed review: “Tan isn’t the color shown!!!! We did a renovation in our home. These were meant to be the icing on the cake. Instead, they ruin the nice new look. Sadly, the advertised color was way off. The color is yellowish rather than whitish as shown in the picture. Picture yellowed teeth from years of smoking. This clashes with the room remodel which is white with gray. Any of the other colors would have been better than this. My partner doesn’t like them. I’m stuck with figuring out what to do with them. 🙁 We already bought all the tile and expensive stuff. Either the chairs go or we have to redo the remodel. Just compare the color of the chair in the photo to the chair in the ad. We will need to either paint/dye them, cover in throws, or find covers for these that fit.

Advertising the correct color and style is so important for Amazon vendors to make sure we don’t waste planetary resources shipping product to and fro. There are far too many advertising product different from what we get. So, all the planning on our part is for naught. In some spaces, the color they shipped would have been preferred. But, we believed the ad. We made our decision to trust based on their representation of product. Apologies to the workers in Vietnam who made this because that wasn’t the issue. The sales and marketing team are the ones who dropped the ball.

The good: Form and function is good! We wanted the smaller footprint of these chairs with the idea that we would roll them out of the main living area and stage on the side when not in use, so small was a good thing. We wanted the exercise space in the open room. We are installing swivel casters on the bottom so these can move out of the way for exercise. Craftsmanship looks good. We like the shape and size. I’m 5’5″ and need a pillow behind my back to give support to lower spine, so I’m sure taller people will be just fine. My partner is 5’10” and he fits perfectly in the chair. Not for obese people, but very good for average sized people. We didn’t want the Lazyboy overstuffed chair type. Kudos to the workers who built these.”

Nora Taylor

3. Esright – Massage Recliner Chair Heated

Top-rated: 6,862 Ratings

Best Recliners for Sleeping
Credit: Bubbles

Highlight: Soft and sturdy composite material design suitable for intensive use, padded with extra thick sponge for back cushion and armrest.

Helpful review: “Overall the chair is comfortable when in the reclining position. The upright position, however, is not as comfortable because I can’t seem to get it to recline without the footrest up. If it is designed to recline without the footrest and am told how to make it work, then I will certainly update this review. There are a few other points that I feel are necessary to point out.

SUPER EASY! Of course, this is coming from someone who may have missed the mark since it doesn’t recline upright — but that may be a chair flaw versus the assembly flaw. Literally it is just two pieces to put together. You attach the wires for heat and massage then voila! I will state that I received the two boxes one day after another versus at the same time — but the first half came earlier than expected. I’m not sure how that worked out – but I still received the /whole/ chair in a timely manner.

The head pillow is a bit too firm for my taste and you have to ensure your head is positioned directly in the center if selecting the massage feature (or else you’ll feel like you’re being hit instead of massaged). The massage throughout the chair is strong enough to meet my needs, I just wish it was more of a wave than a pulse – but I work around that by just setting the chair to a whole body continuous massage.

I have wide hips, so the pulley for the footrest isn’t too convenient because it is on the inside of the chair, but it is not a deal breaker. It’s just a little shift of the weight and then the lever is easily accessible. As most other reviews stated, the footrest is difficult to put back down — but this is not enough of an issue to regret the purchase. The elderly with weak leg muscles may want to reevaluate, though.

The pockets are handy and well sewn on. I can easily fit multiple magazines or bulky newspapers in the side pockets. The front pockets are perfect for holding my cellphone and other miscellaneous items.
The cup holders aren’t very big; coffee mugs nor rocks/whiskey glasses can fit, however a basic wine glass and/or tumbler will fit same as a soda/beer can.

All inclusive, it is a good purchase. The price fits the quality.
((But again, I’d like to know if it reclines without the footrest up as that would make it /that/ much better!))”


