How to Hide Computer Cords on Your Desk

Are you looking for a way to hide computer cords on your desk?

You’re in the right place!

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Supplies you need
  • Why you should use available USB ports
  • 3 simple steps to hiding computer cords on your desk
  • And much more!
hiding computer cords

An unsightly mess of tangled cords can make your desk look cluttered and disorganized.

The cords can also get in the way of your work, so you should find a way to tame the mess of wires.

What You Need to Know About Hiding Computer Cords

Getting one or two wires out of sight isn’t a difficult task, but when you are plugging up several items on and around your desk, you will need to think about a few things.

For instance, are there enough plugs for everything you need?

Even with a surge protector plugged up, you don’t want to overload it with tons of equipment.

If you find yourself working at your desk some days and working from the couch other days, you’ll also need to decide how you want them.

Do you need the cords to be fixed to where they can’t be moved (until you’re ready to move your entire desk), or do they need to be moveable?

You might also consider downsizing what you’re plugging in.

Instead of plugging your phone directly into an outlet, you can use a USB port on your computer. Some desk lamps even have USB ports you can plug your phone into!

Supplies You’ll Need for Hiding Computer Cords

  • Wall mount power bar- Grab a power bar with the outlets you need to safely set your desk up. Save a spot on the bar by getting one that has USB outlets as well. Now you have somewhere for your phone!
  • Cable clips- These will help secure the wires around your desk
  • Zip ties- Zip ties to keep the cords neatly together
  • Velcro roll- This will also keep the cords neatly together, but you can undo the cord easily with this if needed

How to Hide Computer Cords on Your Desk (3 Steps)

Step One: Secure the power bar

Decide where you want the power bar mounted on your desk.

The side of your desk is not only easy to access, but it is out of the way, so it isn’t an eyesore.

Follow the instructions included with the wall mounted power bar and secure it to your desk.

Step Two: Secure the power bar cord

Using the cable clips, run the wire of the power bar to the nearest outlet.

You can use the clips to take the cord behind the desk and down the legs, so it is out of sight.

If it has a longer cord, you can use a zip tie or Velcro piece to wind the excess cord together and secure it.

Step Three: Plug it Up

For this step, you will want to determine how much of the cord you need for each item you’re plugging in.

For any extra cord you don’t want to hang around, just fold or roll the cord together and secure it with Velcro or a zip tie.

Then you can use the cable clips to run the wires under your desk, so they aren’t just laying around all over the place.

Once you have all of your cords secure, you’re good to plug it all up! Enjoy your new desk setup!

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