Top 10 Best Reclining Office Chairs With Footrests (2022 Review)

The closest to you reliving the comfort in the womb while at your desk: the reclining office chair. It is a class act that combines the unmatched comfort of a high-priced mattress with the limber maneuverability of a wheeled desk chair. Hesitant about spending a small fortune on a business class ticket for resting your behind on the luxury exuding chairs? Then the next best thing would be to get home the best reclining office chair with footrest, which will indeed make you feel as though you are 30,000 feet up in the air!

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The Lazy Guide To Pick Your Perfect Reclining Office Chair

You can find the perfect reclining office chair for yourself by simply asking 4 fool-proof questions:

  • What are you using the reclining office chair for? Will you be leisurely reading a book, doing focused work, or painting a picture? What is the environment in which you would be using the reclining office chair?
  • Does the reclining office chair provide great back support and ergonomically follow the contours of your back? Does it ensure good posture? The last thing you want is for your back to be killing you a couple of hours of sitting on a reclining office chairâ€â€beats the purpose.
  • Is the build quality of the reclining chair good? How about the choice of materials used?
  • How much are you willing to invest in a good reclining office chair?

Answer these questions and you will find the right reclining office chair among the 10 that we will be presenting to you in this list. No two people will have the same two requirements, and this is why your chair will be unique to you.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the reclining office chairs that consider most factors and from which you can make your choice.

Without beating around the bush, let us get right to the 10 best reclining office chairs with footrests that offer plenty at the right price and gives you leeway to choose how hard you work and play!

Top 10 Best Reclining Office Chairs with Footrest - Expert's Picks

1. Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Value For Money

Respawn 110 most comfortable gaming chair with footrest

This Respawn 110 gaming chair is our ‘value for money’ pick, and the 17,000 odd reviews on Amazon also agree squarely to that fact! With a 4.2/5 rating, this is one racing-styled recliner chair that combines luxury with an aptly priced tag. Be it for long sessions of Modern Warfare or crunching numbers for work, the Respawn 110 gaming chair has you covered from the ground up.

The reclining office chair offers loads of padding with an adjustable lumbar support cushion. The padding is segmented and helps to better provide contoured support all day long.

The Respawn 110 gaming chair also comes with an extendable footrest that helps to prop up your back, and an adjustable headrest and padded armrest for maximum comfort. The one downside is the lack of armrest adjustment which we felt was sorely missed.

As for the reclining part of the chair, it is bang on order! You can lower the back between 900-1550 by locking at any reclining angle. The padded armrests are not entirely stationary though, as it reclines with you a sigh of relief there!

The upholstering and make of the reclining office chair is premium and helps you look professional even in your boxers. The chair can easily withstand 275 pounds give or take an additional couple pounds you’ll be gaining sitting on this very comfy reclining office chair, all day long.

The assembly of the reclining office chair is easy enough and anyone with experience using a screwdriver can manage. For $173.79, a Limited Lifetime warranty, and dedicated, year-round representative support, the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair is one that delivers great quality at a not-too-frighteningly high price tag.

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2. Hbada Gaming Chair

Hbada High Back Ergonomic Office Chair with Reclining Feature Neckrest and Footrest

Hbada is a company whose attention to detail and premium make, is sewn into each of its chairs. With 3300 reviews and an average of 4.4/5 rating this is a reclining office chair that has won the hearts of countless customers and chair enthusiasts.

The Hbada Gaming Chair is one that focuses on being stylish yet minimalistic and excels in that front. A high-density thickened cushion helps you to sit comfortably for long hours without having your lower half feel like a sack of cement.

The cushioned headrest can be removed and the lumbar support can be adjusted to your whims. The height of the armrest can also be raised by 7cm, however, we sorely wished it had padding. 

The gaming chair can be reclined to 1550 and the padded footrest certainly makes matters a lot more relaxing. The reclining office chair with footrest can be swiveled 3600 in a noise-free mechanism.

The Hbada Gaming Chair has a 300 pounds weight capacity, which makes it an apt choice for those on the higher end of the weighing scale. The large seating area of 21.6” (L) x 20.8” (W) makes it an even easier sell for heavy-set people.

This reclining office chair is easy to assemble and comes with all the necessary installation tools and instructions. For the price of $199, this is a sweet buy! if you’re unhappy you can get your money refunded within 1 month. Free exchange for the damage, missing parts, and installation problems can be redeemed within 1 year. Need I say more?

