Top 8 Best Standing Desk Chairs (2023 Review)

I review office chairs for a living, so you can trust me when I say that these options will give you the ergonomics you need, the comfort you want, and the price that fits perfectly into your budget.

Best Standing Desk Chairs

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of the time of writing this.

1. Seville Classics – Adjustable 360-Degree Swivel Stool Chair

Top-rated: 2,606 Ratings

Best Standing Desk Chairs
Credit: S BROWN

Highlight: COMFORTABLE OFFICE & HOME FURNITURE – Plush foam seat cushion supports up to 250 lbs and is designed to correct poor posture and engage your core muscles

Helpful review: “I took some time on this stool before reviewing it because I almost returned it for how hard the cushion was when I initially sat on it. I put out feelers to other owners via Amazon’s Ask Question feature to ask if this stool’s cushion softened over time. If it did, I’d hold off returning it. No, they said, it did not. I decided to keep it anyway. Here’s why.

I bought it to help me heal from a damaged coccyx other office chairs had injured. This stool, though deathly hard (think uncomfortable bicycle seat), lets me sit in the low position without sitting on my tailbone. I could if I wanted to, but there are several ways to sit on this perch without doing so. I can sit on my upper thighs if it feels more comfortable, straddle the seat, or even sit on a foot. And because of the seat’s firm cushion I do find I have to change positions frequently. It’s a nuisance, but also, probably, beneficial because I’m not sitting in one position all the time, so a blessing in disguise. Most important, my tailbone is able to get a break and has not worsened from using this chair. Because I can also stretch out my legs while sitting I can avoid extra leg edema, another thing I hoped to help alleviate with this seat.

I did not buy this to use as a standing stool, though I can still sit/lean creatively off my tailbone when the stool is tall. And I do use it tall sometimes specifically to stretch my legs and prevent edema.

The wobble is enough for me, and with it’s sturdiness in the base (several users reported not being able to separate the pole from the base when trying to return it) I don’t feel wary of it coming off and sending me to the floor.

I have two wishes for this product: 1.) A slightly softer cushion, because yes, when I first sat on it my backside hollered at me. But not much softer, because I know from experience what happens when you sit on something with not enough cushion and wind up sitting on the hard platform underneath—a sore butt. 2.) A lower position by at least four inches. I measured this before I bought it to make sure it went under my desk, and it does, but it does not go low enough for me to type comfortably on my keyboard tray, which pulls out below my desk’s top. I’m more even at my desk’s top, but always worked more on my keyboard tray, so I have adjust my workflow. Maybe that’s not a bad thing, but I really miss being able to sit lower at that tray. In those times I’ll pull in another chair.

One unexpected thing I love: I can make my stool disappear completely in my small office under my desk so my office feels bigger. That’s always a plus.

Overall I give this product 3 1/2 to 4 stars, four officially because it IS helping my tailbone and edema issues. If it went lower and had the slightly softer cushion, it’d be five stars for me.”

B Brow

2. SONGMICS – Adjustable Height Sit Stand Stool

Top-rated: 334 Ratings

Best Standing Desk Chairs
Credit: E. Sander

Highlight: Adjust to your ideal Height: 2 levers are below the Seat; you can pull either one to adjust the stool height from 19. 7” To 27. 6” And meet your various demands

Trending review: “PROS:

Great way to change it up from sitting in a chair. Helps my posture and makes me engage my core. It’s not like doing a plank all day it’s just sitting up straight.

I forgot how fun it was to swivel! I tend to fidget and the ability to swivel is nice – I bounce my feet and now I can shift my weight back and forth between feet to make small swivels. It’s also USEFUL. If you need to grab something from another counter or desk or behind you on the ground, you can just swing around.

Easy to assemble. Seriously. I’m terrible at assembling things. I did this in under 2 min. It took longer to breakdown the box and pop all the plastic packaging. Base and pole very sturdy. Rises and lowers great.

It looks really nice. Gives more of a modern look to a desk setup.


The seat padding is pretty stiff. There is not a lot of give. I’d love a more “cushy” seat. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars.

Overall, very happy with the purchase!”

E. Sander

Most-discussed review: “I bought this stool because I was slumping in my regular office chair. This was bad for my back and was making my acid reflux worse. I had tried using a one-legged camp stool, but that introduced problems of its own. This stool has taken a bit of getting used to, mainly because its built-in wobble felt a little unstable at first. But I’ve adjusted to that and now I’m really happy with it.