4. MCombo – Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly People

Top-rated: 2,626 Ratings

Best Recliners for Sleeping
Credit: Dora White

Highlight: Power Lift Assistance: Counter-balanced lift mechanism to assist the senior stand up easily, smoothly adjust to lift or reclining position you prefer by pressing buttons (Max reclining angle: 140°)

Helpful review: “My last power lift recliners motor went out, so I began searching for a new one.

This one did worry me at first. It ships in 2 packages, but Amazon said there was one, and that it had been fully shipped after the first package arrived. However, 3 days later the other half did finally arrive.

It’s incredibly easy to put together, the only “heavy” part is the base, and you don’t have to pick it up except to remove it from the box (I just tipped it out.) The arms and back are light weight, and simply slide onto rails.

I will say I was worried. The rails that the back of the chair slide on stick out, so they put plastic guards on. Both were broken, one, the flat top had snapped off, but it came off the rail fine. The other had apparently been shoved into the rail so hard that it actually broke through the plastic guard, and it was VERY hard to remove. Luckily something I purchased recently came with a mallet, so I was able to hit the bottom of the lip and remove it. Not sure what I would have done if I couldn’t get it off.

The controller is nice. I like the kind on a cord (some have the controls on the side of the arm rest) so you can have it on either side. (I got the first to sleep in after rotator cuff surgery on my right arm so it was an important feature that I now enjoy)

One thing I really like about this chair, is the feet come fully up BEFORE the back starts to recline. Normally recliners (mechanical or not) recline before the leg rest is fully extended. I have NEVER liked that about recliners. Sometimes I’d like to sit up straight with my legs up. This chair allows that.

My only complaint is due to the cupholders, the arms are a bit shorter than I’m used to. The way I sometimes sit, my knee sits on the cup holder, and it’s mildly uncomfortable. However, if you don’t sprawl in your chair, that won’t be a problem.

It feels sturdy, and frankly I’m very happy with the purchase.”


5. COMHOMA – PU Leather Recliner Chair Modern Rocker

Top-rated: 5,033 Ratings

Best Recliners for Sleeping
Credit: XennialLife

Highlight: High quality push back recliner mechanism, place your hands on the arm rests of the recliner and in conjunction with pushing forward on the arms lean backwards using your body weight to recline the chair. Note: The chair will not always keep in reclined position when you leave the chair. Heating temperature:98.6°F; warm up slowly to keep you comfy.

Trending review: “I’ve had the COMHOMA Leather Recliner Chair in my game room for about a month now, and it has become my favourite spot to unwind. The black leather finish gives it a luxurious and modern look that instantly enhances the ambiance of my game room.

The chair is incredibly comfortable, with plush cushioning that offers excellent support. The reclining feature is smooth and easy to operate, allowing me to find the perfect position for reading or watching TV. The addition of the 360-degree swivel function brings in an element of versatility that I absolutely love.

The built-in rocker feature is a nice touch, adding to the overall comfort. But what sets this chair apart from others I’ve tried is the heated massage function. It’s fantastic, offering a relaxing experience after a long day of work.

The chair also comes with drink holders, a feature that has proven to be surprisingly convenient during movie nights or sports matches.

Assembling the chair was straightforward, with all the parts and clear instructions included in the package. However, it’s a bit on the heavier side, so you might need some assistance in moving it around.

In terms of size, it’s a substantial piece of furniture, so it might not be suitable for smaller spaces.

In conclusion, the COMHOMA Leather Recliner Chair is a blend of luxury, comfort, and functionality. It’s a solid investment for anyone looking for a high-quality recliner that offers more than just a place to sit.”