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3. Downix Gaming Office Chair: Masseuse On The Go

Dowinx reclining gaming/office chair with lumbar massage and footrest

If you are on the lookout for a relaxing reclining office chair with a footrest that comes with an in-built massager function, then the Downix Gaming Office Chair is your best bet! At least the 2600 reviews and 4.4/5 stars rating agrees with that.

The massager function has a USB port you can plug into your PC or a power bankhow swell is that?!

The winged back provides a multi-point body contact that equally distributes the pressure and saves your spine from taking an unruly shape.

The bucket seat design comes with PU leather and generous padding on the cushions that make sitting for long hours as easy as counting 1, 2, and 3. We wished for the headrest cushioning to be a tad bit more, though. The armrest comes padded but is not adjustable.

With the padded footrest extended all the way, the recline on the Downix Gaming Office Chair is decent and relaxing. The maximum weight capacity is at 300lbs and the alloy frame does a great job at ensuring durability and sturdiness.

The instructions for the assembly are written out well, but the task of assembling is time-consuming. Get ready to put aside 45 minutes of your day for this.

At $229.99 and a prompt 24/7 customer service team, the Downix Gaming Office Chair is a great buy, and the customer experience enjoyable. Add to it a 1-month replacement services and 1-year parts quality warranty.

At the end of the day, even if you are working, gaming, or watching a flick, you will always feel like you are in the middle of the action with the Downix Gaming Office Chair.

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4. Nokaxus Gaming Chair (YK-6008)

Nokaxus Comfortable Reclining Gaming Chair with Retractible Footrest

This gaming/reclining office chair with footrest from Nokaxus is the hot reclining office chair in town that boasts of 3100 reviews and a 4.2/5 rating. If you are looking for a reclining chair that may be a good fit for several of you out there, then the Nokaxus Gaming Chair can fit in like the missing piece of a puzzle.

Good news for all of you siesta fanatics reading: The recline goes all the way from 900 to 1800. Yes, you read that right 1800 back recline!

To make things more enticing, it comes with a lumbar cushion with a massaging function that can melt your aches away. The PU leather seat cushion is a cold-molded high-density foam that provides a lasting soft seat, and it comes with a padded ergonomic armrest.

The reclining office chair is well-built, with a durable frame that handles up to 350lbs those not in the featherweight, please take note. You can lay back and relax without a care in the world, with the padded footrest.

The installation of the reclining chair is easy and you should be able to blaze through it. At the price of $209.99 and up to 2-Year NOKAXUS Warranty, this is a reclining office chair that has got your back! They even have a 30-day refund policy if you are unhappy with the purchase.

There are multiple colors to choose from if you are wishing to look flamboyant in your Zoom meetings then the pink one would suit you perfectly.

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5. Respawn 900 Racing Style Recliner Chair

Respawn Comfortable Recliner with Neck Cushion Footrest and Padded Arm rests

A reclining chair with a footrest that comes with a cup holder? Yes, please!

The Respawn 900 Racing Style Recliner is one of the best reclining office chairs that create the ideal environment for work and play. With a solid 4.4/5 star rating and 2600+ reviews, this is the heavy-duty reclining office chair for you if convenience is a top priority.

A plush segmented seating makes it a joy to sit on, and the removable headrest pillow is a dream. However, the quality of the seating is good, but is shy of ‘premium’. The contouring on the back and the reclining function that allows for 900-1350 certainly helps in breaking away from work. You have complete control over the range of recline and where you want to fix it at. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

The seat and the footrest are continuous with no breaksthis will save your headset wires from lodging in between them. There are pouches on the sides where you can keep your remotes and controllers for easy access. And did we mention the cup holder? Just making sure that it’s in there!

The chair’s hollow steel tube frame can last you 4 years+. Anything more and you’ll be fooling yourself. The chair’s maximum weight capacity holds in at 275lbs.

The chair can be assembled easily and you can be done before you know it. At the price of $291.99, the Respawn 900 Racing Style Recliner Chair is a good buy that comes with the Respawn Limited Lifetime Warranty. If you have breathing room in your budget then there are other choices you can look into on this list of best recliner office chairs.

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6. Flash Furniture X30 Gaming Chair No Frills Budget Option

Flash Furniture x30 Gaming Chair - Best Budget Reclining Chair with Footrest

You on the hunt for a well-priced recliner office chair with leg rest? then the Flash Furniture X30 Gaming Chair will have you covered.

This is our most price-conservative option on the list and the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ badge on it only further cements validation.

The upholstery of the X30 is PU leather and feels great to sit on, but the padding is thinner and this may make it not suitable if you are on the heavier side.