It’s easy to assemble (took maybe 5 minutes, if that), easy to adjust, and the cushioning of the seat is just right — not too firm and not too soft. Someone mentioned that the fabric on the seat is a little bit slippery, which can be true depending on what clothes you’re wearing, so keep that in mind.

I should mention that sitting upright and without a backrest takes some practice. I had some soreness in my upper back muscles for a while, but eventually the muscles got stronger and there’s no soreness now. I try to get up regularly and move around, which helps a lot in getting used to the sitting position. And it’s a good idea generally.

An unexpected bonus is that the stool takes up a lot less space than a regular office chair, and I can slide it under the desk when I’m not sitting on it. This is a big help in my tiny office.

For what it’s worth, I’m about 5’1″ tall and weigh 116 lbs.”

M.L. Baum

3. LeanRite – Elite Ergonomic Back Pain Relief

Top-rated: 110 Ratings

Best Standing Desk Chairs
Credit: Snow Phillips

Highlight: Promotes Neutral posture for Strong Back: Standing desk chair for leaning, sitting, perch stool. Front tilting seat; reduces “tail-bone numbness”

Helpful review: “The manufacturer asked me to look again at my review, and I agree with them that the first paragraph was a little harsh, so I’m rewarding it. As a standing chair, I’d give it 5 stars. As a sitting chair, I give it 3-4 stars. It is not a chair you can sit all day in. You should expect to use it as a standing chair. My goal was to take the pressure off of my tailbone, and it did that, but when my lower back started to hurt after standing most of the morning, I would have to sit, and shift, and stand, and sit in a slightly different position. It went that way all day. My muscles never really went to pain, but it wasn’t like sitting in a recliner or a couch either. I couldn’t just sit on it, but standing and sitting together worked ok. I hope the manufacturer can work on the cushion of the seat. That would make it a 5 star standing chair.

I have used this about 3 weeks now. I have learned to like standing. It makes it easier to leave my desk, cycle laundry, get a drink, etc. I am exercising muscles I don’t often exercise. The first week, I had sore legs, feet, arms, shoulders, and especially lower back. It felt good to lay down at the end of the day. The next week, I had much less discomfort. Some in my arms, my lower back, and my feet. That continued through the 3rd week. Beginning the 4th week, I only really feel anything in my lower back, but that could also be because I worked out two days ago and today. I can tell that I’ve been on my feet when I think about my feet, but they don’t scream at me anymore. A little shifting and everything is better.

I really like that I can do 4-5 positions for leaning. I can lean against my legs, my lower back, my upper back (and I’m 6′-3″ tall). I like ok that I can sit on top for the space of 20 minutes. However, when I pull in to my desk to use my mouse and keyboard, my knees easily push the stool/chair back a few inches. It’s hard to keep it in one place. You can’t lean it back like some people do with 4 leg chairs. It’s a solid stump.

One thing I didn’t anticipate is how much my 3 and 6 year old children love to make the stool go up and down. Every time I come back to my chair, it’s in a different position than when I left. I guess I have to train more than my muscles here.”

Brian Forbes

Reassuring review: “This is a fantastic option for support for a more ergonomic standing desk position. This chair also has the option to lower and flatten the support to use as a stool when you need to rest your legs. This company has unparalleled customer support with lightning fast response times. We had a small issue we emailed about the day after Christmas and received a response immediately with solution options. The company absolutely stands behind their product. Fantastic support! Love the chair! Thank you!”

Snow Phillips

4. Vari – Active Seat – Adjustable Standing Desk Chair

Top-rated: 439 Ratings

Best Standing Desk Chairs
Credit: James Dees

Highlight: Active Seating Solution: A high-quality standing stool that perfectly complements any standing desk, laptop desk, furniture, and accessories. This perch stool promotes good posture and provide a wide range of motion to engage your back, legs, and core while sitting or standing. Our unique flexible seating technology provides the perfect balance and comfort.

Trending review: “I’ve been a proponent of a standing desk for several years. As such, I’ve searched for the best standing stool. I’ve tried many and have either returned or donated the ones I’ve tried. Just couldn’t find that perfect chair.

I decided to try the Vari Active Seat and this one will be a keeper. It makes sense that the maker of premier standing desks would be the maker of a premier stool. The Active Seat feels very sturdy. It’s got some weight to it, however, it also has a great carry handle to be able to move the stool if needed. The base is solid. I returned the Uplift Starling stool because it was just too light and it would slide on my glass mat. The Active Seat stays put.

