How to Sit in a Kneeling Chair

Are you wondering how to sit in a kneeling chair? 

You’re in the right place!

In this guide, you’ll learn: 

  • A few benefits of a kneeling chair
  • Why balance is important
  • 4 simple steps to sit in a kneeling chair
  • And much more!

Kneeling chairs are becoming a big hit with people who find themselves sitting most of the day for work. 

Not only do they give the user a change in position, but they offer a few other benefits as well. 

What You Need to Know About Kneeling Chairs

These types of chairs are typically used for shorter tasks and not recommended for longer tasks.

However, they are a great alternative to a typical chair and they can relieve some pressure off your lower back when you’ve been sitting for an extended period of time.

Supplies You’ll Need for Sitting in a Kneeling Chair

  • Kneeling Chair

All you need to sit in a kneeling chair is the chair itself!

How to Sit in a Kneeling Chair (4 Steps)

Step 1: Sit in the Chair

A kneeling chair consists of two main parts. It has a seat like a normal chair does and two pads for your legs underneath.

The first step to properly sitting in a kneeling chair is to simply sit on the seat.

Step 2: Put Your Legs on the Pads

Once you’re sitting in the chair, you will move into the kneeling position, sliding your legs onto the pads.

When you are properly seated, most of your weight should be on your bottom, not on your legs!

If you find most of your weight on your legs, you will have to reposition yourself so you don’t cause yourself an injury.

You can try putting your legs in different positions to ease the pressure on your legs when you first start using a kneeling chair.

For instance, you can put your legs out in front of you. You can also alternate the legs you have on the pads and sit the other foot on the floor.

This will help your legs get used to the kneeling chair.

If you are having trouble adjusting to the new chair, you can always alternate between it and another seat of your choice until you are more comfortable with the kneeling chair.

Step 3: Adjust the Chair

If your kneeling chair has adjustable height and angle, you’ll need to set both of these things to your comfort level.

The angle should be comfortable for you to sit without too much strain on your legs since your weight should be mostly in the seat.

For height, the chair should be at a level that is comfortable to sit in like a regular chair (before moving your legs onto the pads).

If your kneeling chair swivels, you can just turn the chair as you need it to face your work.

However, if it doesn’t, you’ll want to position it so that you are facing your work properly so you’re not twisting your back to reach your desk.

Step 4: Balance Hips and Torso

This is an important part of sitting in a kneeling chair.

Since your body is used to sitting in regular chairs, it might take some time to get used to a kneeling chair.

If you find yourself slumping forward while sitting, you will need to realign yourself to prevent strain and possible injury.

Balancing your hips and your torso while in a kneeling chair will help prevent slumping so you can gain the most benefits from the chair without added strain to your back and torso.

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