The reclining function of the chair allows from 870– 1450, the adjustable headrest and lumbar pillows, the slide-out footrest, and the 3600 range of motion, all put together makes this chair a perfect companion during long hours of work and play.

The armrests are not padded and neither does it follow you when you recline; however, it can be raised up and down which is good enough!

It comes in 9 assorted colors including camouflage in case you want to feel stealthy while balancing accounts. We aren’t judging.

The X30 has a maximum weight capacity of 280lbs. The assembly can get a tad bit cumbersome, but you’ll get along fine if you follow the manual, right down to the fine print.

At the price of $162.08, this is a budget-friendly option that holds well against other heavy-weight recliner chairs without faltering and without burning a hole in your wallet. With a 5-year limited warranty for non-moving metal parts and a 2-year warranty otherwise, this is a great buy that has your back covered!

Certainly, a well-priced chair that delivers on most fronts!

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7. Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair The Cadillac Of Reclining Office Chairs

Duramont Leather Reclining Office Chair - Most Premium Option
Premium Looking & Well-Built

The Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair is the true definition of what a comfortable reclining office chair is! With a unique waterfall seat edge that lessens the pressure behind your knees and soft padding that is the right mix of firm and body-hugging, you will find yourself sitting on this chair a lot longer than you planned on.

To up the comfort, the Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair comes with a retractable footrest. You can lock the back of the chair to a very comfortable 1550. The perfect reclining office chair for naps!

Good quality materials and parts including high-end nylon rolling casters, velvet-like bonded leather, and heavy-duty metal base are used.

Be it at your home, or a boardroom, the Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair doesn’t look out of place!

With a maximum weight capacity of 250 and a high-back, this is a reclining office chair for the big and tall.

The assembly is as easy as it can get, but what is worthy of a mention is their great customer service. Any issues on your end, be it replacements or refunds (within the 1-year warranty period) are dealt with smoothly. Their statement on the Amazon seller’s page “If anything goes wrong, just let us know” is true in every sense.

The price tag of $299.99 is justified with a reclining office chair that oozes as much attention to detail as the Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair does. If you can extend your budget, then you certainly won’t go wrong with this choice!

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8. Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair

Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair - Best For Modern Offices

Hbada’s Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair sets itself apart as one that combines oodles of features with competitive pricing. The 2400 reviews and a 3.8/5 star rating have won this chair the majority support of the crowd.

The seating material is nylon, and the reclining function is one that gives you unlimited control over how far you want to recline. There are multiple lift/lock, tilt, and height settings that you can try out to find the sweet spot.

The mesh back gives much-needed breathing room for your back, and this helps a lot if you are in humid and warm climates. The 8cm thick cushioning of the seat is sufficient to maintain firmness with age.  The armrests also come padded and adjustable.

Add a footrest that can be pulled out to maintain a relaxed posture and a waterfall seat design, and you will find your legs spoilt rotten! It has built-in lumbar support and a rotatable headrest that gives much needed ergonomic cushioning for your lower back and neck.

The durable steel frame construction makes the chair lightweight at 37lbs and it can withstand 250lbs maximum weight limit. The assembly comes with well-illustrated instructions and hardware, making it one of the easiest and quickest assemblies, in my opinion!

This is one of the best recliner office chairs that was a close contender for the all-rounder spot! All of the above-mentioned features, along with the price of $178.99 and a 1-year warranty, makes the Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair one of the best value for money buys on the list.

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9. Blue Whale Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Pillow For The Big And Tall

Blue Whale Reclining Big and Tall Office Chair

If you are the sort who’s often asked “how’s the weather up there?” then, this recliner office chair is for you.

The Blue Whale Gaming Chair is a choice recliner office chair that boasts excellent lumbar support, a high-density sponge cushioning to make sitting for long hours enjoyable, and an adjustable armrest all of which combined makes your intense work or gaming sessions easier.

The Blue Whale Gaming Chair even comes with a massaging lumbar pillow that can be plugged into any USB port! There are multi-functions on the chair that allow you to choose the ideal seating position be it for studying, working, gaming, or even for napping with 1750 seat recline and pop-out footrest, there is very little stopping you from enjoying a late-afternoon shut-eye!

The aluminum alloy frame of the recliner ensures strength and lightweight mobility. A 3600 swivel rotation and near-silent rolling caster wheels are a joy to roll around with.

If you are higher on the BMI index then this is the perfect recliner office chair a 400lbs weight limit ensures that you sit safe and comfy.

At the price of $185.99, this is a great companion that will ensure that your spine is not out-of-order. A guaranteed money-back policy within 30 days and a free-replacement for damaged/defective parts within 2 years. You can certainly bank your money with this one.