Many have said that the seat itself is hard. That is the nature of most, if not all, standing stools. The idea is to perch rather than to sit. Also, the stiffer seat reminds us to get up and move around. Nothing like a little discomfort to get us to do that. This is not a deal breaker for me.

The Active Seat also has just the right amount of movement. I can rock to stay active without fear of losing the stool from under me because of the hefty base.

The seat also comes fully assembled. Huge plus for me. For the seats I’ve had to return, it was a pain to disassemble and figure out how to re-box. Of course, this is a non-issue with the Vari because I will be keeping this stool.

You will pay more for this stool but it’s well worth it if you work from a standing desk. Highly recommend.”

D. Sly

5. Office Star – Drafting Chair with Lumbar Support

Top-rated: 1,976 Ratings

Best Standing Desk Chairs
Credit: Kleo

Highlight: It features built-in lumbar support and thick padded seat, along with a heavy duty nylon base with dual wheel carpet casters

Most-discussed review: “INITIAL REACTION:
So happy with this chair. The off-gassing was in no way a problem. I got the fabric covered seat on purpose because PVC is carcinogenic and it was more expensive anyway. The off-gassing really wasn’t noticeable. The foot ring also doesn’t move– Not yet at least. It did come with a cardboard thing in the ring…. the instructions don’t tell you to remove it…… but obviously I removed it. It keeps the two metal moveable plates from falling out. I really don’t see why this ring should move if you took the cardboard ring out and tightened it down securely. It obviously might slide down over time but it feels very secured. I’ll update my review in the future if there’s a problem. OH! and this chair is so much more comfortable than my last one. I bought a $50-$60 computer chair on amazon… looked okay…. felt okay… I thought I might dislike not having arm rests on this one but I don’t. In fact, I never realized how uncomfortable they were for my shoulders. I’m 5’4”. Extremely happy with this chair! So happy I didn’t pay attention to the footring issue. Even if the foot ring becomes an issue, it wouldn’t actually be much of a problem– and there are solutions anyway…

With all that said I only gave it 4 stars. That’s because I come from a family of upholsterers, and the upholstery on this isn’t that great. The foam padding itself is… ok. It’s very comfortable but won’t last more than 1.5 years without being noticeably different. I think it might last 3 years before I have to replace it, half of which would be uncomfortable. It also doesn’t feel like there’s dacron between the foam and the fabric, which in good upholstery there is. Also, the fabric isn’t bad, but if these are stapled by hand they weren’t exactly mindful of being nice and neat about it. Where the fabric folds over itself at the corners, the corners all look different lmao. It’s quite careless, and the fabric was not stapled taught enough (not tight enough– fabric is a little “baggy”)

These are essentially non-issues for mel. Most people wouldn’t notice these details– especially without how low the quality of furniture has gotten, people are used to low-quality being the norm. Honestly, it’s very easy to fix these issues. You’re definitely not paying for the upholstery on this chair. You’re paying for the framework and mechanical components…. definitely worth it!!!! This upholstery job is only worth about $15 including supplies and materials then maybe $8-$10 for labor (MAYBE……) So this seat to make in total is about $22 of the entire purchase which is being generous. A $70 retail value for the mechanical components isn’t TOO bad. I’d argue that they’re only worth about $64, but it’s Amazon, it’s conveneient, I LOVE that I can see reviews on anything before I buy it, and customer service is fantastic. This really is a great deal. I shop on amazon because of the reviews. I hate buying something online and being unhappy, then going through the hassle of returning it. I only buy things that are 4 stars and up. In other words, I’d rather pay an extra $5 or $7 knowing that the item is reviewed and rated highly over taking the chance on something questionable. My time is important.

The back is also extremely comfortable. I wonder how long before the mesh stretches out and becomes uncomfortable (?) I thought the mesh back would be like metal, not fabric…. I don’t see that lasting very long but I have every intention to call and ask for a new back before the warranty is up!!!!”


Reassuring review: “I had to find a chair for a desk that was not quite tall enough to be a stand up desk and way too tall for a normal chair. Stools were just a bit too tall and this chair has enough adjustable range to work perfectly. There is some give when you sit down but you have enough range to change things for your comfort. I also needed the adjustable foot portion to go under the lower area of the desk which it did – see 2nd picture. The seat and back have been very comfortable and I’ve been working remote 8+ hours a day so need it!”