Reassuring review: “I was looking for a recliner and thought I wanted a fabric one for comfort but chose this one instead because having a young kid who would probably sit in it,I thought this would be better in the long run to have something I could wipe down of spills are made. I’m so satisfied that I made this choice instead. I was lucky enough to get both boxes at the same time and they didn’t get separated by the carrier. This was easy enough to assemble since all you have to do is slide 4 sections into each other and I like that the recliner handle is on the inside since I’m shorter so reaching over the arm rest to reach a handle or trying to rely on core strength to manually ouch it back isn’t an option for me. The color is beautiful and the massage function is a welcomed plus. One thing I have noticed is that the back doesn’t slide all the way to the bottom unit the way the slide mechanic works but I think that design is intentional so you can slide the massage remote through the back and it’ll be inside the chair with you instead of having the cord drape over the side. I like it and the gap can be unnoticed easily and it also isn’t felt when you’re in the chair. One thing I would advise future buyers is that if you’re by yourself and plan to install by yourself too, it’s helpful to unpack the boxes near the area where the chair is intended to be. The other sections aren’t too heavy but the bottom portion can be annoying or difficult to move around the room by yourself if you start unboxing in a different room.”


6. ANJ – Electric Recliner Chair W/Breathable Bonded Leather

Top-rated: 1,348 Ratings

Best Recliners for Sleeping
Credit: Danielle M

Highlight: Electric Reclining System: Simple two buttons press activate reclining function with extremely smooth gentle motion. It will be a great benefit especially for people physically challenged due to ages or disease.

Trending review: “A really great product! The material is super cool in all of the ways of the meaning of the word, also very stylish. Will definitely go with any chalky/dusty muted tones, not a yellow-brown at all. Honestly though, I did not realize it was an electric glider when I ordered two of them, I’m a dork, so I hope the mechanics of the items stand the test of time. I will confirm they’re both very comfortable and easy to assemble and it was kinda fun to have them be mechanical.

Truth be told, My husband and I had a good chuckle over the drawings of people in the assembly diagrams, you’re welcome, but the chairs are pretty straight forward intuitively speaking. (Non code: unless you’re completely daft, you’ll figure it out on your own once you stop chuckling over the diagram. Seriously, it really was simple. My Husband even said, “It’s not a race, buuut…” while I was still looking at the directions, he was done putting one together lol)


A fabulous experience. Not only are these chairs very comfortable (in total I’ve purchased 4), they have a USB port for phone charging. I have had 2 chairs since 2019 ( and 2 more bought in 2021) and they’ve worn extremely well and I as noted I bought two more 2021.

But after I had a guest visit they sadly cracked the transformer on accident which somehow became lodged under the chair and then was sat on and it crunched the part that provides power. It still worked but it wasn’t very safe. I contacted the Seller so I could purchase a replacement part. Their response was immediate, they asked for video/photo confirmation what part was being discussed and then they sent me the replacement part free of charge. Above and beyond the customer service I even felt I deserved. My experience was prompt, courteous and well beyond fair given the circumstances which weren’t even a result of anything the seller should have reasonably managed. I highly recommend these well wearing comfortable chairs especially with a Seller who willing to support their customers.”


