How to Fix an Office Chair That Won’t Stay Up

Are you looking for a way to fix an office chair that won’t stay up? 

You’re in the right place!

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Supplies you’ll need
  • Why you should fix it
  • 5 steps to fixing an office chair that won’t stay up
  • And much more!
office chair that won't stay up

If you’ve found your office chair sinking every time you sit in it, it’s time to either fix it or replace it.

This guide will give you a few simple steps to fixing your chair, minimal tools required!

What You Need to Know About Office Chairs That Won’t Stay Up

When you find yourself sinking in your office chair, it is a gas loss issue. This happens in many chairs as time goes on.

The good news is you can fix this issue yourself.

It might seem like a minor problem, but a chair that won’t stay up properly can lead to neck pain and improper posture, putting strain on other parts of your body as well.

Supplies Needed to Fix an Office Chair That Won’t Stay Up

  • Hose clamp- Cheap and efficient, this is what will help hold the chair up after you fix it
  • Duct tape- This gives the clamp some extra help staying in place to hold the chair
  • Screwdriver- To tighten the clamp

How to Fix an Office Chair That Won’t Stay Up (5 Steps)

Step One: Prepare the Chair

In many cases, office chairs have a piece of plastic covering the metal part of the chair that holds it up.

In order to fix the chair, you’ll have to remove (or slide) that piece of plastic out of the way.

Once the metal is exposed, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Step Two: Adjust the Height

You don’t want to spend an eternity fixing the chair every day because it is at the wrong height, so make sure to adjust the chair before you ever put the clamp on.

The seat should be level with your knees when you stand up.

If the chair is so damaged it won’t stay at the height you need, you can adjust the chair and repair it while you have it laying on its side.

Step Three: Apply the Hose Clamp

Once you have it at the height you need, wrap some duct tape around the metal part of the chair you have exposed. This will give the clamp some extra grip.

Once that is completed, you can put the clamp around the metal. Don’t tighten it just yet!

Step Four: Tighten the Clamp

Double check that you have the chair at the right height for you and that the duct tape is snug against the metal.

When you are sure you have it how you need it, you can pull the clamp and use the screwdriver to tighten it.

Step Five: Test the Chair

Now it’s time to test the chair.

If you’ve applied the duct tape and tightened the clamp well, the chair should not fall past it.

If it does, that is an indicator that you may need to tighten the clamp better or move it.

If the chair isn’t at the right height you need, simply loosen the clamp and adjust it, then tighten it back up again.

Make sure you test the chair each time you adjust it to make sure it will hold!

If the chair refuses to stay up even after several attempts to fix it, it might be time to just get a new one.

Like all other things in life, they have a finite use and won’t last forever.

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