6. Learniture – Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool

Top-rated: 1,238 Ratings

Best Standing Desk Chairs
Credit: Talva

Highlight: Easy-to-use pneumatic gas lift adjusts the seat height from 18 1/2 to 28 inches.

Helpful review: “I got this stool about 7 weeks ago when I started a new job. I knew I’d slouch if I used a regular chair. I will never go back to a normal chair. this is amazing. I found some stretches, exercises i can do on it. my back was a little sore the first week, but now it’s so much better. being able to constantly wiggle/wobble helps me focus too. I also got a convertible sit/stand desk and this wobble stool goes up and down depending on where my desk is. it’s the best. it’s sturdy and comfortable. I looked all over at stools for awhile before purchasing and am so glad I landed on this one. had to come give it a good review! (for reference I’m 5’3″ and 145 lbs) my 6′ tall boss sat on it once and didnt’ seem to bother him. he’d just have needed to raise it a bit. I have it lower in this picture because I just raised my desk, but sometimes I do use it at a higher level just to lean on sort of.”


Trending review: “Totes love this stool/chair.

I accidentally started a trend at work and at least 2 other people have had our company buy these for them.

I bought this on my own because I’m a sociopath and I didn’t know if I’d like it.

100 bucks seemed steep to me, personally — definitely not even the batting of an eyelash at the office — but I liked the sort of all-in design: it’s a stool, it’s adjustable, it wobbles, it’s plastic, it’s portable.

My cubicle at work is taken up by a big Staples generic L-desk and usually I have at least 1 utility cart with a full system sitting on it that I’m testing, troubleshooting, or developing with. And since I’m at work, I also wanna not be too comfortable — sociopath, remember — so I don’t want some ridiculously comfy chair because otherwise I’ll just sink into it and get lazy. That’s my worry, at least.

So I had been using a plain box chair, like a modern design of just two cushions in a chair shape between two squares of wood. It worked, not too comfortable, but it couldn’t spin, and my back is to the opening of my cubicle, so anytime someone came in to ask a question or talk or tell me something, I’d have to either not turn around, or turn over awkwardly in the chair.

I’m 5’9″-5’10”, and this is the perfect height for sitting at a desk or extending it up and having some support while semi-standing. I’ve got an adjustable sit-stand desk thing at work, and this works perfectly in either configuration.

My favorite part is also that it lets me pick whatever awkward pose I want to contort my torso while I’m sitting and I can just lean the stool in whatever direction I want.

The bottom is a solid hard plastic-y rubber, and has pretty substantial ridges. The seat cushion isn’t much, but it’s all vinyl and the triangular shape lets you pick whatever seat position you find comfortable.

To raise and lower the seat, there are depressed buttons on every “corner” (the 3 triangle corners of the seat), so it doesn’t matter how you pose the seat, you’ll always have a button to reach with either hand.

It’s definitely sturdy enough to also just sit up straight and wrap my ankles around the post or rest my toes on the top of the base.

So, you can balance, you can sit angled, and you can use it to be a little lazy at your “standing” desk.

Also, my favorite part is that when it’s depressed all the way down, it fits perfectly under my desk. Like I said, I don’t have a lot of room in my cubicle, especially when coworkers come in to talk, so it’s great to be able to just quickly scoot it under the desk out of the way, and we can talk and stand at my computer and no more awkward spinning my back halfway around to face people. Also, if I’m sitting on the stool, it’s super easy to spin around and I just have to worry about my awkward corners and not the arms of a chair or the back or anything, so I don’t have to worry about knocking stuff over or pulling on a dangling cable or cord or anything like that.

Super convenient for engineers, developers, researchers, designers, anyone working at an adjustable desk who wants something kinda active, but doesn’t wanna sit on a giant beach ball or something stupid like that.

Also, since it’s all plastic/vinyl, no worries about cleaning/dusting, super simple. And when it’s depressed all the way down, despite being a bit heavy, I can certainly carry it no problem with one hand, and if I really wanted, I could easily bring it home in the front seat of my truck. I really appreciate the portability and practical functionality, and again, despite being a bit expensive at 100 bucks, it’s well worth it, because it fits pretty much every situation I would want for it.