Most-discussed review: “If I could give more then 5 stars, I totally would!! I recently had multiple back surgeries and decided to redecorate my plant room (that became a chore to me) into a Me room, but also with a simplistic budget in mind! I scoured furniture stores and online until I found this lil gem! I immediately contacted the company to make sure it would fit through my 30ish inch door! Without hesitation they sent me the size of the box and assured me it would fit! The chair came much earlier than expected, and the day it was shipped they sent me an email to let me know it was on its way!! Seriously I thought to myself…who does that!! Well this company does! Stellar customer service!! When the chair arrived, the fed ex driver helped me get the box into my home. They are regulars here and understand my disabilities and capabilities…or maybe it’s the snack/drink box I leave outside for them! I got to putting the chair together and within 10 minutes it was assembled, plugged in and I was relaxing! I was amazed that nothing was too heavy for me to maneuver. Now I do admit it is definitely for fun size people. I’m 5’3” and I fit in it perfectly; my feet don’t hang over at all when totally reclined. Sitting not reclined, my feet touch the ground and I love that it’s a perfect decline to the seated position. Having a lot of metal in my back the ease of getting in and out furniture is imperative. I also have room for my 3 fun size pooches to sit on the sides of me! I love this because we are not cramped in a small space! When sitting in the chair it’s very comfortable! The firmness is perfect for me! The material is soft and doesn’t make me sweat! The motor is not noisy and it’s very smooth! I love that it can be close to the wall and still fully recline. I was beyond excited when I realized in the description I missed the part that it has a usb port for my electronics!! And don’t you know, the company sent me an email to make sure their records were accurate that I had received my chair! Once again I was stunned! Also on the first day of contacting them, there was a $60 off coupon, but when I purchased it the following day, the coupon was gone. They also informed me that they reimbursed me that coupon amount!!! One thing I noticed, was I felt a little lopsided to the right, and the chair felt a little wobbly when I was reclined. So I got out my level and was confused how everything I assembled was perfectly level. I reached out to the company, and they assured me they would figure out how to fix my problem! This type of customer service is unheard of now a days! I was in disbelief!! After a few email and picture exchanges, come to find out there are 4 lil round feet on the bottom of the base. I didn’t even notice them at first! I got out my 7/16 socket wrench and loosened the ones on the right side, and yep I’m completely sitting even now! The price of this chair was very impressive!! The view in room feature made my mind up! The comfort, ease of assembly and style won me over! But that impeccable customer service has me absolutely sold!! It made this experience so exciting, rewarding and pleasant!”


7. Signature Design by Ashley – Yandel Faux Leather Electric Power Lift Recliner for Elderly

Top-rated: 2,477 Ratings

Best Recliners for Sleeping
Credit: Kathleen

Highlight: Style and functionality merge together in this dual motor lift chair recliner. With just the touch of a button, the power lift eases you back and elevates your legs for the ultimate lounging experience

Trending review: “Really like that it is not too huge but is roomy to sit in. I’m not little and it fits great. When I first recline my feet are off the end of the recliner but I happen to like it that way. If I didn’t, I could myself further back into the chair to have my feet on the recliner. I really got this for my husband. My husband needs it for the sit-up boost and sometimes he likes to sleep in a recliner chair.
We had Amazon deliver and setup the chair. Our delivery people were great. We got a free offer on delivery and setup. Not sure if that will always be the case.
We saved $100 buying this from Amazon. We had tried out the chair in an Ashley store and liked it. The only thing they could improve is to add two side pockets instead of just one.
The remote on the chair offer by Amazon has illuminated buttons so you can see the control in the dark. The one in the Ashley store did not offer that style of remote.”

Sharon E Alley

Most-discussed review: “This is a good looking chair! I purchased this for my husband who has recently developed serious mobility issues and needed something comfortable and easy to get out of as our stationary furniture just wasn’t working for him. Not only is it attractive and amazingly comfortable, it’s extremely functional. Super quiet and smooth when using the power controls – you can’t even hear it. It reclines fully and also lifts much higher than shown in the photo’s provided on the sales page. It’s very heavy and seems to be well constructed with a lot of metal reinforcement. The fabric is really nice too…sure looks like leather but actually feels better as it’s much softer and not sticky like vinyl. The color is good and fairly true to the photos shown.

If you do an internet search for this chair you will find it sold at several places and some are less expensive and some are way more. However, the shipping seems to be a lot longer such as 3-5 weeks. I received this chair from Amazon in 6 days with a weather delay from Hurricane Irma. Pretty good for such a large item and the freight delivery fellow was excellent. I did my homework when buying and it’s also sold under the brand “Darby Home Forreston Power lift recliner” at Wayfair for considerably more.

Of course, seeing the shipping weight was 139lbs I was a little concerned about how I was going to get this bugger assembled on my own as I’m no spring chicken! Not a problem at all when you unpack the back and wings and carefully cut the box down the sides and slide out the base. It was well packed and the directions were clear and concise and it probably only took about ½ an hour and I went slow. Plugged it in and TAH-DAH…It worked fantastic!