All in all, this is a great investment that will leave you smiling from ear-to-ear!

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10. YAMASORO Ergonomic High Back Executive Office Chair

YAMASORO High Back Executive Office Desk Chair with flip up arms

Looking for a suave, classy, leather reclining office chair? Then the YAMASORO Ergonomic High Back Executive Office Chair will check all of the boxes!

The chair feels premium to look and touch, water-repellent, environmental-friendly, and fade resistant ensures longer life and easy cleaning. High-density foam cushions the high back support. Even after years of heavy use, this bad boy would still stand strong.

The adjustment functions allow for limitless choice for finding the right seating position. The locking and tilt function allows for locking anywhere between 900-1350. You can also raise the seat height by 3.2″.

The foldable padded armrests are a joy to rest your fatigued arms on. The folding function help to get in and out of the chair in cramped spots, without a struggle. It has rugged build quality with a steel five-star base for solid stability. The weight capacity is at a safe 300lbs.

The assembly is easy enough and you should sail through it in a few minutes. For $186.99, this is a swell-looking leather recliner chair that offers plenty without an outrageous price tag stuck to it.

With a money-back guarantee within 30 days for quality problems and a 1-year free replacement for damaged or missing parts, this is a buy that will not only service your back but also help you enjoy peace of mind.

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Why Investing In A Good Reclining Chair Matters?

Simply put, if you want to save yourself thousands of hard-earned $ spent on countless chiropractor sessions, and unbearable, immense pain a few years down the line, then investing in a good office reclining chair must be your top priority. Read as invest not buy. A good reclining chair is not a luxury but a necessity in the increasingly sedentary lifestyles that we all adopt!

Below are some of the reasons why a good reclining chair can make a big difference:

  • Ensures right spinal posture and increased blood circulation to the legs

Using the best reclining office chairs ensures an ideal, ergonomic sitting posture above all else. There is adequate support provided for your spine, where it is due. Sitting on a reclining chair helps to prop up your legs, which improves blood circulation. Your joints are also relieved from completely bearing weight, and the reclining chair does the heavy lifting for you.

  • Eases pressure on your back muscles

Sitting in the same position for hours can place an immense strain on the supporting back muscles. A good reclining office chair evenly distributes pressure on the back muscles and the hips. This lowers the chance of any one muscle group taking the brunt of the beating.

  • You are at a lower risk of severe back injuries

Continuous strain applied over a long time causes spinal and back injuries to manifest. As most of us are desk-bound at work, it is not a question of if but a when for these injuries will surface. Using a good reclining office chair gives you the right tools to fight this battle and most of these injuries can be avoided altogether.

  • Stretch back and relax

Reclining chairs allow you to recline, relax, and tune out the constant stream of work. As a matter of fact, studies show that you are more productive when you are relaxed. Meaning, once you have caught your breath, you can flip the lever and jump right back into work. Reduced lethargy.  Increased productive. Lowered stress. Need I say more?

Getting a good reclining office chair is a win-win situation, whatever way you want to look at it. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Reclining Office Chairs

Are Reclining office chairs good to sleep in?

They are, but it is not advised to sleep on a reclining office chair for long hours. The cushioning in them is not sufficient for resting the whole of you. Yes, there are reclining chairs on this list that go all the way down to 1800, but there are still some things that a good ol’ bed does better, sleep just happens to be one of them.

Why should I go for a reclining chair? Why not just an office chair?

Reclining chairs help dial-up the comfort to a whole other level. Recline and watch a flick or button mash the controller one minute and be knee-deep in work, the next. Do you want an ergonomic office chair? Or do you want a lounge/movie chair to chill? Why pick one when you can have both?!

Are reclining chairs a remedy for a bad back?

Yes, they are. As a matter of fact, if you are in a situation where you need to be sitting for long hours then easing yourself into a reclining office chair can put your back in a much better position. It offers great support that compliments the natural curvature of your back. You needn’t take our word for it, ask your doctor.

That just about puts a pin on the best reclining office chairs that are available on the market. Now with that said, it can get confusing to zero in on a chair with there being so many manufacturers and products to choose from. We have taken the time to research extensively on the various options out there. We hope to have streamlined your efforts and help you to make an informed decision in picking the right recliner chair that meets your lumbar demands.

Looking for something more specific? then be sure to check out the chairs for lower back pain and recliners for sleeping. If you’re working under a budget, then also have a look at our chairs under $200, under $300, and $500 prices, too.

Be sure to comment your queries below as we always love hearing from you all!





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