Again, I’m a weirdo, so to me it’s like “If you wanna relax, get a couch; if you wanna work, get a stool”. I like spinning around, being able to change direction and lean and change height. It doesn’t get in the way and it’s heavy enough to stay stable and I haven’t fallen down yet. Over, yes. I’ve fallen over, but not all the way down. Plus, I fall over almost every day, even just standing still, so it definitely isn’t a result of the stool.

Honestly, if I had a home with like an island or counter, I would totally get 3 or 4 of these instead of just a fixed stool, even without the back. If you’re a little crafty/handy, I think you could add a back if you really really really wanted, but I just love the idea that these can be table height and counter height, all in one.

Don’t get too comfortable! Be ready for anything!”


7. Boss Office Products – Ergonomic Drafting Chair with Adjustable Arms

Top-rated: 655 Ratings

Best Standing Desk Chairs
Credit: The Clam

Highlight: Contoured back and seat help to relieve back-strain; pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment

Helpful review: “I do like this chair and so far I have found this model lasts about 3-4 years when being used 12 hours a day by different cashiers. The cloth on the seat will start to wear first and then inevitably one of the arms breaks off. Anyway that is a lot of usage out of a chair in a commercial setting. At home one of these would probably last a lot longer.

I did find the assembly to be a bit painful as it just about required two people. Also the screws are all Philips head screws. I really prefer the older Allen key ones that could be tightened down harder.

Overall this is a pretty solid choice in high cashier type seats. I have tried the cheaper ones and they just don’t last very long and the very expensive ones are just too expensive for me.”


Trending review: “Just got this and I assembled in 20 minutes. The longest part of this was finding a screwdriver. It’s nice, looks great, and takes up less space than my other office chair I got from Costco. It’s really tall which is great! I’m 5′ 2 and with it all the way down my feet barely touch the ground so the footbar is a great help. Raising the height helps take pressure off of quads when sitting. This is the most exciting thing of working an at home office job.”

The Clam

Most-discussed review: “For the money, you cannot get any better. Sure, there is much better out there, but not at this price. It will last you a while, until you get some big bucks for a Steelcase Leap chair! This chair has a nice height range and is great for a taller counter. Where your bee-hind sits, it goes from 22″ up to 31.5”. It will drop down about a half an inch once weight is on it, as will most hydraulic chairs. For me, I’m tall (6’4″) so the back doesn’t go back far enough, but I can deal with it.

BONUS: These chairs will convert into regular desk chairs in the future, if the need arises. We like that feature. Just take off the hydraulic extension pole at the base and there you have it!

IMPORTANT: When assembling chair, look inside the foot ring box for the hydraulic lift extension (black pole). We missed that step and ended up with a chair which we thought was too low. Once we put the extension pole into the base, then the hydraulic lifter pole into the extension pole, presto!”


8. Varier – Move Tilting Saddle Stool

Top-rated: 97 Ratings

Best Standing Desk Chairs
Credit: Mari G.

Highlight: Stool constructed to move with your body. Now includes FREE Rubber pad ($90 value)

Trending review: “I use the Varier Move to sit at standing desk or kitchen counter (which are higher than a normal desk). I alternate between the Move chair and standing or walking or sitting on a desk chair or couch. I’ve found it effective for preventing soreness or stiffness from sitting in one position too long.

I found the chair very comfortable when used on a carpet or padded surface but not on a hard surface. I thought the construction and finish were very good and the price reasonable, though not inexpensive.

To get the full benefits from the chair, I needed to train myself to remember to tilt the chair frequently and become used to the tilting so that it doesn’t distract me from my work. I find the chair very useful as an option to vary my working position but don’t think I could use it all day as my only way of sitting.

At 13.4 pounds, the Varier Move is heavy enough to feel solid in use but light enough to move easily if you want to use it at multiple locations in your home. (They also make a lighter version for easier portability, but it’s more expensive.)

The chair has a surprisingly simple design. It has a slightly curved (concave up) wooden base with a rubber pad to prevent the chair from slipping and to provide a bit of cushioning. The base has a metal receptacle that you stick a hydraulic tube into. The seat has a receptacle that you put the other end of the hydraulic tube into. You don’t need to screw or lock the tube into place—gravity does the work.

The seat is shaped like a triangle with rounded corners and slopes down at the center. You sit in the center and one of the three ends goes forward between your legs, like a saddle. It keeps you in place when you tilt and I find it pretty comfortable. The chair has medium-firm padding, which I find just about right.