I’ve purchased other small items from Ashley furniture and have been quite satisfied and that’s one of the reasons I went with this chair. So far, we’re very pleased. Hope these photo’s help as they don’t seem to show it reclined or in the full lift position.”


8. Bonzy Home – Electric Power Recliner Chair with Heat Massage

Top-rated: 577 Ratings

Best Recliners for Sleeping
Credit: Rose B

Highlight: The reclining function allows you to keep the Lounge chair at any angle between 90°-150° according to your preference,The buttons on the right side of the massage chair allow you to control the tilt angle of the chair easily, smoothly and quietly.

Helpful review: “I want to give this recliner 10 Stars.
I ordered it last Sunday November 8th, I was told it would come in 2 weeks. Well I was notified it was coming Friday November 13th.
5 days in my home.
Hooray !!
It’s exactly as described.
After ordering 2 different recliners one from a department store & the other from Amazon & sending them back, Friday the 13th was a very Lucky Day for me.
I liked the price, the look, the comfort the description of the leather, manufacturers descriptions true to form.
But what sold me 100% were all the reviews.
This recliner is what I call a distressed leather
I love the look, the comfort, & it went together quickly, although I didn’t put it together.
I recommend buying this product.
Comes in different colors & materials.
I love mine.
You won’t be sorry if you buy this”

Rose B

Trending review: “I had actually ordered an Ashley Furniture Power Recliner. That set me back $1000.00. However, the delivery date was moved up a couple of times by Ashley. I didn’t want to wait 2 months, so I cancelled the order and was refunded the purchase.
I am hesitant about buying furniture without actually going to the store and sitting on the piece. I read all the reviews on this Bonzy Home Power Recliner. The price was very affordable and shipping was minimal. I noted there was a return window of 30 days. I chose the “CREAM” color Velvet fabric, and have included up-close detail photos .
I was apprehensive about having to put this thing together. ( My husband always put the kids bikes together on Christmas Eve )
I ordered this on August 6th and it was delivered today ( August 11 ). Super fast shipping !
….Now, about assembly….It was “Easy-Peezy” and there are only 3 steps in the instructions. They all slip together and it took 15 minutes to assemble, plug in, and sit down for a test drive.
It is extremely sturdy, whisper-quiet operation, wide spacious seating , and more comfortable than the $1000 recliner I originally purchased from Ashley Home Stores.
I give this a 5 Star and will hope you will be encouraged to consider adding this “Bonzy Home” Power Recliner to your Amazon Shopping Cart. I know for a fact this is…Absolutely The Best Power Recliner Your Hard Earned Money Can Buy !!”

S Gilly

Reassuring review: “Before purchasing this chair ask yourself what you really want in your life. If you want sturdiness and comfort look no further! If you want a massaging bun warmer that will rock you to sleep keep scrolling. I am a 40 year old lady who is five feet tall and weighs 120lbs. The hardest part of the assembly process was dragging the giant box through the front door and to the living room, but completely do-able! The box has two cut-outs (handles) on each side for easy dragging/lifting! Despite the assistance of a nosy German Shepherd it took roughly 15 minutes to unbox, de-plastic, and assemble the chair. This chair is not a wall hugger so plan your space accordingly! Two features I really like: 1. You can raise just the footrest area without the back going down. When operating this chair the foot rest comes all the way up to position and then the back rest starts to lower. 2. Faint blue light on side highlight the controls. Convenient when sitting in a dark room and eliminates looking like a fool trying to get out of your chair. One feature I could live without: You HAVE to use the controls to lower the foot rest, but it is not a deal breaker because it means your dog can come say high without ruining your recline! This chair has endured hours of movie watching, six living room rearrangements, and a German Shepherd who uses it to springboard her zoomies around the house! I hope my review helps in you decision making process!”

Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!

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