You can easily adjust the height by pulling up on a paddle lever and then raising or lowering the chair with your legs. The height is adjustable from 22” to over 31” inches, which is a huge range. The hydraulic lifting mechanism is smooth and powerful. I tried pushing the adjustment lever when I wasn’t sitting on the chair and the tube shot up and hurt my wrist (it recovered in a few days), so be careful.

I had a small issue with the rubber pad on the base. The seller and manufacturer were extremely responsive and worked together to resolve the problem. So customer support is good. You can also chat live with the manufacturer if you have any pre- or post-sale questions about the chair.

I chose the light-colored natural wood base. They also have a black base, but the price could be considerably higher.

Here are a few general observations about ergonomic sitting and how the Varier Move chair might fit into your workday.

The desk chair with back and arm support is the standard for sitting at a desk for a reason: for most people, it’s the most comfortable form of support for sitting at a desk for long periods. Part of the reason is that it distributes the load through multiple points of contact with the body: feet, thighs, arms and, if you can lean backwards, back.

Some people, especially those with back problems, may have difficulty using a desk chair for extended periods. In addition, substantial evidence has emerged showing that prolonged sitting has negative health effects, though the reason for this is not completely understood.

To alleviate discomfort and health risks from sitting for long periods, and to create new products to sell, manufacturers have come up with alternatives to sitting at a desk on a desk chair. These alternatives fall into several categories. One is the standing desk, which may include a pad to cushion your feet or an under-desk treadmill so that you’re not constantly standing in the same posture. Some alternatives allow you to increase the angle between your hips and back by sitting higher; these include saddle chairs and kneeling chairs and the Varier Move chair. Others allow you to vary your position by rocking or rotating while sitting; these include the Varier Move chair and exercise balls. If you work from home and don’t need to be at a desk, you can use an easy chair or couch or even a bed to take some of the pressure off your spine.

All of these desk-chair alternatives have disadvantages and, for most people, are not a comfortable alternative for all-day use. Even the manufacturers of desk-chair alternatives have begun to subtly acknowledge, in order to manage customer expectations and avoid returns and dissatisfied customers, that their products may not work as a desk-chair substitute for everyone. For example, the product description for the Varier Move says: “You can use it as your primary work chair or as an addition to your traditional office chair for added variation, as it’s perfect for any height adjustable desk.” Translation: if you can’t use it all day as a desk-chair substitute, it still has value by adding variation to your work posture.

Specific health issues with desk-chair alternatives include reduced blood flow (due to pressure or position); discomfort in the hips, knees, or back; varicose veins; and even accidents (from falling off an exercise ball or treadmill). If you use a desk-chair alternative all day, you may be substituting a new set of problems for whatever problems your desk chair was causing.

The Varier Move is one option to supplement your desk chair (or whatever else you use) and vary your work posture. The two specific advantages of the Varier Move are that it can tilt in all directions and that it can be raised pretty high. Tilting has a few potential advantages if you tilt frequently. It forces you to move your ankles, knees, hips, spine, and neck, which may help lubricate your joints. It also varies your sitting angle, which varies the load on your spine and joints. Raising the chair height decreases the load on your spine by increasing the load on your legs and hips.

One disadvantage of chairs like the Varier move is that they lack back and arm support, so your arms and back don’t provide support while you sit.

I use the Varier Move either for sitting at a standing desk (at least 5” higher than normal desk height) or at a kitchen counter. I force myself to tilt regularly, mostly side to side. I found the chair uncomfortably hard when used on a ceramic tile floor (my hips quickly became sore) and I was about to return it. But when I used it on a fairly thick carpet, it felt much more comfortable. I bought a small 2’ x 3’ carpet to put under it when using it at a kitchen counter. (I asked Varier about this and they said that other customers had also commented that they found the chair more comfortable on carpets.)

When I’m working from home, I try to vary my posture by sitting on a couch, a standard chair, or a Varier chair at a high position at a standing desk or kitchen counter and by standing and walking. Sometimes I use an interval timer like the GymBoss to remind me to change position.

This is not a perfect solution, but it makes working for long periods tolerable. I don’t have serious back issues but do get different types of discomfort if I sit in one position for too long.”

Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!
Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Hey, I'm Robert and I help manage this site. With several years as an accountant, I have spent a lot of time behind a computer sitting in an office chair. That led to many back and neck problems. That's where my search for finding the perfect office chair began. That research made me realize that others need help finding comfortable chairs, and that's why this blog was started!

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